Artnesa Krasniqi Miss Kosovo, Wiki, HD Wallpapers, BoyfriendThe glamor world dazzles with the perfect amalgamation of beauty and talent and gets the right recognition through gorgeous models and ravishing personas like beauty pageant winners. Artnesa Krasniqi Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 epitomizes grace and beauty with her stupendous countenance and mesmerizing persona. The Swiss-Kosovo glamorous model Artnesa Krasniqi is the beauty pageant winner who has been anointed with global recognition and fame and has been crowned as Miss Universe Kosovo on the year 2014. Most of the beauty pageant winners try their luck in films and modeling and very often they succeed in retaining the limelight and fame. The winner of Kosovo beauty pageant contest 2014 Artnesa Krasniqi has also tried to establish herself in the modeling world and is anticipated to feature in some commercials. Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 winner Artnesa Krasniqi biography shall walk us through her early life and family and also provide genuine details about Artnesa Krasniqi model profile and Artnesa Krasniqi personal life. She is the leading Swiss face who has garnered humongous popularity and recognition and is anticipated to feature in some flicks and ads as well. The biography of model Artnesa Krasniqi is inspirational for the upcoming fresh faces aspiring to make a mark in the glamor world. She is the sparling talk of glamor world today!

Model Artnesa Krasniqi Age, Family

The gorgeous and talented winner of 2014 Miss Universe Kosovo, Artnesa Krasniqi is pride for Pristina and has represented Kosovo bagging huge success and fame. Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 winner name Artnesa Krasniqi is a pride for Pristina and people of the native state Kosovo are looking forward to see the beauty in many more upcoming beauty contests and commercials. Artnesa Krasniqi date of birth is 15 July, 1992.

Model Artnesa Krasniqi age is nearly 22 years. She was born in the beautiful place of Biel on the snow-covered laps of Switzerland. The young and innocent years of Artnesa were spent in Biel and then she moved to Kosovo when was eight years old. Artnesa Krasniqi family background is simple and she has been brought up affectionately by her parents among an elder brother and sister and a younger sister.

Artnesa Krasniqi parents have dilated their warm support to Artnesa when she settled her mind to pursue modeling. Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 beauty pageant winner, Artnesa acquired her primary and secondary education from Gjakova in the European state of Kosovo. Her penchant for modeling was sufficed when she was crowned with the title “ford supermodel” Kosovo at the age of 15.

Model Artnesa Krasniqi Modeling Career

Artnesa Krasniqi acquired her education from Kosovo and simultaneously got herself prepared to paint her dreams. Artnesa was only 15 years old when was laurelled as the winner of “Ford Supermodel” competition which geared up Artnesa’a modeling career and ambitions. Many young female models had appeared for the competition but Artnesa outstood everyone and bagged the venerated title. She started working in Ford Model Agency as a model. Artnesa Krasniqi first photo shoot with Ford got her commendable appreciation and she was even showered with opportunities to feature in commercials.

Artnesa Krasniqi photo shoots and Artnesa Krasniqi bikini wallpapers soon ruffled the modeling world with her magical persona and the spark created. Many new female models considered her as a threat and tried to jeopardize her ambition but Artnesa remained calm and continued to woo everyone in the glamour world. After some 7 years of dedicated and sincere hard work Artnesa won the Miss Universe Kosovo title. Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 winner pics have gone viral in media and Artnesa has been appreciated unanimously for her amazing personality and wit that she had displayed in the competition. It was indeed a treat to the eye to watch her in the dazzling white attire adorned with the crown and title.

Model Artnesa Krasniqi Wiki

Artnesa Krasniqi was born in Switzerland and lived in Beil for 7 years. Hence Artnesa Krasniqi nationality is Swiss. Artnesa Krasniqi height is 5 feet and 11 inches and Artnesa Krasniqi weight is nearly 58 kgs. Her flawless glowing skin with sparkling green eyes and beautiful blonde hair blended with the perfect combination of height and weight gives her a graceful and charming personality. Artnesa Krasniqi hot pics and Artnesa Krasniqi modeling pics have captured attention of many. She has worked with the proud and glamorous banner of Ford as a successful model for continuous 7 years prior winning the Miss Kosovo title.

