Sudesh Lehri Wife Pics, Real Wife Name, Family, Daughter Photos, BilloThe most talented personality Sudesh Lehri is an Indian stand-up comedian, film and television actor. He is known for his best comedy in various shows of comedy show. Here one can read stand-up comedian Sudesh Lehri biography in detail. He participated in the 2007 comedy show. He appeared in Punjab and Hindi movies. In the Indian comedy world he has been known for his brilliant performances in comedy shows like “The Great India Laughter Challenge III” and “Comedy Circus”. The biography of Indian comedian Sudesh Lehri will tell you more about Sudesh Lehri family background, personal life and career. He and Krushna Abhishek has worked alongside, one can see Sudesh Lehri and Krishna Abhishek best performance in comedy circus.

Sudesh Lehri Age, Family, Wiki

Born in Hindu family in Punjab, Sudesh Lehri date of birth is October 27, 1968. This tells that Comedian Sudesh Lehri age is 46 years. Sudesh Lehri height is 5’6”. Sudesh Lehri personal life is totally opposite to his career. He was born in Jalandhar Punjab and later on his family moved to Amritsar. He was born in middle class family and childhood days were spent in poverty. He has two siblings, one brother and one sister.

He has been through a lot of hardships and struggle. His life history is quite inspiring for youth. It makes people believe that you do not have to be born with a silver spoon to make it big in life; it’s your hard work that helps you to be successful. He learnt the work of gold from his father as his father was a goldsmith. If one talk about Sudesh Lehri education, he is uneducated due to family’s financial condition.

Sudesh Lehri salary was one rupee a day when he worked in a tea shop in his childhood days. Later on he started he started doing stage shows and after that there was no looking back. His inborn talent of comedy has taken him places and he is quite successful now. Comedian Sudesh Lehri wiki will tell you only about his movies and his comedy shows. Sudesh Lehri first performance on television was on the comedy show. People can find easily about comedian Sudesh Lehri bio data on the internet.

Comedian Sudesh Lehri First Movie, Comedy Shows

Since childhood Sudesh Lehri has done various stage shows as stand up comedian. Sudesh Lehri first comedy show was The Great India Laughter Challenge III in 2007. Sudesh Lehri first movie was a Punjabi movie Wagah in 2007. One can see the tremendous job done by Sudesh Lehri in “Laughter Challenge”. Sudesh Lehri comedy shows started in 2007 and it is going till now.

Sudesh Lehri TV shows are “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” (2007), “Dekh India Dekh, Comedy Circus 2”, “Comedy Circus 3 Ka Tadka”, “Maha Sangram”, “Comedy Circus Ke SuperStars”, “Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo”, “Comedy Circus Ke Taansen”, “Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur”, “Kahani Comedy Circus Ki”, “Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe”, “Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali” (2013-2014) and “Comedy Classes” (October 2014-present). One can search for Sudesh Lehri photos on internet.

Comedian Sudesh Lehri as Various Characters

Sudesh Lehri comedy in “Ready” movie is a must watch. Comedy of Sudesh Lehri in Jai ho forced people again to watch movie. The performance of Sudesh Lehri as Jagjit Singh and Sudesh Lehri as Yash Chopra is tremendous. One must watch the act of Sudesh Lehri as Sohail Khan as he did the mimicry in front of him and it was mid blowing and Sudesh Lehri as ACP Pradyuman in comedy circus.

When he participated in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge III, people started seeing Sudesh Lehri as Laughter Challenge Winner but he was second runner up. He has acted in various other TV shows like one see Sudesh Lehri in India’s Got Talent. Both acted together, Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lehri in Dekh India Dekh and the performance was awesome One can see Sudesh Lehri in comedy nights with Kapil which depicts that relations of Sudesh Lehri and Kapil Sharma as friends are very good. People has praised Sudesh Lehri movies like “Ready”, “Jai Ho” and Punjabi movies like “Billo” & “Main Thappar Marna Tere”.

Comedian Sudesh Lehri Latest Buzz

Recently he is working as a comedian in show Comedy Classes but there is no update Sudesh Lehri new show. May be he has earned so much fame in so less time that he wants take a hault in his life, that’s why there is no such news about Sudesh Lehri new movie or Sudesh Lehri next film.

He started working in comedy shows in 2007 and till today one never heard something like Sudesh Lehri controversy or Sudesh Lehri has some fight with someone. We hope that he hear soon something about Sudesh Lehri latest news and Sudesh Lehri upcoming movies and hope to see some different acts apart from Sudesh Lehri in “Mental”.

Sudesh Lehri Love Life, Marriage, Wife

Sudesh Lehri is a great comedian. Sudesh Lehri and Krishna Abhishek has done various comedy shows and in those shows, whenever an act demands for a female co-actor, Krishna Abhishek did the part of wife and the name he choose is Billo Lehri. There is never news heard about comedian Sudesh Lehri love life. There is nothing available on internet related to Sudesh Lehri wedding pics which makes people in confusion that is Comedian Sudesh Lehri married.

In every act of comedy circus, Sudesh Lehri wife name is always Billo Lehri. Sudesh Lehri wife name is Mamta. Sudesh Lehri wife pics are not available but you can see few pics of Sudesh Lehri children with him. Krishna Abhishek as Sudesh Lehri wife Billo has done a good job in comedy circus.

Sudesh Lehri with his wife was never seen on screen, reason may be he wants to put his professional and real life separately or one can that no one has seen comedian Sudesh Lehri real wife. Krishna Abhishek as Billo Lehri must feel proud being wife of Indian comedian Sudesh Lehri on screen and we pray that Sudesh Lehri Billo Lehri relationship should remain good so that we can see shows of them.