Gaelyn Mendonca Hot HD Wallpapers, Bikini Photoshoots, Wedding, Husband Images, Roadies X4 Host PicturesOne of the most famous female MTV VJs of all time has been Bani who was also an ex-roadie. She gained her popularity from her personality which was quite offbeat at that time and that won her a spot in the MTV working crew. The ‘MTV Roadies X4’ host Gaelyn Mendonca biography is the story of a girl who has succeeded Bani in the show. She has done modeling and her movies list though quite short at the time shows promise. The ‘MTV Roadies X4’ female host name has already commanded a considerable amount of fan following. We will take a look at the actress profile along with the scrutiny of her personal life to understand how she came to be so successful. She is quite active on twitter mostly promoting her various projects. Now it is left to be seen how Gaelyn Mendonca as VJ fares. The model is juggling a lot of responsibilities at once and is doing them justice with ease.

Gaelyn Mendonca Age, Family, Wiki

The family background is that of a small Christian family. Her parents are quite proud of their daughter’s achievements and they are quite liberal about her choices. Gaelyn Mendonca age is 28 currently. She has beautiful abs that is the result of rigorous dance routines. Her approximate height is 5 feet 7 inches. The date of birth of the model is 5th November, 1988. She completed her early education from Carmel of St. Joseph School and attended St. Xavier’s College, Fort, Mumbai.

Gaelyn Mendonca wiki also mentions that she is a streetdance pro and won the tournament held a Malhar for 5 consecutive years. Her birthplace is Orlem, Malad in Mumbai. Her religion is Christianity. Her nationality is Indian. The happy go lucky girl soon started modeling while at college from where she started professionally pursuing it.

Gaelyn Mendonca Movies, Modeling Career

Gaelyn Mendonca is the female host of ‘Roadies X4’ and is turning heads already. Gaelyn Mendonca first movie was ‘Nautanki Sala’ in which she was seen wearing a Saree that accentuated her sensual figure. She worked opposite the actor Kunaal Roy Kapur in the film. She has not worked in many Bollywood films except this one but is now hosting a reality show in MTV channel.

The biography of film actress Gaelyn Mendonca will throw light upon the many talents that the model has. She had a modeling contract with one of the modeling agencies that supplied models for Lakme Fashion Week and she was walking the ramp right from her college days. Coming from a very liberal background she did not shy away from doing bikini photo-shoots which helped her further her career.

Gaelyn Mendonca as VJ & TV Host

Soon after that she entered the anchoring world with the NDTV Goodtime’s TV series ‘Cool Quotient’. She has also been seen hosting the Cricket World Cup in 2011. She was the winner of MTV VJ hunt along with Sunanda Wong. Right now the model Gaelyn Mendonca is seen in ‘Roadies X4’ hosting the show. The show also has the presence of Rannvijay Singh who is considered the life and soul of Roadies after Raghu.

The model has immense experience n anchoring and hence is good for the role of a video jockey. She has a great body and beautiful face and hence might also be a right combination to star in TV commercials. The model turned actor is that she is trying her hand being an anchor now. There has been no controversy surrounding the actress. Her net worth has increased over the years as she has hosted shows like ‘Gone in 60 seconds’, Tic Tac MTV College Beat’, Pepsi MTV Wassup’, House of Style’ and many others for MTV.

The interesting fact about the VJ is that she is very free-spirited and does not shy away from trying out new things. She has no beauty secrets because she has beautiful golden skin and twinkling eyes just like ace model and host of ‘Top Chef’ Padma Lakshmi. She somewhat resembles the Bengali beauty Tapur Chakraborty who is also a supermodel in the Indian fashion scene.

Gaelyn Mendonca Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

The model is quite the secret keeper as even if there were a few Love affairs along the way she has managed to push the details under the carpet. Her dating history has not made it to the tabloids so far and that could be because of two reasons. One, she is not in any relationship and is simply concentrating on her work as most budding actresses do. Second, she has a thriving love life but is very private about it. She is not married yet may soon be planning a wedding. The husband of Gaelyn Mendonca has not been announced yet but sooner or later their love story will come out.

Gaelyn Mendonca Latest Buzz, Upcoming Movies

She has no tattoos on her body but in case she got one a star or a lark would be the best to denote her personality. Her hairstyle keeps changing from time to time depending upon the show she is hosting. She has not been seen in any advertisements so far but the chances are high. There has been no announcement of a new movie that has her in the cast but she is a promising talent no doubt.

The ‘Roadies X4’ anchor can be fishing for more roles in upcoming movies though she has not announced any. She looks ravishing in a skirt and her long well-toned legs are an added asset. She has not received any awards for the movie though she has received nominations for both acting and hosting. Her next modeling photo-shoot has been postponed until after the Roadies season is over. Her relentless pursuit of her passion has made her like-able across the industry and has opened many doors for her. She is an example of a real life story that can inspire many.