Rysa Walker Books, Wiki, Age, Next Book, HusbandRysa Walker is the pen name of the American author and Rysa Walker real name is undisclosed. She got instantly famous after winning the Amazon Book Award in the year 2013 and “Timebound” author Rysa Walker biography will gradually move on to her accomplishments. As far as Rysa Walker author profile is concerned, there are not too many books in her hat. Of the books found in Rysa Walker “Chronos Files Series”, “Timebound” is the first novel and Rysa Walker books list is limited to 2 or 3 books as of now. In this biography of author Rysa Walker, we’ll be discussing about her personal life and her writing career in detail.

Rysa Walker Age, Family, Wiki

As far as “Timebound” author wiki is concerned, it barely talks about her earlier life. But Rysa Walker education is completed from Florida and since Rysa Walker birthplace is Florida too, Rysa Walker nationality is American. Speaking about Rysa Walker personal life; Rysa Walker date of birth is 18th December, 1972 and she was born in America. As of now, the author Rysa Walker age is 42 years.

However, it is estimated that she must be in her late thirties. Speaking of Rysa Walker height, we believe that as an author, all that matters is her writing skills. To speak of Rysa Walker family background, she had to roam around a lot of cities until she finally settled in Florida at the age of 10. Since she belongs to an industry that does not believe in showbiz, “Timebound” author pics are rare. We’ll talk about her writing career in the next segment.

Rysa Walker Writing Career, Books

The biography of “Timebound” book writer will now narrate the tale of her writing career and when Rysa Walker first book released, it was a sensation in its own. Since the book came from self-publishing, “Timebound” by Rysa Walker was originally named as “Time’s Twisted Arrow” which was renamed by Amazon.com. However, only 2 of her books have ever been launched, Rysa Walker best-selling books are yet to happen. Her third book is named Rysa Walker “Time’s Edge” which is also a part of “Chronos Files Series” by Rysa Walker.

She has always been interested in writing and Rysa Walker writing career took a toll for the better when people started searching for “Timebound” book author name and her details. When she became the author of “Time Bound” book series, she also launched Rysa Walker audio book of the “Timebound” on the same day of its original release. Of all the three Rysa Walker novels, she has been celebrated the most for “Timebound”.

Rysa Walker Upcoming Books, Blog

To further highlight author Rysa Walker bio-data, we must discuss about her winning the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in the year 2013. Since then, her readers have been looking out for Rysa Walker upcoming books and to quench their thirst, “Time’s Echo” was released in the April of 2014. While Rysa Walker success story is not a miracle, Rysa Walker net worth is yet to reach its heights. It is expected that Rysa Walker “Time Bound Series” will someday be projected into films, and Rysa Walker books into movies will be much awaited for.

It is evident from Rysa Walker life history that she was always inspired to be a writer and Rysa Walker blog is a constant picture of her writing works. To know more about her, visit Rysa Walker website and also follow her on Rysa Walker Twitter profile. This will also keep you updated with Rysa Walker latest news and more. Till then, keep an eye on the release of Rysa Walker new book. Her works are sometimes referred to be similar to that of Kiera Cass and Lucy Christopher.

Rysa Walker Love Life, Marriage, Kids

Being a part of the industry that applauds the talent, the gossip about Rysa Walker love affairs were never heard of. However, it would be wrong to say that Rysa Walker love life does not exist at all. But there was never any update on Rysa Walker boyfriend as it was revealed right in the beginning that Rysa Walker married life has already happened a few years back. This is one of the few things that we know about Rysa Walker author personal details and even Rysa Walker husband name has never been revealed.

However, we saw Rysa Walker with her husband at the Amazon Breakthrough Award ceremony and the husband of Rysa Walker looked like a pretty decent man with no interest in the business. Also, one cannot find Rysa Walker wedding photos as they have been married long before she began professional writing. As far as Rysa Walker children are concerned, she has two sons and Rysa Walker sons are an inspiration of her writing. There were some lame rumours about Rysa Walker pregnant but these were never talked about upfront by the author.