Pranay Chulet Age, Wiki, Wife, Marriage, ProfileQuikr is an amazing website. It is India’s largest online and mobile classifies portal. It is one of the cheapest and best ways to sell something or to buy second hand products online. It is the best way to advertise your product. Quikr founder name is Pranay Chulet. He is an extremely knowledgeable personality. He had embarked on the notion behind this fantastic website and has taken it to glorious heights and fame. He is a young and dynamic business executive who always thinks positive in everything. His qualities and traits are impressive and he has an innovative approach towards business. Quikr founder Pranay Chulet biography is truly encouraging with his prolific personality. Many elite founders like Jan Koum, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, etc.; have epitomized brilliance with their ideas and quite Pranay Chulet, the owner of Quikr has also raised the bars of business ideas.

Quikr Founder Pranay Chulet Age, Personal Details

Pray chulet is a dynamic business leader. Pranay Chulet date of birth is still not known. Pranay Chulet birthplace is Rajasthan. Pranay Chulet age is 40 years currently. Prany Chulet date of birth is not given. Just year is mentioned as 1964. Pranay Chulet nationality is Indian. He did his schooling from kendriya vidyalya in Rajasthan.

Pranay Chulet education details are enough to tell about his qualification and knowledge. He took admission in Indian institute of technology Delhi and holds undergraduate degree as a chemical engineer in 1992. After completing his graduation, he went to Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Just after completing MBA, he joined P&G. The business entrepreneur has created a milestone with his passion and ideas and has woven a fantabulous ambience with his leadership and business skills.

Pranay Chulet family background has been very encouraging and supportive and has helped him give shape to his ideas and thoughts. He hailed from a very small town but he completed his education from best institutes of India. He has emerged as one of the most promising entrepreneurs of our nation his success story has become an inspiration for all. And in 2008, he has churned media headlines as who is the founder of Quikr. People want to know about Quikr CEO Pranay Chulet personal details.

Quikr Founder Pranay Chulet Wiki

Quikrr founder Pranay Chulet had started with a small platform and later transformed into a business magnet. Quikr founder wiki is an inspiration for all entrepreneurs to face the most difficult challenges in life and emerge a successful business figure. He joined his first firm in a brand management position. He went to US and worked in search lab for two years. He spend more than a decade in New York. It was a great start.

Pranay Chulet net worth has been propelled with the success of Quikr. He founder Quikr around July in the year 2008. Pranay Chulet wiki also been graced with the Quikr mobile application which allows you to post adds regarding anything you want to buy or sell. He is very intelligent specially when to think something different or creative. People have been thoroughly awed by Pranay Chulet profile who has garnered unprecedented achievements. His ability to take decisions shows his brilliance.

Quikr Founder Pranay Chulet Career

Indian Entrepreneur Pranay Chulet found Quikr in 2008. In starting, we knew Quikr as KIJIJI that means community. It was Pranay Chulet first project online. Pranay Chulet has put together all his skills just for the growth of this app. Quikr helps many people in finding things they want to buy by paying less. It is user friendly application with a lot of benefits and has shareholder like eBay. Quikr founder pics are available on net. Pranay Chulet LinkedIn profile also bear most of the significant details about his inspirational work and business ideas.

Before launching Quikr, Pranay Chulet joined Mitchell Madison Group in 1997 as a management consultant. He inspires people with his successful and dynamic personality. His journey raises a toast to all focused business men and promising leaders. Pranay Chulet annual turnover have been never discussed but it is a news that Quikr has raised over 150$ in funding from private investment firms like matrix partners. At present he is working as an Entrepreneur in the new media space following time as a Principal in Booz Allen Hamilton’s media practice.

Pranay Chulet Personal Life, Marriage

The biography Pranay Chulet has unrevealed most of the early work details of his life. He has taken Quikr to a commendable position as and has med to its success and growth. The biography of Quikr founder has focused on his professional details but it has not talked about Pranay Chulet love life and Pranay Chulet love affairs. He is so reserved by nature that he usually never share about his personal life in media. He used to discuss about his projects and work.

Quikr CEO Pranay Chulet personal details have not been much discussed in any interview. Still media always do their work. There were rumors regarding Pranay Chulet marriage. Information related with Pranay Chulet wife name and Pranay Chulet children have not been confirmed. In an interview, interviewer asked about his wife and child but he denied by saying no personal questions. But yes Pranay Chulet wife profile and pics are available on many sites on the internet.

He is a very professional man. According to sources, they saw Pranay Chulet with his wife in some events too. But no one ever saw his child. He never mixes his personal and professional life. News regarding Pranay Chulet upcoming projects and Pranay Chulet next project are still not confirmed. He is working as a CEO in Quikr. He is a leading business man and we wish that his upcoming projects will also be too good as Quikr is. Like Vijay Shekhar Sharma (founder of Paytm, made India proud), same Pranay Chulet did by founded Quikr.