Bob Parsons House, Elephant Killing Pics, Family, Marriage, First Wife Pictures, Son ImagesCreative people are often quirky. They are seen as outcasts and weird in their early life. Some struggle a lot to make it big and then their story become a hit. The “GoDaddy” founder Bob Parsons biography is such a hit. His success story is not only rags to riches tale but much more than that. He has won the Twitter war on the elephant controversy which proves that money and power can buy you anything. The founder of “GoDaddy” website is a queer character in him. He is regarded as one of the most successful American male entrepreneurs. The charismatic “GoDaddy” company founder name Bob Parsons was also featured in the Forbes 400. Apart from owning companies, he has a number of auto dealerships, shopping centers, houses, rented out offices, etc. He and his wife have joined Bill Gates and his wife by taking the pledge to donate half of their wealth to charity.

Bob Parsons Age, Family, Wiki

Bob Parsons hails from a small family in Baltimore where he was born. The family background says that they were struggling financially. Currently, Bob Parsons age is 65 and his date of birth is 27th November, 1950. He completed his education from University of Baltimore and has a degree in accounting. Bob Parsons wiki also mentions that he had almost failed college but later he had graduated Magna Cum Laude.

He did his schooling from a catholic school. After that he served as a rifleman in the Delta Company of the 1st battalion, 26th Marines during a tour of duty in Vietnam. He was wounded on duty and earned the Combat Action Ribbon, the purple ribbon and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross.

Bob Parsons Organizations Founded, Success Story

Coming from a very humble background, Bob Parsons had to struggle for everything he wanted. Hence his first job was as a newspaper delivery guy or seller. He also had to do a number of odd jobs to survive like pumping gas into people’s cars, working in construction and working in the factory. But later on he became a self-taught programmer and that was the base for the Organizations he founded.

Bob Parsons first startup was Parsons Technology. He founded it in Iowa. The company grew into a 1000 employee privately held firm. But n 27th September, 1994, he sold it to Intuit Inc. for $64 million. Then he founded his first website “GoDaddy”. It was a domain registrars and web hosting company that was setup in 1997. In 2011 the domain registration website was sold to a consortium named KKR & Co and also resigned his position as CEO. His contact information as well as email id can be found in Glassdoor. He holds 28% stakes in “GoDaddy” as of 2015.

In 2012 he founded the YAM Worldwide Inc. YAM Capital is the private arm of the organization that provides investments and funding to entrepreneurship operations. Bob Parsons also indulges in philanthropy and has awarded a lot of money from Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation towards charity work. He is one of the tech philanthropists who has awarded over $64 million to 62 charities.

He is one of the dollar value CEO’s who are also involved in the political scene of America. Although he is a man who failed the fifth grade and worked at gas stations, he achieved the impossible through sheer smarts and hard work. He loves bikes and especially Harley Davidsons. He is also passionate about golf.

Bob Parsons Marriage, Wife, Divorce, Children

Bob Parsons Wife Images, Wedding Pictures, Renee Parsons Hot Photos, Kids, DivorceThe love life of Bob Parsons was taken over a certain lady working in his company. He was dating her and when the relationship got serious they decided to take their love story to the next level. They got married in 2009. Bob Parsons wife name is Renee Labelle Parsons. It is true that the wife of Bob Parsons was working as an event manager at GoDaddy. They met in a blind date that was set up for them in 2007 by a mutual friend.

After 2 years of dating the wedding date was set for a Saturday on 24th October 2009. After few more years, Bob Parsons ex-wife gave birth to a child (baby boy). The marriage location was Kenswick Hall, Kenswick, Virginia. The entrepreneur is still living with his first wife and hence does not feel the need for a second marriage. He has no reason to split with his current wife.

Bob Parsons son name is Robert Sean Parson. Unlike his calm father, the GoDaddy founder’s son was arrested for being a perpetrator in a domestic violence case. The victim was his girlfriend whom he had struck many times after a conversation about fidelity went hostile. She was strangulated and hit by the 41 year old. Some say that the son got the violent streak from his old man referring to the elephant killing incident.

Bob Parsons Net Worth, Elephant Shooting Controversy

The net worth of successful tech entrepreneur Bob Parsons is $2.2 billion. The CEO of “GoDaddy” also has number of auto dealerships, golf rinks and real estate projects. Currently Blake Erving is the CEO of the “GoDaddy” Company. Bob Parson’s personal blog is run by the man himself and he recounts many lessons he learnt in his lifetime.

Right now he has no wish to start any new startup. He is enjoying his retired life as all his investments in various sectors are paying off. He is not going to build the next website. His upcoming projects could be in the real estate as he has a number of residences, the most posh among them being the house in Hawaii.

He was also entangled in an elephant shooting controversy which arose when he posted a video of himself shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe. Many criticisms were thrown at him but he remained unfazed by the animal right activists and the latest news run by local news channels saying that he was doing the tribals of Africa a harvest favor.