Sandeep Anand Wife Photos, Wedding Pictures, Father, FIR Billu Images, Girlfriend, New ShowGetting a break in acting is no easy task. Although the number of shows being aired has increased but so has the number of aspiring actors. It has been especially difficult for these aspirants to claw their way into a show as a permanent. But it can happen at any time and this means hope must not be lost. The “FIR” TV serial actor Sandeep Anand biography is a story that proves this. He has not been seen in many TV shows but the one in which he is acting has won many hearts. He is performing well and has already got people talking about his marvelous performances. We will take a look at his personal life to understand his journey better. He has a Twitter account which he has announced is originally the only social platform account that is being handled by him. The “FIR” Serial Billu real name has made quiet the new after people started noticing him. The comedian cum actor is having the time of his life right now.

Sandeep Anand Age, Family, Wiki

The family background mentions that the parents of the actor are Punjabi by heritage. Due to his father’s transferable job they used to move a lot which helped him many places. The age of the man is nearing 30. His height is 5 feet 6 inches approximately and his eye color is brown. His date of birth should be in the year 1985. In 1994 he moved to Ujjain where his grandparents stay and completed his education from there.

After his college he wanted to National School of Drama but that didn’t pan out too well. However he was a student at Kalidasa Academy where he performed in many theatres. Sandeep Anand wiki also mentions that he had directed two Greek plays and is fluent in 10 languages that include Punjabi, Urdu, Greek and Sanskrit.

Sandeep Anand TV Shows

The first TV show that he has worked in is ‘Sun Yaar Chill Maar’ for UTV. The man Sandeep Anand as Billu has already been recognized by his fan base. However he had started off in the TV world with his first commercial. The actors Sandeep Anand and Gopi Bhalla are the ones who has done maximum episodes on the cult show ‘FIR’. The show had to take a 20 year leap when Kavita Kaushik who played the role of ‘Chandramukhi Chautala’ left the show.

The real name of Billu in FIR can also be seen in one of his other TV serials. He plays the role of a comedian and has bonded well with the TV actors. The actor has also bagged a role in the popular sitcom ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ where he played the role of Angoori Devi’s brother. Sandeep Anand actor profile has turned out to be quite strong and hopefully we will get to see him in Bollywood films as well.

The man Sandeep Anand as ‘Betaal’ is seen in another show called ‘Betaal aur Sinhaasan Battisi’. There are rumors that he may be seen in a movie that has veteran actor Mahesh Manjrekar in it. He has also done a cameo role in ‘May I Come in Madam’ serial. Through these projects he got to share screen space with a lot of seasoned actors like even Rohitash Gaud. Sandeep Anand and Sapna Sikarwar chemistry in the show ‘May I Come in Madam’ is amazing where the latter plays the role of ‘Kashmira’.

Sandeep Anand Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

Being a private person the actor does not indulge much into the details of his love affairs. It is yet unknown if the actor is dating anyone or has experienced romantic relationships in the past or not. However thinking from a different perspective it is quite impossible to think that such a talented man will not at least have a girlfriend.

Sandeep Anand as Billu love life has never been the highlight of the news he makes and hence has also never landed in any kind of dirty controversy. The actor is not married and a wedding may well be in the cards in the near future. The wife of Sandeep Anand will be a very lucky woman that day.

Sandeep Anand Best Comic Scenes

The character of FIR Billu has been well lauded. It has some of the best comedy scenes which can be viewed in YouTube. The latest news on the actor is that he has revealed how he got the character. The interesting fact is that he was doing cameo roles in the show but did not want to be labeled as someone who only did cameo roles hence he decided to quit the show but instead he got lucky as two days later he was offered a permanent role of a police constable in the very show!

Sandeep Anand New Show, Latest Buzz

The comedian actor Sandeep Anand new show ‘May I Come in Madam?’ has also gained momentum though it is still on its first season. Many people keep going back to search FIR ‘Billu bhula’ for more laughs as his character in the show is very forgetful and that is the context of his comedy. The FIR ‘Billu bhulakkad’ has a lot of content that is deemed as some of the best dialogues in the show. This matter was also discussed in ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ where the actor had visited to promote his character as well as show.

Sandeep Anand net worth has been rising with each show. Although he has not announced any upcoming TV serials but we are sure that there is bound to be something in the pipeline. Many people have struggled very hard to get their dreams to come true and Sandeep was one of them. He says he is scared of ghosts and has to sleep with the lights and TV on in order to get a good night’s sleep yet he is the one playing the role of a ghost. Life is weird and dreams come true in even weirder ways.