Kate Morton The Forgotten Garden Author, New Book, Movies, Husband, ChildrenKate Morton is an Australian author who has written best seller novels that has won many accolades. Kate Morton author profile reveals her reading habits and motivation behind her writing. She had thought of becoming an actor or writer. But soon realized the fact she has love for writing words. The biography of Australian author Kate Morton is special and teaches one the power of reading. The good selling books are often turned into movies; Kate Morton books into movies are released and got great response. The media always talk about Kate Morton best-selling books and awards won by her. This makes Australian author Kate Morton biography stand out from other authors. Kate Morton “The Shifting Fog” book was her first book which she started writing when she was in graduation. The young talent of Australian female authors’ best sellers created a buzz in the world. Kate Morton “The Secret Keeper” is her newest release.

Kate Morton Age, Family, Wiki

Born in Australia, Kate Morton nationality is Australian. She is amongst the famous Australian female authors of the world. Kate Morton date of birth is officially unknown. But the author Kate Morton age is estimated to be 40 years old. She stands tall 5 foot 8 inches approx. Kate Morton height is pretty awesome. Kate Morton wiki talks about her education and personal life.

From childhood she was a voracious reader, Kate Morton education was completed degree in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London. Also studied at Royal academy of Dramatic Art in London did summer Shakespeare course. Not much known about Kate Morton parents. Talking about Kate Morton family background was supportive and interactive.

After reading Kate Morton biography one can draw clear picture of her family in their mind. The popular Kate Morton quotes are intellectual and liked by many people. Her skills define in top Australian female authors of 22nd century. This is a short glimpse of Kate Morton personal life for more information read through following lines.

Author Kate Morton Best-selling Books

The people close to her had never thought she will become author one day. When she was studying at Trinity she started writing but that book was unpublished. Kate Morton first book published in 2006 by the name The House at Riverton. Moving on to Kate Morton next book was The Forgotten Garden which expresses her childhood memories. Kate Morton novels are worth reading it connects the dot takes you the real world. Talking about Kate Morton “The Distant Hours” book was her third book published in 2010.

Her second book became prominent and “The Forgotten Garden” author name was on everyone’s tongue. Everybody started showing interest in “The Forgotten Garden” author wiki to know more about her. Kate Morton first novel had a different name before it was published. The author of “The Forgotten Garden” book is an enthusiastic literature person who firmly likes reading and writing literature.

The anticipated fans keep a note of Kate Morton upcoming novels for literary pleasure. The most fascinating thing about Kate Morton book series is that he writing is in various genres of general fiction. Kate Morton new releases are worth waiting. The latest “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton published in 2012. Kate Morton fifth novel is under process of writing. The delighted readers are showing keen interest in Kate Morton new book as they certainly like her style of writing. Impressed by the secret keeper author wiki many young minds are motivated to write. The books by Australian female authors include “Stolen” written by Lucy Christopher.

Kate Morton Marriage, Husband, Children

She was deeply concern with the studies as if books are her real love of life. Kate Morton love affairs are not plenty. As discussing about Kate Morton love life she is in love with reading and can’t resist reading books thoroughly. The author Kate Morton relationships are not many as she is one man woman. There is nothing much known about Kate Morton dating history. It was in the news that Kate Morton married to Davin and lives in Brisbane.

Kate Morton husband name is quite popular in Brisbane as he is a Jazz musician and composer. Kate Morton children are three in number. This covers a part of Kate Morton personal details. She is proud to be in the list of trending Australian female authors as she got recognition in the world.

Kate Morton Newest Novels

The novelist Kate Morton biography surprises the author that the books she used to read in her childhood were written by authors like her. The most likeable and best Kate Morton novel was the house at Riverton. The popular Australian female authors have an impeccable image in the world. The fans keep themselves updated about Kate Morton newest novel. The world’s best seller Kate Morton the house at Riverton book with millions of copies sold across the world. This makes “The house at Riverton” author wiki interesting.

With this overwhelming response Kate Morton net worth increased in an overnight. She has a straight forward nature this may lead to Kate Morton controversy but in a positive manner. Although she is calm and serene that makes her stand out from best-selling Australian female authors’ profile. To read more visit Kate Morton blog and website. The experiences of life can be read from Kate Morton website which is available by her real name.