R Madhavan Family Photos, New Look, Hairstyle, Weight LossMadhavan Balaji Ranganathan or better known as R Madhavan is an Indian Bollywood and Tamil Films actor. In this film actor R Madhavan biography, Youth Developers will enlighten the readers about R Madhavan hit movies, his TV shows and also about R Madhavan family background. The actor has always managed to be in the news, most recently due to R Madhavan new look which gave him the personality of a heart-throb. While actor R Madhavan wiki will mostly talk about his professional career, we in this biography of actor R Madhavan will talk about his debut, his success and the personal life of the actor. Everything from R Madhavan first TV show till his latest films; from R Madhavan personal life till the rumours about him; you’ll find everything in this text.

R. Madhavan Age, Height, Personal Details

The “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” actor R Madhavan biography will kick-off with some personal details about the actor. He was born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India and actor R Madhavan parents belong to a simple Tamilian family. Often people wonder that what is R Madhavan full name, well; we have already mentioned that in the beginning of this biography. Born in the year 1970, R Madhavan date of birth is June 1st and so, actor R Madhavan age is 44 years. Also, R Madhavan height complements his body size very well.

To speak of R Madhavan educational qualification, he is extremely well qualified with a graduation degree in electronics and a post graduation degree in public speaking. As regards his family, R Madhavan sister is a software engineer and is well-settled in the United Kingdom. Well, this is it for actor R Madhavan personal details as of now, but to know more about his career and married life, read on.

Acting career of R Madhavan

With his outstanding performance, R Madhavan in “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” has won the hearts of his fans all over again. However, R Madhavan first movie was not a huge success at the box office as his films are now. His acting career started in the year 1996 when R Madhavan TV serials showcased on the ZEE TV. It was the first time that R Madhavan in “Banegi Apni Baat” was seen in a leading role in a television show. Since then, there has been no looking back.

However, his journey was a little slow. He was well recognised as R Madhavan Tamil movies and R Madhavan Telugu songs always became an instant hit. But from R Madhavan Hindi serials till now where he has reached the fame of R Madhavan best movies, the journey has been pretty scathing. But during his low times, the actor was offered several TV shows opposite stars like Shweta Tiwari but soon things turned around and he made it big in Bollywood.

He was extremely appreciated in his first well-noted Bollywood film and R Madhavan in “RHTDM” opened the doors for more to come. Then his best work was seen in the film 3 Idiots and after that, his fans were seen excited about R Madhavan next film. As of now, he is very much loved as R Madhavan in night of the living dead and his work in R Madhavan and Kangana Ranaut movie “Tanu Weds Manu” is widely loved.

Being a socialite that he is, R Madhavan latest news always has something to offer. Of course, this sometimes leads to R Madhavan controversy but most of which is sheer gossip and is not even noteworthy. But R Madhavan upcoming movies are always an interesting topic to talk about. He says that he is deeply inspired by the work of Irrfan Khan. With all the work he has done in the industry, R Madhavan net worth is in millions today.

Actor R Madhavan Marriage, Wife, Son

R Madhavan Wife Pics, Sarita Birje Photos, Son ImagesDiscussing actor R Madhavan love life would mean to talk about actor R Madhavan married life. The wife of actor R Madhavan is a lucky lady and the couple tied the knot in the year 1999. However, R Madhavan wedding pictures would not be easily available, but R Madhavan with his wife has been spotted at various occasions.

Talking about R Madhavan wife name, her name is Sarita Birje and R Madhavan Sarita Birje age difference is often talked about as R Madhavan Sarita Birje love story is nothing less than a Bollywood film. The couple met in a workshop where Madhavan was teaching a class about public speaking and Sarita was a student in that class. From being his student to being R Madhavan wife Sarita Birje, it took the couple 8 years to finally get married.

Finding R Madhavan wife photos will not be a difficult task at all as she is a popular flight attendant. Also, on the list of R Madhavan children, there is only one son and R Madhavan son name is Vedant Madhavan. Like always, there were some rumours about R Madhavan Sarita Birje divorce but any such allegation was later refused by the couple and they continue to live happily ever after.