Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Wiki, Wife Pics, DaughterAlibaba group is a leading internet-based successful business that includes e-commerce business, shopping search engine, online web-portals etc. Jack Ma is a venerated Chinese entrepreneur and is the current Executive chairman of this elite and illustrious group. The business has grown gigantically and with it Jack Ma has emerged as one of the most celebrated and talked about Chinese entrepreneurs. Alibaba founder Jack Ma biography shall unveil details about this successful personality and give a brief detail about his professional and personal life. Alibaba founder name Jack Ma is widely known all across his nation and across international boundaries owing to his humongous achievements. He is the 1st mainland Chinese entrepreneur who has appeared on the cover of the much esteemed and august magazine “Forbes”.

Jack Ma Age, Personal Details

Jack Ma is also known as Ma Yun and he was born in Zhejiang province of China. Jack Ma date of birth is October 15th, 1964. Jack Ma age is 49 years currently. He hailed from a rural town in China and had strong desire to learn English to converse with foreigners. He used ride some 45 minutes from his home to a nearby inn to converse with them and guide them around the beautiful city for free.

Jack Ma family was a humble Chinese family who struggled for daily bread and education. He acquired a prestigious bachelor’s degree in English later on and became a lecturer at the Hangzhou Dianzi University. This is Alibaba founder story of his early life and education. He embarked on the web service and business by building websites with the help of his pals in US. Initially he built websites for Chinese companies.

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Wiki

Jack Ma had a budding though on web use and its dilation which propelled to his notion of establishing the Alibaba group. Jack Ma founded China’s 1st internet-based company “Yellowpages” in the year 1995. Jack Ma Alibaba bio gives a brief detail about all his early set-ups and establishments prior establishing the Alibaba Group. Soon after that he also headed an I.T. company under China International Electronic commerce Center between the years 1998 and 1999. These mark the inception of Alibaba founder wiki and splendid career.

He founded Alibaba group in the year 1999 and that marked panache in his growing career. Alibaba group founder Jack Ma shot to enormous feat and success with Alibaba’s growth and on September 2014 it has been announced that the company has raised 20$ billion in an IPO. The news regarding Jack Ma Alibaba IPO has had a grand impact on the company’s name and his career and has contributed to the company’s success and growth. He is the present Executive Chairman of this mammoth group.

He has accentuated the business to several heights and that has added feathers to Alibaba group history. He has been chosen among top 10 Businessmen across the globe and is anointed with many prestigious awards. He has helped the company grow and on September 2014 the company measured its market value to be US$231 billion. Entrepreneurs like Jack Ma, Fabrice Grinda and Jan Koum are a true motivation for all business aspirants.

Alibaba Owner Jack Ma Career, Net Worth

Alibaba Group now serves over 79 million members across 240 countries and territories. Jack Ma has dilated its portfolio all across international corners and today it holds 9 major subsidiaries namely Taobao Marketplace, eTao,, etc. Jack Ma wiki has already talked about Jack Ma success story which began with a “Yellowpages” and marked panache with the gigantic establishment of Alibaba Group. In the year 2012 Jack ma invigorated Alibaba’s online transaction and it exceeded 1 trillion Yuan.

With years passing by Jack ma achieved many august awards and accolades and it accelerated Alibaba founder net worth. He is viewed among the top 10 business leaders of the world and was also declared as “Young global leader” in the year 2005. Jack Ma Alibaba documentary unveils more of his accomplishments and awards. In the year 2008 he emerged as one of 30 world’s best CEO’s by Baron’s. he was also honored by many elite magazines and very recently featured on the cover of “Forbes”.

Jack Ma Forbes garnered interest among many young entrepreneurs to read and learn about Alibaba founder profile and pics. The Chinese internet entrepreneur today stands as one of the most influential people of the world. Jack Ma net worth is 21.8$ billion as of 2014. He went receiving many more accolades and awards for his business work and landmark success which can fill numerous pages of a book. No wonder Jack Ma book name is going to raise toast for his nation. He is currently one of the board members of Japan’s Softbank and also of China’s Huayi Brother Media Corporation.

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Net Worth, Success Story

Jack ma is a renowned and intellectual entrepreneur and has invigorated his business to scintillating heights. Alibaba owner name is popular beyond national boundaries and has achieved international feat. Many ignited minds are keen to know about his business approach and strategies and hence he is invited in many elite colleges for seminars. Jack Ma speech Stanford is epitomizes sheer motivation and encouragement.

The biography has given various details about Jack Ma’s career and professional advancement and also revealed Alibaba owner worth. Now it shall talk about Jack Ma personal life and Jack Ma marriage. He has always exhibited clear interests in business and developing career such that it has never given him time to churn the love mills. Hence rumor mills have never been rolled to churn gossips about Jack Ma girlfriend. He got married to a gorgeous Chinese lady.

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Marriage, Wife, Children

Jack Ma wife name is Zhang Ying and Jack Ma with his wife has two children. They have one son and one daughter. Jack Ma wife pics are not much displayed on internet sites and information about wife of Alibaba founder Jack is also not much highlighted. Jack Ma daughter is younger and Jack Ma son is currently pursuing his education from University of California in Berkeley. He has a healthy and happy family life. Apart from these the recent news about Jack Ma covers on the breakthrough prize.

Jack Ma and Cathy Zhang have joined the breakthrough prizes for life sciences founding sponsors. There are some news about Jack Ma and pony ma that spiraled up in the Chinese media. Jack ma is one of the richest men in China today and he is the epitome of intellect and passion.