Alka Yagnik Husband, Daughter, Age, Family, Singer PhotosAlka Yagnik is an Indian playback singer and music producer who has done her share of work in Bollywood. To sum up in a few words, Alka Yagnik singer profile contains songs of all genres and she has excelled in each one of them. It would be hard to name a particular few Alka Yagnik super-hit songs as she has given super hits innumerably. However, even though more of her professional career is known, biography of Indian playback singer Alka Yagnik will also feature some details about her personal life. For those who can see her success, Alka Yagnik life story is nothing short of an inspiration. While talking about singer Alka Yagnik biography, it is needless to mention about her glorious career which has spanned over three decades. However, very little about Alka Yagnik personal life is known. As a result, this biography will highlight some of her personal details, her singing career in the Bollywood, and of course, instances of her personal life as well.

Singer Alka Yagnik Age

Born to an ordinary family in Kolkata, West Bengal, Alka Yagnik family background has a few glimpses of singers in the clan. She was born on 20th March, 1966, and so Alka Yagnik date of birth is considered to be a remarkable day in the history of Indian Cinema. Although, singer Alka Yagnik age is 50 years, but her music will live with us for many more decades to come. Several modern artists including Kailash Kher and Mohit Chauhan are often compared to the status that Alka Yagnik has held in the industry as a singer; however, she’ll always be the queen of our hearts.

Alka Yagnik Birthplace, Brother

She born in West Bengal, India and to answer the question that is Alka Yagnik Bengali, well, yes she is. With a career as glorious as hers, Alka Yagnik height and weight are just numbers and do not intrigue her fans. As Alka Yagnik wiki would suggest, Alka Yagnik education was completed in her native land of Bengal.

More about her family was revealed when Alka Yagnik and her brother came together for a duet song, “Dil Tha Yahan Abhi ABhi”. Not a lot of people know about Alka Yagnik brother name, which is Sameer Yagnik as he is not as famous a singer as Alka is. Also, many people assume that Alka Yagnik real name is not Alka but something else. However, there is no source to verify this, so we stick to what is known.

Alka Yagnik Singing Career

With what one call a terrific career, Alka Yagnik has sung over 2,484 Hindi Songs in around 1,114 films. The whole journey started with Alka Yagnik first song back in the year 1980 when she first gave her voice for the film “Payal Ki Jhankar”. It would be a shame to list Alka Yagnik top 10 songs out of all the profuse work she has done in the industry. One of her most successful songs was Alka Yagnik “Yeh Dil Aashiqana” song which was the hymn of the nation at a point of time. Not only people love Alka Yagnik sad songs, but her candid songs are equally loved by three generations of music lovers.

Although Alka Yagnik first film happened in the year 1980 but she got her big breakthrough with the evergreen song “Ek Do Teen” from the film “Tezaab” in the year 1988. Of all Alka Yagnik Hindi film songs, this one remains as the most loved dance number and still gets everybody grooving. With all the glorifying works she has done, it would be needless to say that playback singer Alka Yagnik bio data is not something one gets to see every day, as she is India’s 5th most prolific singers of all time.

Alka Yagnik Kumar Sanu Relationship, Songs

Talking about her works with other singers in the industry, she has done most of her duets with Udit Narayan and Kumar Sanu. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik hit songs list is so long that it would be hard to put it in numbers. The nation loved the duo and so did they love her works with Kumar Sanu. She and Kumar were loved so much so that people started believing their chemistry to be a real life one and started wondering that is Alka Yagnik married to Kumar Sanu? Well, no she is not. The rumours about Alka Yagnik husband Kumar Sanu went viral but the duo cleaned the air before it was too late. Anyhow, Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu live performances were completely sold out and the two make a great pair as singers.

Another beloved partnership of her was in Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam songs that were over the top in a particular era of Bollywood. Although Alka Yagnik brother album did not make the cut so much, but her works with mentioned music producers in the industry have always been deeply appreciated.

Singer Alka Yagnik Awards

In her almost 30 year long career, she has two Alka Yagnik national awards and innumerable other awards to her name including Alka Yagnik star screen awards, the Filmfare, Alka Yagnik Mirchi awards, and several others. However, it’s hard to tell that which was Alka Yagnik first award, but surely there’s no end to this list anytime soon.

Not only Alka Yagnik award winning songs were from the Bollywood, but she also did countless vernacular songs. These include Alka Yagnik Bengali film songs along with Alka Yagnik Nepali song that came as a huge surprise for her fans. Apart from the playback singing career, Alka Yagnik video songs featured in her independent albums were also greatly loved. With all kinds of works in the industry, it is hard to estimate Alka Yagnik net worth, but if it were measured by the number of her fans, she would one of the richest persons in the world.

Alka Yagnik Album Songs

As of now, her fans are looking forward to Alka Yagnik new album that would bring back the old days with some Alka Yagnik new songs. Currently, she is also featured as Alka Yagnik Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, a singing reality show that broadcasts on ZEE TV. The “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs” judge Alka Yagnik profile was very pleasing to the whole country, and so a well-deserved job too. Along with all the fame and money, there is also Alka Yagnik recording studio of her. As a matter of fact, since her fans love her original songs so much, there are very less Alka Yagnik remix songs that one could hear about.

Alka Yagnik Live Concerts

Of the top 10 best songs of Alka Yagnik, mostly are romantics but Alka Yagnik Cinderella song also made it to the list. After Alka Yagnik Australia tour, fans have been waiting for Alka Yagnik upcoming concerts, if any. Rejoicing the old love tales in Alka Yagnik live shows seems like a memory of the past now; however, if there happens any Alka Yagnik live concert now, pretty much it would be sold out. The recent Alka Yagnik concert UK was enough to prove that. However, no new Alka Yagnik tour dates have been revealed as yet. Any more information about this could be located from Alka Yagnik website and to follow her daily, look for Alka Yagnik blog which shall provide news about Alka Yagnik upcoming film project and also about her tours.

Alka Yagnik Marriage, Husband

Alka Yagnik Husband Name, Husband Photos, Neeraj Kumar ProfileThe news about Alka Yagnik love life has rather been much quieter as one would expect for someone with her popularity. There have been no rumours about Alka Yagnik love affairs apart from the ones with Kumar Sanu. However, many find this amusing and ponder that is Alka Yagnik married? Well, she is and Alka Yagnik husband name is Neeraj Kapoor. There is nothing exciting about Alka Yagnik Neeraj Kapoor love story as they were married back in 1989, but Alka Yagnik husband Neeraj Kapoor and her relationship with him has been so strong over the years.

Even though Alka Yagnik Neeraj Kapoor age difference was quite talked about in the days they were initially married, the more prominent was the distance between the two. Given the fact that husband of Alka Yagnik is a busy businessman and she is a busy singer, the two lived in separate cities for most time of their marriage. This is why there are practically no Alka Yagnik husband photos as he is an introvert man and does not like to be a public figure. However, if you’re lucky, you might find a few of Alka Yagnik wedding photos on the web. The couple was married in February, 1989 but exact Alka Yagnik wedding date is unknown.

The couple has a daughter and Alka Yagnik daughter name is Syesha Kapoor and against the contrary reports, she has no son and this is why, Alka Yagnik son name is inexistent. However, Alka Yagnik daughter pics can be found on the web and since, Alka Yagnik daughter age is 24 years, she is still young and pretty. No news about Alka Yagnik daughter wedding have been out as of now.