Michael Trevino Vampire Diaries Wiki, Height, Girlfriend, Age, WallpapersTelevision and movie actor Michael Trevino has enthralled and enraptured a huge chunk of audience with his acting. Michael Trevino has done various TV shows out of which one was vampire diaries. Vampire Diaries actor Tyler Lockwood actor real name is Michael Anthony Trevino. Here one can read about vampire diaries actor Michael Trevino biography. Michael Trevino TV shows are as popular as him. Michael Trevino has done various TV shows but he is best known for his role in vampire diaries as Tyler Lockwood. The biography of American actor Michael Trevino explains his personal life and career. Michael Trevino in the vampire diaries TV series was on contract till season 4. Vampire diaries actor Tyler Lockwood profile will tell you the detailed information about his career, academic and personal life.

Michael Trevino Age, Family, Wiki

Michael Trevino was born to Mexican parents who were raised in East Los Angeles. Here one can read about Michael Trevino personal life and you will get detailed information about actor Michael Trevino bio data. Michael Trevino date of birth is 25th January, 1985. This depicts that actor Michael Trevino age is 30 years. Michael Trevino height is 5’9”. Actor Michael Trevino wiki Here we explore his academic and personal life.

Michael Trevino nationality is American and his ethnicity is Mexican. If one talks about Michael Trevino family background, his mother was born in Zacatecas, Mexico and his father was born near Fresno, California. Michael Trevino parents got separated when he was three and he was brought up in Valencia, California. Michael Trevino sister name is Candice Accola.

Actor Michael Trevino Early Career

Michael Trevino discovered his passion for acting; he enrolled at Playhouse West for theatre studies. One can easily search for Michael Trevino photos on internet. There is not a big list of Michael Trevino movies. One of his first jobs was an Old Navy Commercial. Michael Trevino first TV show was Charmed Bells. Michael Trevino aka Tyler Lockwood, vampire diaries actor wiki tells various unknown and hidden things about him.

Michael Trevino vampire diaries wiki will tell you what roles he played and in which season. People can read about Michael Trevino and Candice Accola fan fiction on internet very easily. You can find every information related to Michael Trevino on Michael Trevino website easily.

Actor Michael Trevino TV Series, Movies

Michael Trevino is a superb actor and he discovered his passion of acting in his early age. If one searches for Michael Trevino actor profile, they will get information related to his career. Michael Trevino first movie was Cow Belles. Michael Trevino in bones appeared as a guest actor. Tyler Lockwood personal details are totally different from Michael Trevino as he was werewolf in Vampire Diaries. Michael Trevino in love finds a home did a tremendous job, the movie is based on a book Love finds a home written by Janette Oke.

There was a rumour that Michael Trevino exits vampire diaries as he was less seen in season 4 but he is seen regularly in every episode in season 5. But it is said that Michael Trevino, the actor of television series the vampire diaries will not been seen in season 7 as he will leave the show. Michael Trevino net worth is $2 Million. There is no new update or news related to Michael Trevino new TV show.

It is said that Michael Trevino will leave vampire diaries after season 7 but there is no update on Michael Trevino next project. Hope we will get some news on Michael Trevino new movie soon. We expect Michael Trevino new role in some TV show or movie should be different from Tyler Lockwood as audience is expecting something new now.

Michael Trevino Love Affairs, Girlfriend, Dating

Michael Trevino is very open minded and takes the life as it comes. Actor Michael Trevino love affairs or bonding with co-stars is already in rumours. One never heard something like Michael Trevino controversy. He is very calm person but in childhood he suffered from depression and anxiety. Michael Trevino love life has ups and downs. Girlfriend of actor Tyler Lockwood aka Michael Trevino was Jenna Ushkowitz.

People can find Michael Trevino girlfriend history easily on internet as she is also a popular actress and she is 28 years. Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz relationship lasted only for 3 years. People can read Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz tweets on twitter very easily. Before their breakup, there was a rumour that Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz are engaged. By seeing the chemistry between the couple, few people started saying that Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz are married.

After Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz breakup, every rumour was cleared, they both started dating in 2011 and they dated for 3 years and broke up in 2014. As he will leave the vampire diaries after season 6, we hope that we will see Michael Trevino and Candice Accola movie soon as the finale of the show is releasing soon. May be on screen, Michael Trevino and Katrina graham are supernatural killers but off screen they are working to make the world a better place, in fact, in a fundraiser ceremony they both were recognised for their deep commitment to improving social change.

Michael Trevino Latest Buzz, Marriage

Michael Trevino latest news is that Bullet Media decided to group Michael Trevino and Steven Mc. Queen on his new show Chicago Fire. Ian Somerhalder [cast of vampire diaries] says that he saw Michael Trevino and Nina Dobrev kissing and so is the reason of break up with Jenna Ushkowitz as she also said that Michael Trevino dating Nina Dobrev. It has become a habit for Nina Dobrev dating her co- stars. The pictures of Nina Dobrev and Michael Trevino bowling on Instagram show how close they are and it prove Michael Trevino Affair with Nina Dobrev.

However Michael Trevino wedding date is not decided yet. We hope actor Michael Trevino gets married soon and hope Michael Trevino wife name be Nina Dobrev as they both look perfect and we think that Michael is not in any position of another breakup. It will be a big surprise to know who would be the wife of actor Michael Trevino. It’s been already decided that Michael Trevino leaves vampire diaries after season 7, hope we will see him soon with Nina Dobrev in any other show or movie.