Soha Ali Khan Age, Hamara Photos, Wiki, Husband, Bikini ImagesSoha Ali Khan is an Indian actress who has done a lot of Bollywood films. Sister of Saif Ali Khan, often known as Nawab from the Pataudi Household, Soha made a decent career in the film industry. Kunal Khemu, an actor himself, is soon to be husband of Soha Ali Khan. Often people wonder Soha Ali Khan actress profile to be the one filled with nominations and awards. However, biography of actress Soha Ali Khan is much more than that. Given the royal household she belongs to, Soha Ali Khan family background is of the ones that are highly educated and sophisticated people. This high profile Kunal Khemu wife Soha Ali Khan biography is not just a narrative about all her success in the Bollywood, but also about the education background she has and the way she gracefully carries herself.

Soha Ali Khan Age, Personal Details

A lot of times people are left wondering Soha Ali Khan age, given the fact that she maintains herself so well. Born on October 4, 1978, Soha Ali Khan date of birth makes her 36 years old today. She was born to a famous actress and Soha Ali Khan mother name is Sharmila Tagore, while Soha Ali Khan father name is Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. She has a brother that the world better known as a Bollywood superstar and so Soha Ali Khan brother name is Saif Ali Khan who is famous across the world for his great acting talents.

As regards the personal details of Soha, Soha Ali Khan height is 1.59 metres. She is currently dating Kunal Khemu and the boyfriend of Soha Ali Khan is her would be husband really soon. The Patuadi’s are all set for the big fat Bollywood wedding of the two.

Soha Ali Khan Acting Career

Soha made her acting debut in the year 2004 with a Bengali film and Soha Ali Khan first film was named “Iti Srikanta”; however, Soha Ali Khan debut Bollywood movie was also in the same year called “Dil Maange More”. After that, Soha gave several hit films and the performance of Soha Ali Khan in “Rang De Basanti” movie was much celebrated with various awards and nominations. In 2009, Soha Ali Khan and Emraan Hashmi movie “Tum Mile” thrilled the box office and was loved by the fans of the duo.

Soha also starred against the famous Punjabi brat in the industry and it is till date quite a question that Soha Soha Ali Khan and Abhay Deol in which movie were seen together. Well, it was “Ahista Ahista” in the year 2006.

Soha Ali Khan Advertisements

She was also seen in a few advertisements and Soha Ali Khan advertisement list includes Keo Karpin Oil and Asian Paints. Some ads portrayed Soha Ali Khan suits that were simply breath-taking. As a result of her decently successful career, while writing Saif Ali Khan sister Soha Ali Khan biography, one can easily conclude that she has done some pretty good work in the industry which makes Soha Ali Khan net worth quite impressive.

As for her fans, not a lot can be said about Soha Ali Khan new movies because of the fact that she is about to get married. But sure, we will instantly know when Soha Ali Khan upcoming movies release date will be out.

Soha Ali Khan Wiki

Coming from a royalty, Soha Ali Khan wiki should easily confirm that this high profile family is well bonded. A lot of times Soha Ali Khan Saif Ali Khan relationship can be seen on screen. One such event was the advertisement of Asian Paints that they did together. The wife of Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, another great actress shares a deep bond with Soha. After the marriage of Saif and Kareena, Soha Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor relationship was much in question and a Soha Ali Khan controversy had emerged.

However, later it was proved that this was media hype. Her mother Sharmila Tagore is also an Indian acting legend. Everybody could be heard talking about what would be Sharmila Tagore daughter name, and then Soha was born and named.

Soha Ali Khan Love Life

Numerous times Soha Ali Khan love affairs have been discussed in the media, but Soha Ali Khan boyfriend name wasn’t revealed until much later. It was then that Soha Ali Khan love life was celebrated in the B-wood world. Given the rumours about Soha Ali Khan dating history, the Pataudi’s were obviously concerned about their family legacy and their name.

However, all these rumours were cleared about when Soha came clean about her relationship with Kunal Khemu. Before that, a lot of times it was questioned that is Soha Ali Khan married? But her announcement of hers and Kunal’s courtship cleared the air. A few days ago Soha Ali Khan wedding date was announced which comes out to be 25th January, 2015. Hers and Kunal’s fans would be able to get Soha Ali Khan wedding pics on the web. After that the profile of the actress will clearly state Soha Ali Khan husband name published on the internet as Kunal Khemu. Soon to be Soha Ali Khan husband Kunal Khemu is extremely enthralled for the wedding, as told by him in an interview.

Soha Ali Khan Public Appearances

Although her fans can easily find Soha Ali Khan hot pics on the web; however, there is a certain grace about her seeing live on screen. She drew enough attention when appeared Soha Ali Khan in comedy nights with Kapil and stunned her fans with utter beauty.

Soha Ali Khan Future Aspects

It was a hot debate in the B-wood town about Sharmila Tagore daughter Soha Ali Khan personal details and she was considered a perfect female bachelor in the industry. However, Soha Ali Khan Kunal Khemu love story shunned away all the hopes of the young hoping bachelors to get married to Soha. The astonishing thing about Soha Ali Khan Kunal Khemu relationship is the gap in their ages. Often talked about Soha Ali Khan Kunal Khemu age difference is of 5 years, whereby Soha is 5 years older to Kunal. As regards the media’s response to this, there were several Soha Ali Khan Kunal Khemu breakup rumours, which were blatantly denied by the two.

Soha Ali Khan KUnal Khemu Wedding

Soha Ali Khan Kunal Khemu Marriage, Wedding Pics, PregnantWell, as far as the future is concerned, their fans expect to see some Soha Ali Khan Kunal Khemu movies together, but before that, what is more important is Kunal Khemu Soha Ali Khan marriage ceremony. Their fans would be eagerly waiting to see Soha Ali Khan husband pics and the fangirls would want to see Soha Ali Khan wedding dress, as this is what intrigues them the most.

Once after the wedding takes place, media, family and the fans would love to hear the news of Soha Ali Khan pregnant and it would be worthwhile to see if Soha Ali Khan children would also become actors.

This lovely and pretty wife of Kunal Khemu must stun us all at her big fat wedding and her public appearances after that. As for now, there is no news of any Soha Ali Khan new film, but we would all be looking forward to it. And for the media, we’re pretty sure that soon Soha Ali khan and Kunal Khemu rumours would be flying which will prove to be baseless.