Preeti Shenoy Husband, Books, Blog, Novels, QuotesMany young talents are burgeoning in India these days and one of them is the fresh and unique author Preeti Shenoy. Considered as one of the most endowed writers in the present situation, Preeti Shenoy is the bestselling authors of India. Author Preeti Shenoy biography will give us thorough information about her education, background and professional as well as personal life. Preeti Shenoy books list include the bestseller ‘Life is what you make it’ and ‘Tea for two and a piece of cake’. Authors like Cecelia Ahern, Nikita Singh and Preeti Shenoy are the real inspiration for those who want to become best-selling authors. Preeti Shenoy author profile also motivates various new authors on their successive path of writing novels and books. Preeti Shenoy is the author of 5 bestsellers, a great poet, renowned artist, excellent blogger, versatile in art (portraits, mixed media and paper quilling), a fine ex-basketball player, sweet nature lover, powerful mother and a yoga-buff.

Preeti Shenoy Age Personal Details and Education

Preeti Shenoy is a versatile author and a talented yet creative person herself. Born in India this novelist biography i.e. biography of Indian author Preeti Shenoy biography is what people have been searching for. Presently Preeti Shenoy age is 42 currently and Preeti Shenoy date of birth is 21st December 1971. A self-taught artist, Preeti Shenoy is a person who paints with water colors and oils as a hobby and also toils with mixed media.

Fans across the world want to know about Preeti Shenoy height and Preeti Shenoy personal life for example Preeti Shenoy love affairs. Preeti Shenoy family background was a pleasant one since she went to Kendriya Vidyalayas which are accessible all over India. She has a globally renowned prerequisite from UK in portraiture. Preeti Shenoy quotes are very recognized by her image and her striking construction of words.

Author Preeti Shenoy Wiki

Preeti Shenoy first book 34 Bubblegums and Candies was published in October 2008. In her college days she wrote pleasant articles for Reader’s Digest “Joy”. Preeti Shenoy novels list isn’t too long but these novels have made quite an impact on not only Indian audience but also around the world audience. But Preeti Shenoy best books are bestsellers that include Life is what you make it, 34 bubblegums and candies and Tea for two and a piece of cake.

Author Preeti Shenoy wiki will bring the succinct details of her books and bestsellers. Titled as ‘Keenly observant mind’ by Daily News Analysis this perfectly designates her personality. She has been endowed with ‘Excellent storytelling skills’ which makes her quite popular among children in spite of her social work which also involves helping poor children study and learn artistic things. Her portraits of pencil are outstandingly realistic. She has written for novel publication like The Times of India. She currently writes a special column called ‘S*x and the City’ for Financial Chronicle. For this column get the Saturday issues of Financial Chronicle.

Author Preeti Shenoy Books, Novels

This multitalented and dynamic author Preeti Shenoy new book launched recently was “The one who cannot have”. This recent novel was published in November 2013 although in her childhood she wrote poems and articles. Preeti Shenoy writer profile is very vast and this is evident from her early day’s poems which were published in Sulekha Book Series. She also has been writing a recitation of communal based on her real life experiences buoyant by her public reception of first publication.

Preeti Shenoy is also known to be on Forbes list of 100 most influential people and on Forbes Longest of influential celebrities. Her simplicity is what people admire, her thoughts is what attracts most readers and this appeals to the inherent good in her. Live life to the fullest is her philosophy which is evident from her blog as well as her books.

Her achievements are quite huge for example Preeti Shenoy Bestseller book Life is what you make it was among the bestsellers of 2011 in India and still continues to be in charts and her third book however made it to top 5 best-selling Indian Fiction 2012.

Preeti Shenoy Personal Life

Life is what you make it author Preeti Shenoy personal detail is generally known to the bookish world. Preeti Shenoy Love life is rather uncomplicated yet fine-looking. She is a married woman with two children and hence Preeti Shenoy dating presently with her books only because she wants to build a good career. Preeti Shenoy net worth of her books is quite huge in terms of her high end imaginations; not everything is scaled in terms of money. Is Preeti Shenoy married is also one of the hottest talks of her fans and followers.

Preeti Shenoy boyfriend name and Preeti Shenoy husband’s name is quite the same i.e. there are no real or forged rumors about her early romantic life. Preeti Shenoy marriage is quite settled and her husband on the other hand is pretty supportive towards her. She carefully handles her two children and also works for her novels. She has managed to keep her professional and personal life tidy. A socially active author, Preeti Shenoy has done great efforts for teaching Mathematics and English to under-privileged children.

Preeti Shenoy has done not only teaching but also conducted workshops on thinking skills and creative crafts for these deprived children’s. Worked with various schools to uplift the pitiable kids this lady always strives to impart fine knowledge which she has acquired in her life. Boyfriend of Preeti Shenoy i.e. her husband moved to Norwich, UK in February 2009 which led to the shift of the whole family where they remained till October 2010. After Oct 2010 they moved back to India and currently live in the city of Bangalore happily.

Preeti Shenoy Marriage Rumors and Upcoming Novels

Preeti Shenoy in her early days wrote collective recitations based on her real life experiences and some of them have been written in Preeti Shenoy blog too. A lot of people also searches about Preeti Shenoy Facebook profile on the internet. Preeti Shenoy upcoming books and Preeti Shenoy next novel is the talk of the town since her last book which was The one you cannot have in 2013 and is listed in Nielsen list of best-selling Indian Fiction.