The Selection Author Kiera Cass Books, TV Show, Dress, Movies, Quotes, SeriesKiera Cass is an American author, best known for her trilogy “The Selection”. As against the usual beliefs, The Selection author Kiera Cass biography will enlist phases of her life that have been less heard of. This book was one of the bestsellers in America and so The Selection author name Kiera Cass soon became loved in the country. However, very little is known about writer Kiera Cass personal details, but her writing career is an open book. As shining as Kiera Cass writer bio data has been till date, “The Selection” author wiki would clearly state various works done by her. The bestselling book was Kiera Cass first book called “The Selection” and was released in the year 2012. However, Kiera Cass wiki shall enlist all the three books released by her in detail, we will mainly talk about her growing career.

Kiera Cass Author Age, Personal Details

While writing New York Times best-selling author Kiera Cass biography, it would be a shame if her personal details were not mentioned. The most amazing thing about Kiera Cass date of birth is that it has never been revealed, and so Kiera Cass age can be estimated at 34 years. However, we know that she was born in the May of 1981. Born and brought up in America, Kiera Cass nationality is American, and with years, Kiera Cass birthplace is proud of her.

To talk about her stats, Kiera Cass height is precisely unknown but can be estimated through The Selection author images that are easily available on the web. Just like her birthday, Kiera Cass family background is also a mystery yet to be unfolded. Although, her education is from Radford University, and she is 1999 graduate. As a writer, Kiera Cass author profile states her great works and various Kiera Cass bestselling books. Her fans can look for Kiera Cass pics on the internet as well as on Kiera Cass website. For more updates, Kiera Cass blog can be surfed.

Author Kiera Cass Wiki

It was not until Kiera Cass “The Selection” series that she gained much attention and fame. This is why avid readers were looking for Kiera Cass “The Selection” book 2 which released later in 2013 as a sequel to the first book, and was called “The Elite”. It was on Kiera Cass “The Elite” release date that her true fandom was seen and people were eagerly waiting for her new release. Before this, the stats reported that the search for Kiera Cass “The Selection” sequel release date was one of the most searched items on the web.

Kiera Cass Next Book, TV Shows

Once The Elite was released, Kiera Cass “The Selection” book 3 release date was then hunted for all over the internet. Her book were so deeply appreciated that they came up with a TV show called The Selection. The news of this meant for her fans to look forward to “The Selection” Kiera Cass TV show release date. Now the expectations rose and media and fans wanted “The Selection” Kiera Cass TV movie to cherish the experience even more. All of this led to great fame and money for the author and today, Kiera Cass author net worth is decent enough for a sophisticated life.

The thrill of Kiera Cass TV shows was like fire in the woods, and everybody was intrigued by Kiera Cass “The Queen” release date which is one of the many sequels of The Selection. Other loved works of her include Kiera Cass “The Prince and The Guard” and Kiera Cass writing style was highly appreciated by the critics. However, no ‘The One’ Kiera Cass updates have been released as of now.

Kiera Cass Best-selling Books

Like other great books that were made into films later, Kiera Cass books into movies is expected really soon. All Kiera Cass novels are seen with profound dignity and are deeply engaging. So was Kiera Cass TV series, thus entertaining more type of audiences. It was declared an ultimate win when Kiera Cass “The Elite” Barnes and Noble was announced, giving her more fans and fame. After this, she was named with authors like Jenny Han and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

As of now, fans and media are looking forward to Kiera Cass next book which is “The Favourite”, expected to release in early 2015. Another Kiera Cass new book is set out to be called “The Heir” and will release in 2016. Till then, great Kiera Cass quotes shall hold them for a while.

Kiera Cass Personal Life

Although, great works have earned Kiera high popularity in her professional career, still Kiera Cass personal life is less talked about. The tale about Kiera Cass love life is one of the most intriguing things about her, as fans expect a book out of it too someday. Even though she has remained low about her love life, Kiera Cass love affairs were not spared by the media, and several Kiera Cass controversies were seen. As a result, Kiera Cass dating history has a few names which were never proved to be true.

Currently, Kiera Cass marriage is happy and delighted as she is married to Callaway Cass since 2004. Given her introvert nature, everybody wanted to know that is Kiera Cass married? And yes, she is. In an interview, talks about boyfriend of Kiera Cass were released and questions about Kiera Cass boyfriend name were airing the news. Kiera shunned away the topic by subtly stating that Kiera Cass husband would always be her boyfriend.