Sania Mirza Shoaib Malik Marriage PhotosSania Mirza is a professional and popular Indian tennis player with the highest rank in the nation. She has a huge number of people adoring her exemplary talent and skills in the sports. Sania Mirza got married to popular Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and they are one of the most successful sports couple in the world. Sania Mirza husband name Shoaib Malik is widely known to all in sports. He was also the former captain if his nation and has had a very bright career so far. The talented cricketer is blessed with rugged countenance and hunky physique and is the popular choice of many female fans. No wonder most of female cricket fans of his nation dye to catch the glimpse of Sania Mirza husband photos and learn about Sania Mirza husband Shoaib Malik biography. The celebrity couple has excelled in their respective careers and is still growing to traverse to the zenith.

Cricketer Shoaib Malik Age and Personal Details

Shoaib Malik is a professional Pakistani tennis player and has led to humongous success to his national team. He was born in Sialkot in Pakistan. Shoaib Malik date of birth is February 1st, 1982. Sania Mirza husband age and profession is 32 years currently and cricket being his profession he has risen to feat within a short span. Shoaib Malik height is 1.82 m and Shoaib Malik nationality is Pakistani and is a staunch follower of his religion.

Shoaib Malik family background is a simple and well-established Pakistani Muslim family. They wanted him to take up studies seriously but the cricketer always had a deep inclination for the game. He started playing cricket from early childhood days and initially started with street cricket. He later made his way to domestic and international cricket and raised toasts for his nation.

Shoaib Malik is currently the captain of Sialkot Stallions and has won many elite titles and rewards in sports. His professional life is as astounding as his personal life. The biography of Sania Mirza husband Shoaib Malik talks about his cricket career and juicy personal life entailing some captivating controversies.

Sania Mirza Husband Shoaib Malik Wiki

Shoaib Malik started playing tape-ball cricket when he has a child and embarked in his career seriously around 1993-1994. Shoaib Malik wiki talks about Shoaib Malik records and his professional advancement. He used to attend Imran khan’s cricket coaching in Sialkot and started off as a batsman. In the year 1999 he was selected for the trials for under-19 World Cup and also made through in the squad for bowling. This was apparently Shoaib Malik first cricket match. He has been fostered by everyone to try off-spin and practice bowling. Shoaib Malik ODI debut was against West Indies in the year 1999.

Shoaib Malik test debut was in the year 2001 against Bangladesh and had bagged more than 100 ODI wickets in this series. He had been anointed with the 2nd rank after Shahid Afridi in the much prestigious ODI all-rounder cricket rankings in the year 2008. Sania Mirza husband profile and Sania Mirza husband wiki is graced by many such prestigious achievements and He has received many august acclamations. His career has witnessed quite a few rough times but at the end of the day he is one the most celebrated players in the world like Alastair Cook, Joe Root, etc.

Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik Career

Shoaib Malik embarked on his professional cricket career in 1999 and played in the international ODI matches. He had started as an off-spinner but later emerged as an all-rounder with exemplary both batting and bowling skills. Shoaib Malik first ODI century witnessed his excellence and he battled at five positions with unusual batting record. He has been the opener in many test and ODI matches. Shoaib Malik first test century marked the panache of his career opening in ODI and he made a deep impression with his playing style. In the year 2006 he played a match-saving innings in which he batted continuously till the end of the match and made 148 runs against team Sri Lanka.

Besides, Shoaib Malik vs Tino Best in the prestigious and much talked about “Carribbean Premier League” of year 2014 was also quite an interesting match that kept spectators glued to the game. Shoaib Malik is capable of playing both defensive and aggressive and can turn the match to his team’s favor. Shoaib Malik net worth is among the high paid cricketers. However recently his game has degraded and on international platform he has had 4 tours between the year 2001-2006 and secured some 98 runs with an average of 8.16. His captaincy also lasted for 2 years and he had been regarded as an aloof and loner which were not suitable for a team captain. His lack of communication was the major reason to step him down from captaincy.

Shoaib Malik controversy spiraled up in his cricket career owing to his loner attitude. He had also been banned from his national team by PCB for infighting within his team. The further matches also witnessed his career downfall and his poor performance finally dropped him off the ground. It is known from Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik biography that he is currently the captain of Sialkot Stallions. During this he has secured a record of 7 domestic T-20 elite titles with the latest one bagged in 2012 April.

Shoaib Malik Personal Life and First Marriage

Shoaib Malik has had a versatile cricket experience facing both the brighter and darker sides of his sports career. However, real controversies mostly entailed about Shoaib Malik personal life and Shoaib Malik love life. In the year 2008 it was reported by media in Pakistan that the popular cricketer had married a lady from Hyderabad in India. Shoaib Malik wife name was Ayesha Siddiqui and he got married on June 3rd, 2002.

However Shoaib Malik denied such allegations and people became dubious about Malik’s marriage and hence wondered is Shoaib Malik married. Thus Shoaib Malik first marriage became a huge controversy and Shoaib Malik first wife was taken aback by the whole issue. The cricket denied on the basis of lack of consensus that the two families had and hence Shoaib Malik love affairs with Ayesha did not lead to marriage. But much to everyone’s shock Shoaib Malik wife Ayesha Siddiqui produced their marriage certificate in the year 2010.

On April 7th, 2010 Shoaib Malik split with Ayesha Siddiqui was conformed and they got officially divorced. Though Shoaib Malik Ayesha Siddiqui divorce reason was not much known but the marriage never created any media stir until it reached divorce. Malik’s second marriage with tennis player Sania Mirza seems to have been the destined.

Sania Mirza Husband Shoaib Malik Love Tale and Marriage

Malik’s first marriage did not work and it end miserably on a very sad note. Around the year 2012 there were rumors and news airing up about Shoaib Malik girlfriend Sania Mirza. Cricketer Shoaib Malik personal details reveal that they fell in love and eventually decided to get married. Shoaib Malik Sania Mirza love story blossomed and inspite of Shoaib Malik Sania Mirza age difference of some 5 years did not matter to the couple. Shoaib Malik wife Sania Mirza is highest ranked Indian tennis player now. They got married in an Islamic ceremony at the elegant Taj Krishna hotel located in Hyderabd in India.

The wedding entailed Pakistani marriage customs and traditions. Shoaib Malik wedding date is April 12th, 2010 and a ceremony was held in Lahore, Paskistan too. Shoaib Malik marriage pics and Shoaib Malik wife profile and pics are available on internet. The couple has completed two years of their happy married life and is growing in their career too. Very recently there some rumored news about Shoaib Malik wife pregnant and Shoaib Malik children. However much to the dismay of their fans Shoaib Malik with his wife Sania has denied these rumors and has claimed it completely untrue. We still hope that the couple soon gets blessed with charming little prince and princess very soon.