Appurv Gupta Stand-up Comedy, Wife Images, Wedding Photos, Family, PerformancesComedy is not everybody’s cup of tea and it takes a very creative mind to perform stand-up. The Indian stand-up comedian Appurv Gupta biography is such a story. He went from being an engineer to a comedian and that was no easy task. He is one of the most recognized Indian male comedians that are celebrated for their fresh content. We will take a look at his personal life to understand his journey and struggles that led him to taste fame in this particular industry. He is very active on Twitter and keeps on posting funny quips. He is among the top 20 Indian stand-up comedians and one of the front-runners in the batch of ‘Hinglish’ comedians and this account of the biography of Appurv Gupta will reveal the reason behind it. His story will possibly serve as an ideal tale of hope for young aspiring comedians who are weighing their options to enter the market.

Appurv Gupta Age, Family, Wiki

The comedian has a very humble family background which is why his parents are quite proud of what he has made of himself by following his passion. The current age of the humorist is 27 approximately. The average height of the man is 5 feet and 5 inches. His date of birth should fall in the early 1990s.

He completed his education by attending the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida. The Appurv Gupta wiki also mentions that he completed his college studies in Bachelor of Technology in 2012 and chose to become a stand-up comedian rather than work in any corporate office.

Appurv Gupta Comedy Performances

He performed his first comedy act in 2012. And since then he has performed over 250 live shows. This stand-up comedian is also a satirist and generally performs in ‘Hinglish’. He has also done corporate performances for brands like Tanishq, Airtel, Adobe, Radio Mirchi and Amex among many others. His live performances are quite a hit with audiences of all ages and his special act titled ‘Appurview –Laugh with an Engineer’ got a lot of laudatory remarks from many quarters.

The Indian comedian Appurv Gupta name was also mentioned in the ‘CNN-IBN Forbes India 100 Celebrities’ which is indeed a great honor for a guy his age. He has also been given the opportunity of giving away the awards for ‘Indian Best Stand-up Comedy’ and the video is also available on YouTube. He performs a lot of his comedy in Delhi and Mumbai.

His video titled Appurv Gupta ‘Funny Side Up’ is really worth watching and is available on his own official YouTube channel. He has also appeared sporadically on TV shows. He was seen in an episode titled ‘The Rising Stars of Comedy with Appurv Gupta’ which was aired several times on NDTV Prime. So far he has not been seen in movies.

Appurv Gupta Love Life, relationships, Marriage

Like any other teenager of this country he has had many love affairs in the past. Although his exact dating is quite discreet information, he has mentioned in one of his interviews that it was while he was on retrospection about all the relationships and many girlfriends he had had in the past that helped him come with more hilarious content on the subject of love life and he titled it ‘RelationShit’.

The best Indian stand-up comedian Appurv Gupta is not married and a wedding is definitely not on the cards right now. He has not decided on a wife name yet let alone reveals a wedding date. We just hope that when he does stumble upon the next love story it is his and he is serious about it. As of now he plans to focus on his career.

Appurv Gupta New Comedy Shows, Latest Buzz

The latest news on the stand-up comedian is that he will be seen in his upcoming performances very soon. In order to book tickets to his upcoming shows, you can visit his website and can easily pick your show dates from there. Although it has been just three full years since he has entered the industry that is full of veterans like Kenny Sebastian and Sunil Pal he has done quite well for himself in terms of building a net worth.

An interesting fact about Appurv Gupta is his 5Cs philosophy which means ‘clean Comedy for Corporates, Colleges and Cafes’. This is quite a challenge that he has taken up because this means no vulgar or cheap comedy and hence this kind of restricts the subjects on which fresh content can be generated. So far he has sailed through from being a newbie to making his mark.

These are the formative years of his career now and his actions of the coming couple of years will form his success story. The fact that he performs in ‘Hinglish’ can be his USP apart from the differentiation of clean comedy that his brand brings.