Shaheen Bhatt Hot Images, Boyfriend, Family, Mahesh Bhatt Daughter Pics, Wedding, Husband PicturesThe film fraternity is a very close knit industry wherein film stars, directors, musicians etc. include members from their own families to play the part of other roles. The best examples will be the Kapoor’s of Bollywood. The Bhatt’s are also slowly entering into that arena. Alia Bhatt sister Shaheen Bhatt biography is going to talk about that trend of keeping it in the family. Even the Akhtar family is also entirely into the filmography. Be it acting, directing, script-writing, writing lyrics or even singing. They do it all. This is a tremendous way of cost cutting. Shaheen Bhatt aspires to flourish as filmmaker. We will discuss the few Shaheen Bhatt movies she has scripted. A look into Shaheen Bhatt personal life will of course be very interesting as she is a Bhatt who are known for their eccentricities. This sister of Alia Bhatt is the complete opposite of her. Let’s take a look at Shaheen Bhatt director profile.

Shaheen Bhatt Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of Shaheen Bhatt will tell you just how intricate and spread out the Bhatt family tree is. Shaheen Bhatt family background is quite diverse. She comes from a film background. Shaheen Bhatt parents belong to the film fraternity. Shaheen Bhatt father is the popular director Mahesh Bhatt of ‘Jism’ fame. Shaheen Bhatt mother is the popular actress of yester years, Soni Razdan. Shaheen Bhatt age is 27. Shaheen Bhatt height is 5 feet 1 inch.

Shaheen Bhatt date of birth is 28 November, 1988. Shaheen Bhatt wiki also mentions that she has a half-brother and cousins like Vishesh Bhatt, Mohit Suri, Sakshi Bhatt and Suneel Darshan. Shaheen Bhatt education happened from Mumbai. The daughter of Mahesh Bhatt is a very shy person. Shaheen Bhatt sister name is Alia of “Student of The Year” fame. Shaheen Bhatt shares a very intimate bond with her sister. It has been noticed that Shaheen Bhatt and Alia Bhatt spend time together whenever they can.

Shaheen Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt relation is that of half-sisters. Shaheen Bhatt brothers are not directly related to her, one is a step brother, Rahul Bhatt who is set to be launched in a movie written by his father and directed by Shagufta quite soon. Shaheen Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt share a very close father daughter bond. She has taken to her father’s steps and wants to become a director. Shaheen Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi relation is that of cousins.

Shaheen Bhatt Movies

Shaheen Bhatt first movie was ‘Raaz 3’. Shaheen Bhatt is obviously interested in Bollywood films but as someone working behind the camera. There has been talk about the fact that Shaheen Bhatt feels that the poetry of Anu Malik is very beautiful after she posted the lyrics of one of his popular songs on Twitter. Shaheen Bhatt wants to pursue a profession in film direction.

Shaheen Bhatt has not directed movies as of yet but has played the role of assistant director in “Raaz 3”. Shaheen Bhatt movie scripts are not ready yet but she is working on the storyline of “Aashiqui 3”, presently. She is also going to write the script of ‘Dhadkan 2’ with Shaheen Bhatt realized her true love for direction while working on the sets of ‘Raaz 3’ movie.

Shaheen Bhatt Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

Shaheen Bhatt love life is quite stable. Being a mature and shy person she has not had very many love affairs. Shaheen Bhatt has a comedian for a boyfriend. Shaheen Bhatt boyfriend is Rohan Joshi who is a member of the AIB (All India Bakchod) crew that is quite popular on YouTube for their sarcastic videos. Also, Shaheen Bhatt love affair with Rohan Joshi is open to all. Shaheen Bhatt has been dating Rohan Joshi since a long time now. It has been almost 4 years since they have been together.

Shaheen Bhatt Rohan Joshi love story is all that everyone can talk about and this tiny detail always crops up when one talks about Alia Bhatt sister bio data. Shaheen Bhatt Rohan Joshi age difference is not much as both are at the cusp of their career. Shaheen Bhatt has not even started her career in a fully-fledged manner yet, so getting Rohan Joshi Shaheen Bhatt marriage is not on the cards right now.

Shaheen Bhatt wedding date has not been decided. However we do hope that Shaheen Bhatt husband name will surely be Rohan Joshi because the two look perfectly in love. Shaheen Bhatt relationship with Rohan Joshi started at a show where the girl was blown away by the wits of the performer. The husband of Shaheen Bhatt will be very lucky to have her one day and also be blessed enough to be a part of such a crazy talented family.

Shaheen Bhatt Beauty Secrets, Hobbies, Fame

Shaheen Bhatt beauty secret is that she meditates. Shaheen Bhatt hairstyle is cored brown and worn in a loose flowing way. Shaheen Bhatt has not faced any controversy yet which is uncharacteristic of the Bhatt family. Shaheen Bhatt has about 12.6k Twitter which is a lot going by the fact that she likes to keep it low but when you have a star family that is quite hard to pull off, maybe. Shaheen Bhatt hobbies is reading and writing.

The interesting facts about Shaheen Bhatt are that she has also gone on a holiday to London with Rohan and the couple was accompanied by her mother and sister. Shaheen Bhatt generally is very camera shy and hence given very few interviews. But the few she has given reveals all this about her and she sure looks like a powerhouse of talents. What a paradox these Bhatt sisters are!

Shaheen Bhatt Upcoming Movies

Shaheen Bhatt net worth is not yet increased as she has only one film in the bag. Shaheen Bhatt latest news is that she will be co-writing the script of ‘Aashiqui 3’. Shaheen Bhatt new movie is in the pipeline and she is working on several projects at the time. Shaheen Bhatt next film will be announced once the script is ready.

It will be interesting to see Shaheen Bhatt upcoming movies, as fans are eager to know how much semblance there is between her and her dad’s works. There is also talk of Shaheen Bhatt having assisted in the script of “Jism 2” film. However it will be interesting to watch her write a script that requires her to cast Kangana Ranaut and Kalki Koechlin one day.