Elli Avram Age, Hot Photos in Saree, Upcoming Movies, BoyfriendElisabet Avramidou Granlund or better known as Elli Avram (as Elli Avram full name is lesser known) is a Sweden born actress and model and this biography of actress Elli Avram will discuss that how she became a popular star in Bollywood. It is pretty easy to talk about actress Elli Avram biography as she is a famous personality and most people already know about her. Although Elli Avram movies in Bollywood have been very few, but she received a lot of attention when she appeared as Elli Avram in “Bigg Boss” 7, a TV reality show. One can easily find Elli Avram hot pics on the web but as far as Elli Avram family background is concerned, very few people have any clues about it. But this biography by Youth Developers will cover details about Elli Avram personal life and her professional career as well.

Elli Avram Age, Family, Personal Details

Born in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, Elli Avram nationality is Swedish but she has always been fascinated by the Indian culture. Born in the year 1990, Elli Avram date of birth is 29th July and so, actress Elli Avram age is only 24 years. Elli Avram height is one of her major assets as she has a lean body to go with it and the same can be seen through hot Elli Avram photos.

As actress Elli Avram wiki would confirm, Elli Avram education has always been more into developing co-curricular aspects such as skating, dancing, etc. This was mainly because both Elli Avram parents belong to the Swedish film industry. Her mother is a Swedish Actress and her father is a musician.

Actress Elli Avram Movies, Songs

At the young age of 17, Elli Avram first movie released which was a Swedish crime-love story. After that, she appeared in one more TV series based on the Swedish television only. However, in the year 2012, she moved to Mumbai and started looking for Elli Avram tv shows. During her modelling period, Elli Avram bikini wallpapers became very famous and her fans started looking for Elli Avram songs and movies.

It was in the year 2013, she got her major breakthrough when she appeared in a Hindi film and soon got searches for “Mickey Virus” actress name. At that time, many people believed that Elli Avram looks like Katrina Kaif and so the two girls could be related. Some said that Elli Avram Katrina Kaif sisters but this is not the case. The two share only some resemblance. Apart from Katrina Kaif, she also tends to have some similarity of looks with TV actress Shweta Tripathi.

After her first Hindi film, Elli Avram “Mickey Virus” songs got really famous and her fans started to wait for Elli Avram new movie. Especially Elli Avram “Habibi” song received so much appreciation from the viewers as she danced really well in that song. The fame of Elli Avram in “Mickey Virus” gave rise to her participation in the TV reality show, “Big Boss 7”. Although she didn’t win the show, but Elli Avram “Bigg Boss” finale performance is as memorable as the entire season. Elli Avram and Gauhar Khan dance performance during one of the episodes on the show was also loved by their fans.

Actress Elli Avram New Movie

As per Elli Avram latest news, she will soon be appearing in another Bollywood film and her fans are desperate to see Elli Avram in “Kis Kisko Pyar Karun”. Also, Elli Avram and Kapil Sharma movie is also taking a huge popularity amongst the media. For the same purpose, Elli Avram in “Comedy Nights with Kapil” also came to promote her film.
Apart from various popular stints that she has in the industry, she received a huge amount of acclaim with Elli Avram and Salman Khan Dance performance and it is expected that of all Elli Avram upcoming movies, one is expected to be Elli Avram and Salman Khan film.

Including all her works, Elli Avram new songs are much awaited and Elli Avram belly dance is also very famous. It is expected that Elli Avram awards will soon come in her kitty, Elli Avram new album will surely earn her some great accolades. Elli Avram net worth is a pretty impressive number as of now. Now, this was all for “Kis Kisko Pyar Karun” actress Elli Avram bio data and to know more about her personal life and Elli Avram relationships, read on the next segment of this biography.

Personal Life of Elli Avram

Being a celebrity now, Elli Avram love affairs rumours are pretty common. Also, given as beautiful as she is, actress Elli Avram love life is very intriguing to her fans and thousands of boys are dying to be boyfriend of actress Elli Avram. But in the real life, Elli Avram boyfriend is a mystery man as nothing is known about him.
During the run of “Bigg Boss &”, several rumours were made about Elli Avram Salman Khan marriage and also that Elli Avram Salman Khan were dating.

However, these gossips were later denied by both and Elli Avram dating life has been kept very secretive again. As far as actress Elli Avram marriage is concerned, it is believed that husband of actress Elli Avram would be a lucky man and that whenever the news about Elli Avram wedding date comes out, her fans would want to know about her husband more than just Elli Avram husband name.