Rahul Yadav Housing CEO Photos, Resignation, Letter, Wiki, LogoRahul Yadav is the CEO of the world renowned website Housing.com. In this Housing.com founder Rahul Yadav biography, we will discuss about his education and how it led to Rahul Yadav success story which has now brought him fame and money. Speaking of Rahul Yadav Housing.com profile, he completed his education from IIT, Bombay. Together with his education and brilliance, Rahul Yadav net worth is in billions today. However, despite being a successful entrepreneur, Rahul Yadav personal life has always been kept a secret. In this biography of Housing.com founder Rahul Yadav, we will talk about his personal life as well including Rahul Yadav family background and his love life. It is strange that Housing.com founder wiki does not exist as of now, but Rahul Yadav wiki is not as important as of Housing.com which is the enterprise that got him and nine other founders a great deal of fame & success.

Rahul Yadav Age, Family, Personal Details

Many times start-ups look out for Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav email id and also for Rahul Yadav Housing.com contact details so as to take his consultancy and interact with him; however, all efforts in vain. To speak of his personal details, Rahul Yadav parents belonged to a middle class typical family who never dreamed that their son would reach such heights.

Rahul Yadav was born in the year 1990 and his date of birth is 17 April. Born and brought up in India, Rahul Yadav nationality is Indian and to talk about Rahul Yadav education, well, he is a pass out from the IIT, Bombay. A group from the IIT, Bombay created this website called Housing.com & Housing.com founder name has Rahul Yadav in it. Originally, these were 12 people, now only left to 9. Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav age is 25 years currently.

Professional Career of Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav started young and Rahul Yadav first job was as ordinary as it would have been for any of us. However, Rahul Yadav first project was not anything ordinary and which today is a world renowned enterprise. The readers would want to find some spice in this Housing.com founder story; but it is nothing more than a genius man transforming his ideas into reality. This has made Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav bio data all the more interesting and he is often referred to as a self-made man.

The beginning of his career was with domain Housing.co.in. Rahul Yadav first website was exambaba.com. It was then that Rahul Yadav and Pankaj Chaddah along with 7 other founders of the organisation bought the domain Housing.com for a million dollars. Recently, Rahul Yadav letter Quora got him great attention and all eyes were on Rahul Yadav next project.

Housing CEO Rahul Yadav Success Story

As a result, Rahul Yadav new assignments were always looked up to and updates were launched at Rahul Yadav blog. As of today, Housing.com CEO salary is amongst the most highly paid executives in the world and Rahul Yadav latest news gets him the fame and publicity he needs. This is why Rahul Yadav controversy is a common thing in the media. Sometimes he is discussed because of Rahul Yadav letter to Shailendra Singh and sometimes due to the controversial Rahul Yadav interviews; anyways, both of these have given him a lot of attention.

Most recently, Rahul Yadav Housing CEO news was mentioned in Economic Times when he gave up 50% of his share to his employees. As of now, there have been several rumours about Rahul Yadav resignation, none of which have been confirmed by the CEO of Housing.com. He has also been linked with Zomato’s founder & CEO Deepinder Goyal as the two match their professional competence.

Rahul Yadav Marriage Gossips, Latest Buzz

Given his young age, Rahul Yadav love life is pretty blooming. Although, there have been gossips about Rahul Yadav love affairs, but most of it is the media hype as he is young, famous and rich. A lot of people are eager to know about Rahul Yadav girlfriend which is a mystery till date but quite frankly, Rahul Yadav relationships have never been made public by him.

There have been speculations about Rahul Yadav married already but none of it is confirmed. However, if that is true, we would like to know about Rahul Yadav wife name and also about wife of Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav. However, we believe that Housing.com founder Rahul Yadav wife has to be a wonderful woman and more about Housing.com CEO marriage should be told to his fans by the man himself.

However, if Rahul Yadav wedding date is not yet set as of now, we would expect that the CEO tells us about it, as & when that happens. Till then, enjoy Rahul Yadav Housing.com images on the web and keep yourself updated about him.