Author Robin Sharma Wiki, Wife Name, Books, BlogRobin S. Sharma is a prominent and renowned writer whose notable works reflect rich language and incredibly wise notions. He is a Canadian lawyer and a leadership expert as well. He has written 15 books so far and his books have emerged as best-selling novel garnering humongous interest of the crowd. He is an inspiration for all the writers and his work has been consistently stupendous. Robin Sharma author profile is graced with versatility and dynamic success in professional field of law and in the nurturing of his flair for writing. Who will cry when you die is one of the most commendable works of the author and it has arouse curiosity among the readers to know about author Robin Sharma biography. His books have astounded every reader and have reached a sumptuous sale of more than 3 million copies. No wonder Robin Sharma best novels have set a mark of splendor and are regarded as a captivating page turner. Many new and young Indian authors like Durjoy Datta, Nikita Singh, etc.; have been inspired from his profile and dynamic style of writing.

Author Robin Sharma Age and Personal Details

Robin S. Sharma was born in Nepal in the year 1965. He was raised in an Indian family with traditional values and ethics. Robin Sharma date of birth is January 5th, 1964. Robin Sharma age is 50 years approximately. Robin Sharma birthplace is Nepal though he was raised in Canada and he owns a dual citizenship. He has completed his education and secured two degrees in law one of which includes Masters in law.

Robin Sharma education has earned him an august degree in law from the Dalhousie law school. Robin Sharma nationality is Canadian and Mauritian and this led people to think about Robin Sharma and Christianity as his religion. Apart from being a successful and prominent lawyer he is also a personal management expert and has influenced thousands of lives with his seminars and public speaking.

Robin Sharma family background reflects staunch Indian values and rationality which is reflected in his work and speeches. He has carved out his way into elite and illustrious organizations like the Harvard business school and NASA to pay heed to his motivational speeches and seminars.

Author Robin Sharma Wiki

Robin Sharma has broken the monotonous thoughts about life and living and has embarked on innovating and creative concepts. He is one of the most demanded speakers of the world today. Author Robin Sharma wiki talks about his journey from a lawyer to a famous writer and speaker that enables him to share platform with many stalwart celebrities and likes of Jack Welch, Bill Clinton, Deepak Chopra etc.

Canadian lawyer Robin Sharma biography also talks about writer Robin Sharma personal details and his notable works. His books and seminars have showed people right ways of living and also encouraged them to confront challenges and work on self-improvement to accomplish their goals and desires. Robin Sharma famous books include “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, the astounding novel “Who will cry when you die” and the incredibly addictive “The Saint, The surfer and the CEO”. He has won several accolades and august awards for his books and novels.

Writer Robin Sharma Famous Books

Robin Sharma is best known for his writings and is an internationally acclaimed author who has given the world 11 international best-selling novels. He is also a distinguished lawyer. Robin Sharma first book was self-published by him and his mother edited it. “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma was the second self-published book and it was a massive success. The book was about building a safe workplace where leaders lived with high ethical values and depicted panache in their personal and professional lives.

This is one of the best books by Robin Sharma and it was sold in more than 50 countries with over 3 million copies. The book along with its series was a humongous success. All of his books have been translated in 70 languages and published in over 60 countries. Robin Sharma books in Hindi and Robin Sharma books in Telugu have received positive response from the regional readers who have experienced the same pleasure in reading his books. “Who will cry when you die” by robin Sharma was published in the year 1999 which was a landmark success.

Robin Sharma’s “The Saint, The Surfer, and the CEO” epitomizes another notable work of the author and it was highly successful internationally in countries like Spain, Dubai, Singapore, Japan, Turkey etc. the other notable work of the author include “The Leader who had no title”, “The secret letter of the monk who sold his Ferrari”.

“The leader who had no title” author Robin Sharma biodata is of a lawyer but he left his profession to nurture his penchant of inking ideas and thoughts. People are anxious about Robin Sharma upcoming novels and Robin Sharma new book release. The biography of writer Robin Sharma has talked about his famous books and best-selling novels. The further paragraphs shall speak about his blog and leadership seminars that inspired millions.

Author Robin Sharma Blog

The author Robin Sharma has enthralled and inspired millions of lives. His blogs are an easy access to his quotes and motivational sayings that can revitalize your life and rejuvenate it from the monotonous routine. Robin Sharma blog ways die enormous and Robin Sharma blog ways get inspired is followed by a large number of people. It has 49 ways to get inspired and live an amazing and contented life. It is a must read as it makes you get passionate about your work and treat it as a craft while enjoy personal life with immense happiness.

Robin Sharma blog “how to wake up early” is amazing as it drives your energy to the peak to enjoy an early wake up and relish the entire day with booming energy. Each of Robin Sharma new blog, “Be wise early wise” Robin Sharma’s blog unveils bright ideas and motivational quotes to frame life and shape your happiness. Robin Sharma quotes on love are also popular among the blushing lovers. Apart from his blogs and novels he is also well-known for his leadership seminars.

Author Robin Sharma Leadership Seminars

Author Robin Sharma is the CEO, founder and Chief visionary officer of ‘Sharma Leadership International INC’. It is a global consultancy that works to make people realize their potentials. His blog too focuses on these ideas and motivational quotes. His organization constitutes elite organizations like Nike, Microsoft, IBM, etc. Robin Sharma quotes on leadership is colossally famous and his motivational speeches and seminars have bagged him the prestigious Golden gravel Award in the year 2011.

Robin Sharma and leadership have a sacred connection that makes him a professional Guru inspiring millions. In the year 2012 he ranked 7th in the prestigious list of International Leadership professional gurus. Robin Sharma net worth is also a lavish figure. The author also conducts several training programs at flung places both nationally and internationally.

Author Robin Sharma Personal life

Robin Sharma has excelled as a venerated and prominent author and his leadership moves of conducting seminars have also anointed him supreme recognition. He has been a key note speaker in many international seminars. His professional work is known to most of the people but they have are clueless about leadership expert Robin Sharma biography which talks about Robin Sharma personal life. Most of his fans have a vague knowledge about his married life and even wonder is Robin Sharma married.

People do not have idea about Robin Sharma contact address and quite similarly they do not have much idea about Robin Sharma wife name. The author has spellbound every reader and visitor of his blog with his energetic quotes but information about the author’s marriage and Robin Sharma and his wife is still not talked about much. Robin Sharma wife photos are not much seen on popular on internet sites and Robin Sharma wife age and profession has not been mentioned either.

Robin Sharma daughter is also another mystery. This is probably because people have always inquired about his work and his personal life hasn’t much arouse curiosity. Hence Robin Sharma love affairs and Robin Sharma girlfriend is not the talk of town. His appearance in television or upcoming novels is a major enticing headline. Robin Sharma’s work has also found a platform in Google play store. Robin Sharma android app lets you read and enjoy the changing notions and thoughts of the author. It also lets you share articles and watch his videos.