Radhika Mukherjee Shaan Wife Wiki, Age, Images, ChildrenRadhika Mukherjee is the wife of the popular Indian singer, Shaan. It is often asked that what Shaan wife name is as she is not a Bollywood celebrity, but is often spotted with him at public events and Shaan wife pics with him speak of their love. While singer Shaan wife Radhika Mukherjee biography will talk about her early life and career, it would also speak of their marriage. The story of Shantanu Mukherjee Radhika Mukherjee is nothing less than a dream come true for the couple, and a major part of Radhika Mukherjee life story includes Shaan. Even though playback singer Shaan wife bio data is not much of a career thrill, her marriage with Shaan has made her quite a public figure. The same way, being the husband of Radhika Mukherjee has also brought attention to Shaan. This was once seen when an appearance was made by Radhika Mukherjee “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” season 6 when Shaan was a contestant in the show.

Radhika Mukherjee Personal Details

As publically she is known as Shaan’s wife Radhika Gujarati, she had her career back in the days when she started dating Shaan. However, little is known about Radhika Mukherjee family background, this is well known that she comes from a Gujarati family, and Radhika Mukherjee birthplace is assumed to be Gujarat. Apart from this, Shaan wife age is unknown as Radhika Mukherjee date of birth cannot be confirmed from any source. However, Radhika Mukherjee height is pretty nice as she was an air-hostess before she met Shaan.

Singer Shaan Wife Wiki

It can be hard to look out for Radhika Mukherjee personal details because not being a Bollywood celebrity; her particulars are less talked about. Since there does not exist Shaan wife wiki, there is no trace to look out for Radhika Mukherjee education and other details regarding Radhika Mukherjee profile. However, Shaan wife Radhika biography will throw some light on her pre-marriage Radhika Mukherjee profession and other details about her marriage with Shaan.

Radhika Mukherjee Career

Since Radhika Mukherjee personal life and her family background is a mystery, if there was Radhika Mukherjee wiki, we could have been much sure about her life. However, before Shaan married Radhika Mukherjee, she was an air hostess. As an ex-stewardess at Swiss Air, Radhika Mukherjee parents wanted to see her flourish in this career. But due to her pregnancy with her first son, Radhika Mukherjee first job as a stewardess had to be quit. On the other hand, Shaan has worked with several superstars in the industry including Alka Yagnik. He has also made a Bollywood debut in films with another singer Mika Singh.

Married life of Radhika and Shaan

Singer Shaan Radhika Mukherjee Photos, MarriageAlthough, wife of singer Shaan is almost 6 years younger to him and the two met when she was only 17, Shaan Radhika Mukherjee age difference was never an issue in their marriage. To all his fans, Shaan Radhika Mukherjee love story is nothing less than a fairytale as Radhika Mukherjee love affair with singer Shaan began just like a Bollywood movie.

It was then one could call him Radhika Mukherjee boyfriend, and ever since, the two have a loyal and joyful marriage. Over the years, Radhika Mukherjee marriage with Shaan has only got stronger with time. While Radhika Mukherjee husband name is quite well known in the industry ever since they met, it took a little while for Radhika to get accustomed with this lifestyle.

After 7 years of courtship, singer Shaan Radhika Mukherjee wedding date was finally announced and Radhika Mukherjee Shaan dating was turned to marriage when the couple got married in the year 2000. It was then that singer Shaan Radhika Mukherjee wedding photos went viral on the web.

Also, when Shaan wife photos were made public, many people assumed that she might be an actress or a model. But Radhika Mukherjee with her husband Shaan later revealed that she had nothing to do with the B-wood yet. It was hard to believe as Radhika Mukherjee images were quite similar to that of a model.

Radhika Mukherjee Husband, Children

On the other hand, Radhika Mukherjee husband pics were loved by fan girls as this handsome man was too handsome to be just a singer. However, his musical career is a great success and Radhika Mukherjee husband wiki will clearly state all the awards he has received in his 25 year long career. The couple is blessed with two kids, Soham and Shubh. It was when news of Shaan wife pregnant broke out and she quit her career.

However, Radhika Mukherjee children have a good upbringing and Radhika Mukherjee son name is Soham and Shubh. Until a few years after her first baby, the news of Radhika Mukherjee pregnant again came out and the couple was blessed with another son. Now popularly known as singer Shaan wife, she was also now the mother of two cute sons.

Radhika Mukherjee and Shaan Divorce Rumors

However, despite the amazing marriage that they have, they could not escape the clutches of media and Radhika Mukherjee Shaan divorce rumours were airing on the web and news channels. It was believed that Radhika Mukherjee divorce would be a major one in the industry; but the couple cleared the slate by denying all such false rumours. For more Radhika Mukherjee latest news, stay in touch with her Facebook and Twitter profile.