Saloni Malhotra Images, Husband Pics, Wedding, Family, Kids, DesiCrew Founder PhotosIndian society certainly has discovered place for women, like men do. Hence today we come across women whose name shine for their work. Through ages women have struggled to enhance their position in patriarchal society. Some has come up as examples. Today India has young talented women entrepreneurs who have taken the responsibility to develop India through their works. This blog is about one such woman who comes across top 5 women entrepreneurs in India along with YourStory founder Shradha Sharma. DesiCrew founder Saloni Malhotra is in the list of women entrepreneurs in India who has built her own start-up. Saloni Malhotra biography is interesting in terms of high profile work and job. She is known for establishing rural BPOs in India. The biography of DesiCrew Solutions founder Saloni Malhotra will explain you more about her work.

Saloni Malhotra Age, Family, Wiki

Saloni Malhotra age was 23 when she first decided to bring a change and hence came up with an idea of establishing rural BPOs in India. DesiCrew founder Saloni Malhotra wiki speaks a lot about her career life. Saloni Malhotra parents are both doctors. Her father is a professor at AIIMS and her mother is in private practice. Saloni Malhotra family background speaks a lot about her upbringing and being such a wonderful person in life.

The Indian entrepreneur Saloni Malhotra date of birth was in a memorable day in 1981 in parts of Delhi. Saloni Malhotra education qualification is B.Tech engineer. She went to Carmel Convent School in Delhi. Later she joined University of Pune in Maharashtra to complete her B.Tech Degree. Saloni Malhotra images of her graduation are available on web search.

Saloni Malhotra is a very professional lady. Saloni Malhotra nationality is Indian. Shraddha Sharma contact details can be easily found in web from founder of DesiCrew website and profile. Her email id is available in her profile data. Once can easily contact her through it. Saloni Malhotra profile provides every detail about her life and career.

People compliment for Saloni Malhotra hairstyle which has been a trade mark for young professional women today. Considering her beauty, there must be some Saloni Malhotra beauty secret mantras that keep her glowing and beautiful even after so much of work pressure.

Saloni Malhotra Early Career, Job

Saloni Malhotra is famous for her rural BPO establishment in India. DesiCrew is an IT enabled service company that provides its back office and support services in rural parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. DesiCrew Solution founder wiki quoted “It’s not very different except of course, the ‘rural’ perspective. It’s like any other BPO that functions with people in rural areas. We work with IT/ITES companies, insurance, new media and mobile-based clients. When we looked around, we saw that a lot of BPOs hire people from rural areas and realized that people have to migrate to work here. So, we decided to take the jobs to them.”

Saloni Malhotra first job was in a media startup “Web Chutney”. Inspired from professor Jhunjhunwala’s speech, Saloni came up with the brilliant idea of BPO startup in rural parts of India. Hence was initiated Saloni Malhotra first start up DesiCrew.

Saloni Malhotra Success Story, Startups

While Saloni Malhotra parents insisted her to take up MBA, Saloni was pretty sure she wanted something else. Saloni Malhotra went all way to IIT Madras to meet Professor Jhunjhunwala who suggested Saloni “Instead of thinking of selling things to people in village, we should look for ways to infuse money in rural villages”. This idea excited young Saloni’s mind and she didn’t returned back to Delhi.

Saloni started exploring the rural areas to start her work and in the year OF 2004, the DesiCrew startup came into being. Today, DesiCrew Solutions have 550+ rural employees who formerly were illiterate and untrained. Since then Saloni Malhotra has not taken a break from her work.

Saloni Malhotra Love Life, Marriage, Husband

Such Charismatic personality of Saloni Malhotra attracts a lot of people to know more about her life and career. Saloni Malhotra relationship with her clients and employees is known to be work friendly and professional. Saloni Malhotra dating life has never been into lime light and her work life has only been her love life though Saloni Malhotra love story with her husband will surely be quite promising.

Saloni Malhotra wedding date is not on the cards yet as she is in no mood of marriage soon. The independent girl Saloni Malhotra will surely married to a man who always supports her in every step of life. She wants a husband who will be very supportive in terms of her career and work. Saloni Malhotra net worth is quite promising. Her upcoming projects are much awaited by her fans.

Today, Saloni Malhotra is considered as one of the top female entrepreneurs in India. The would-be husband of DesiCrew founder Saloni Malhotra will surely be a very proud spouse. Saloni Malhotra personal life and career is covered in one of the bestselling book “I Have a Dream” by Rashmi Bansal.

Saloni Malhotra Latest Buzz

Saloni Malhotra charity works during tsunami struck is also well-known to build her career. The founder of DesiCrew Company Saloni Malhotra interviews speaks more about her work and ideas. Saloni Malhotra twitter profile is easily available on web search. Saloni Malhotra was also the runners up for “” in the year 2008. Latest news about Saloni Malhotra is available on her website.

Saloni Malhotra also mentors “Traveller Kids”, a young start up that creates edutainment toys for kids. Saloni Malhotra new startup is much awaited by her fans. The CEO of DesiCrew blog incepts wholesome news and information about her upcoming works.