Actress Neetu Chandra Wiki, Pantyless Images, Husband, WeddingNeetu Chandra is an Indian actress, model and also a martial artist. She has done several films in the Bollywood, but mainly her career has been established in the Tami film industry. This is why Neetu Chandra actress profile is so diverse and vivid. She is the former girlfriend of popular Indian actor, Randeep Hooda. So, while writing Randeep Hooda girlfriend Neetu Chandra biography, a major part will be focusing on their relationship. Apart from that, actress Neetu Chandra biography will cover her personal details and her professional career. However, Randeep Hooda girlfriend wiki says a little less about her, we’re going to throw some light on everything that needs to be known.

Actress Neetu Chandra Age, Personal Details

While Neetu Chandra hot images will speak a lot about her figure, they won’t say about Neetu Chandra family background. She was born in Patna, Bihar, and that being her birthplace, her native language is Bhojpuri. She was born in the year 1984 and Neetu Chandra date of birth is 20th June which makes Neetu Chandra age approximately 30 years. Having been a model, Neetu Chandra height is one of her assets and to keep her fabulous body in shape, looks like Neetu Chandra diet plan has been working out really well for her.

Born and brought up in Patna, Neetu Chandra education was carried out there, and then later in Delhi. As for her family, she credits all her success to her mother and Neetu Chandra wiki will straight away confirm that.
At a recent event of Neetu Chandra brother engagement in the family, Neetu Chandra brother name was confused as to who is the groom. This is because she has two brothers and Abhishek Chandra was the one who got engaged. There is more to the biography of actress Neetu Chandra, and we shall discuss her career as well.

Actress Neetu Chandra Wiki, Career

Actress Neetu Chandra appeared in a theatre show in the initial days of her career and posed as Neetu Chandra “Umrao Jaan”, the title lead in the show. However, critics said that even though she was strong on the stage, she did not have the spark to be an actress. Later that year she undertook various photo shoots which later became Neetu Chandra hot wallpapers and she was a spicy hot girl to be on the desktop of her fans.

While Neetu Chandra biography talks about her past works, it also talks about Neetu Chandra new movie that is supposed to release at the box office real soon. However, it is unknown that whether Neetu Chandra next movie will be a Hindi film or a Tamil one. Her other works include fitness videos and one of which showcases Neetu Chandra hot yoga poses, which was a delight for the watchers. Apart from that, Neetu Chandra Saree photos will also reveal her sexy body and fitness secrets.

Actress Neetu Chandra Filmography

Neetu began her modelling career in 2005, and since then she has worked distinctly in various films and ads. While the list of Neetu Chandra movies in Bollywood is short and sweet, Indian film actress Neetu Chandra bio-data consists of lots of Tamil and Bhojpuri films, industries where she is a big star. She took her first assignment as an air-hostess in “Garam Masala” starring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham; Neetu Chandra first film was a massive success though she played only a small role in the film. While Neetu Chandra first movie in Bollywood did not feature her more, her first Telugu film “Godavari” that released in 2006 was a huge success.

With the twist of fate, it once appeared that Neetu Chandra and Shahrukh Khan could co-cast in the film called “Chak De India”. But later the idea of Neetu Chandra in “Chak De India” was dropped and Vidya Malvade replaced her. After Neetu Chandra Bollywood debut, this could have been one of her great breakthroughs. Nevertheless, Neetu Chandra net worth is not that good as it could have been, had she been a Bollywood actress.

Neetu Chandra in Manam Movie

In 2013, Neetu Chandra and Jayam Ravi chemistry brought the screen to flames through their movie “Ameerin Aadhi Bhaghvan”. The film was a massive hit at the Tamil film industry. Those from Bollywood often looked for Neetu Chandra Jayam Ravi movie name as it had gained a lot of attention. This implied that the pathway of Neetu Chandra Tamil movies had opened and she is a loved star there. In 2014, the cameo of Neetu Chandra in “Manam” movie was also appreciated.

Neetu Chandra in Controversy

It is not surprising that a struggling actress is prone to controversy, and the incident where actress Neetu Chandra miffed with Chetan Bhagat is good enough to prove it. While Neetu Chandra and Chetan Bhagat news made it to the social media, what ignited Neetu Chandra controversy was her reaction on the novel “Half Girlfriend” by Bhagat.
Another controversy with her was Neetu Chandra panty-less act to which the actress denied completely. One more incident was when Sunny Leone kisses Neetu Chandra in a playful manner in front of the press. It looks like Neetu Chandra personal life is not a personal matter so much.

At some events, she was also spotted with Ayesha Takia, but their alleged friendship ended soon. Well, for those who are her fans, Neetu Chandra latest news will always be round the corner for you. Your other options are to visit Neetu Chandra official website and her blog as well for latest updates about Neetu Chandra upcoming movies and other aspects of her life.

Neetu Chandra Randeep Hooda Relationship

Neetu Chandra Randeep Hooda Relationship, Affair, Boyfriend, Dating, BreakupThe news about Neetu Chandra Randeep Hooda relationship broke out in the year 2010. Ever since people have been looking for Neetu Chandra boyfriend name in the Southern industry because Neetu Chandra boyfriend is a Hindi film actor. Even though Neetu Chandra love affairs have always made it to the news, being Randeep Hooda girlfriend was a stable relationship for her and Neetu Chandra love life was finally left alone. And those who are not fans of Tamil industry looked for Randeep Hooda girlfriend name.

The news about Neetu Chandra dating Randeep Hooda was a big enough surprise for their fans, and the rumours about Randeep Hooda Neetu Chandra marriage soon came over the air. Just when the search about Randeep Hooda girlfriend pics was starting to begin, the news about Neetu Chandra split with Randeep Hooda came out in the year 2013. It was then that Randeep Hooda did not like to be called boyfriend of Neetu Chandra as the two had already parted ways. However Randeep Hooda Neetu Chandra breakup reason was kept a secret business.

After this, the gossip that is Neetu Chandra married or not was seen in the news. However, also came along the talk that is Randeep Hooda snubbing Neetu Chandra. Well, none of that is happening and when there is Neetu Chandra wedding date, we would be the firsts to know. Till then, all the gossips about Neetu Chandra relationships and actress Neetu Chandra husband must be left at a standstill. But we are sure that husband of Neetu Chandra would be as stunning as she looks.