Hashim Amla Batting Profile, Married, Images, FamilyThe South African cricketer Hashim Amla is a right-handed top-order batsman. He is remembered for playing at number 3 in test matches for South Africa. He was appointed as a captain at the age of 21 for the under 19-cricket world cup in New Zealand. He became the first of his kind earning a triple century at test matches. For those who are interested in knowing Hashim Amla cricketer profile can look further in the biography. The cricket followers are looking for Hashim Amla world cup 2015 record is a hope that he will achieve huge. He is regarded as the best batsman that doesn’t mean we are questioning Hashim Amla best fielding practices. Some of the fans visualize Hashim Amla vs Virat Kohli as both are captains of their respective cricket teams.

Cricketer Hashim Amla Age, Family

Born at Durban, Natal Hashim Amla date of birth is 31st March 1983. This reveals cricketer Hashim Amla age to be 31 years. The cricketers more concentrate on their physical fitness, Hashim Amla height and weight is that of a perfect cricketer. From Hashim Amla wiki one can draw conclusion about his bating and bowling statistics.

Although Hashim Amla nationality is South African, his parents are of Indian origin, they hailed from Gujarat, India to South Africa. Guessing Hashim Amla birthplace by his name depicts that he belongs to Muslim Community, but he was born and raised in South Africa. There are very interesting facts about Hashim Amla personal life known in the biography of batsman Hashim Amla let’s look upon it. The traditional Muslim family that follow rituals strictly describes Hashim Amla family background gracefully.

Hashim Amla Career Stats

Hashim Amla debut match was against KwaZulu Natal Dolphins which is a provincial team. He was appointed as captain for Dolphins in the year 2004-2005. Though there are many cricketers performed very well at test matches especially from India, names of such players are MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Virender Sehwag. The astounded Hashim Amla cricketer Bayan in favour of Islam that his teachings have staunch people around the world.

It is said that Hashim Amla first class debut was made two seasons after his brother Ahmed Amla who is also a SA cricketer. The most important Hashim Amla debut score gave a magical start to his career. There are many ways of knowing Hashim Amla IPL stats, one is to install cricket mobile app for instant updates on cricket live matches.

One can hunt for Hashim Amla batting average on cricket informational blogs and websites. It is hard to create a world record in cricket; Hashim Amla world record astonished his followers. Some news channel reported Hashim Amla vs. Sachin Tendulkar, there is no such comparison lies between them apart from the fact they are the higher scorers in Test matches and ODIs.

Hashim Amla Batting Records

The facts about Hashim Amla matches are known on internet and are the motivational for cricket aspirants. Though Hashim Amla batting records has not broken the cricket god Sachin Tendulkar’s records but he is more successful and has more career time to play for his country. He is regarded as the medium-pace bowler. He has stamped his name in the cricket history for scoring 1000 runs in Test matches and ODIs in the same year 2010 depicts South African cricketer Hashim Amla biography. There is tag Hashim Amla 311 after scoring 311 runs not out in 2012 versus England.

Hashim Amla Centuries

There is no competitor of young and talented in South Africa playing like Hashim Amla ODI centuries, we wish his son would become a second Hashim Amla that brings accolades for his country. The cricket followers looking for Hashim Amla career stats can be found on Google with details of his bowling and batting averages. For more Hashim Amla latest news and gossips stay tuned with this article.

The cricketer’s career pick up the height after hitting a century, Hashim Amla fastest century has covered the most part of media. To all South Africans is Hashim Amla favourite batsman whose technique has earned him maximum runs. There is required for a cricketer to break Hashim Amla test matches record which as earned him fame but he is intensely shy person and keeps away from media and lime light.

Hashim Amla Marriage

Achieving fame is not everyone’s cup of tea, cricketer Hashim Amla biography reveals his love story, marriage and children. The people often ponder is Hashim Amla married? He is a true Muslim and follows his religion strictly. By knowing Hashim Amla wife name confirms that he is married.

The traditional Hashim Amla marriage makes stand out as he is a keen follower of Islamic, offer prayers five times a day and never drinks. He is often recognised as man of character. One can draw an image of cricketer in its mind by looking at Hashim Amla images. Hashim Amla wedding pics are also not widely available as it was a private Muslim wedding.

Hashim Amla Wife, Children

Hashim Amla Wife Pics, Wife Name, Pregnant, SonThere was a sure start in Hashim Amla love life, but he wanted to have stable life so got married first and then fallen in love. The rarer information about Hashim Amla wife age and profession seems that people found less interest in cricketer’s wife profile. At Sydney Airport, Hashim Amla with his wife and kids were spotted together returning from a family visit. Behind every successful man there lies a hand of his wife, cricketer Hashim Amla wife is his strength and the only love of his life.

The very supportive Hashim Amla wife Sumaiyah was seen one in ODI cheering husband and motivating him. The arranged marriages do have love stories, Hashim Amla Sumaiyah Amla love story. The curiosity of learning about the cricketer’s wife name and profession is often seen in fans, Hashim Amla wife pics with traditional burkhas was captured by media on Sydney Airport. The family comes first for Hashim Amla relationships as he missed a match just to meet his wife and the new born baby at Durban. There is no news of Hashim Amla dating before marriage.

Soon after marriage, Hashim Amla wife pregnant news covered the part of media and family ambience filled with joy after hearing Hashim Amla children news, rejoiced the members and grand party was thrown. It is hard to know about cricketer Hashim Amla wife profile as nothing much is known about her. One can conclude by wife of cricket player Hashim Amla is blessed by two healthy kids, the son and the daughter and woman of character who follows Islam strictly.

Hashim Amla Net Worth, Charity Work

Every cricketer becomes a celebrity after setting a benchmark in test matches, Hashim Amla who is the highest scorer South African in test matches. Hashim Amla net worth is 12826 USD. His match fees is quit high around 130 thousand ZAR. This reveals Hashim Amla salary, worth breathtaking.

Once he refused to promote a liquor brand castle in test match as it is against the teachings of Islam and gave his match fees worth 500$ to the charity. This embarks Hashim Amla charity work done from his heart. Refusing to wear a logo on his T-shirt had null effect on cricket career of Hashim Amla which seems to be promising in coming years. In 2013, Hashim was asked to become captain, as that time, due to slow overrate AB de Villiers left the captaincy. This added to South African cricketer Hashim Amla personal details in brief.

Hashim Amla Controversy

When a person is pin-pointed, its inner zeal gets hurt. But in case of Hashim Amla it was different. The news about Dean Jones calling Hashim Amla a terrorist hyped in media contributed to Hashim Amla controversy. Later on Dean Jones asked for a sorry for such a blame which had no meaning.

Hashim Amla IPL News

The biography covers Hashim Amla SA cricketer bio data from different perspectives of life. The fans are curious to know Hashim Amla plays for which IPL team; there is a huge wave of IPL matches in the whole world. But he refuses to play in IPL. So there is always a question will Hashim Amla play IPL 8, well that is a mystery. Since there is no news of Hashim Amla IPL contract signed. There are known Hashim Amla IPL records that have created a bunch of controversy.