Artnesa Krasniqi wiki is filled with Artnesa Krasniqi awards and acclamations that she has been showered in different modeling competitions. Artnesa Krasniqi Facebook page and Artnesa Krasniqi Instagram profile has witnessed a gala time being flooded with plethora of comments from millions of fans and adorers. Fans have been extremely inquisitive about Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 winner wiki. Artnesa Krasniqi blog and Artnesa Krasniqi biography provides the latest information about her. She was preparing for the Miss Universe 2014 contest which is to be held in Doral in Florida on January 25th.

Model Artnesa Krasniqi Victory at Miss Universe Kosovo

Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 winner Artnesa Krasniqi has garnered copious affectionate and popularity owing to her victory in the beauty contest and has been proposed for many commercials and flicks. Artnesa Krasniqi Miss Kosovo and Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 crowning moment was of immense pride for Kosovo and the people of her state are anticipating a similar spark in the upcoming Miss Universe 2014 contest. The winner of Miss Universe Kosovo 2014, Artnesa Krasniqi also debuted her eye-popping and spectacular National costume on January 21st at the prestigious FIU Arena during Miss Universe National costume show.

Artnesa Krasniqi latest news are engulfed with the talks about Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 winner Artnesa Krasniqi biography and Swiss Kosova model Artnesa Krasniqi bio-data. There have been rumors about Artnesa Krasniqi Hollywood debut and Artnesa Krasniqi TV commercials. Some curious gossip mongers and media earners have also been eaves-dropping about Artnesa Krasniqi ads and Artnesa Krasniqi first film though the rumored news has not been confirmed yet. Artnesa is all decked up for the 2014 Miss Universe contest.

Model Artnesa Krasniqi Love Life

Artnesa Krasniqi is blessed with gorgeous countenance and mesmerizing persona and has won away millions of young hearts. She has many young handsome lads gone head over heels for her. Fans are not just curious about Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 beauty pageant winner profile but also eager to get acquainted with model Artnesa Krasniqi personal details. The charming and stunning model has also been rumored to share some news about her love life. Though complete and confirmed information about Artnesa Krasniqi love affairs and Artnesa Krasniqi love life have not been aired but she has been spotted with a Swiss handsome in a couple of places. No wonder many are looking for Artnesa Krasniqi bikini photos and Artnesa Krasniqi swimsuit pics and are waiting anxiously for the results of the 63rd Miss Universe.

Artnesa fits into the perfect character of Greek mythology. She is one of the top few trending female models and is growing monumentally in her career. Artnesa has surprisingly inspired many writers and poets with her perfectly sculptured face and impeccable beauty. Artnesa Krasniqi crowned Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 was big news and she shot to colossal popularity owing to her marvelous beauty and glowing face. Artnesa Krasniqi controversy has never been related to boyfriend of Artnesa Krasniqi or about Artnesa Krasniqi relationships. Though she has been seen with some popular men around but has never been confronted with terrifying news of Artnesa Krasniqi marriage and Artnesa Krasniqi breakups. She has enjoyed a placid and peaceful personal life and is all focused on her dazzling modeling career and beauty pageant winning contests.

Model Artnesa Krasniqi Latest News and Gossips

Artnesa Krasniqi has shot to limelight after being crowned with the much venerated and prestigious title Miss Universe Kosovo. She has all decked up for the upcoming 3rd Miss Universe. There was a tough competition among Miss Universe Kosovo 2014 finalists and Artnesa outstood everyone. She shall soon be seen in commercials and TV series. Artnesa Krasniqi next photo shoot and Artnesa Krasniqi bikini photo shoot for other beauty contests are also being scheduled at the dawn on 2015. People are keen about Artnesa Krasniqi next beauty contest and anxious to see her as the covergirl of magazines.

Artnesa Krasniqi covergirl and Artnesa Krasniqi magazines shall soon be accomplished once she gets crowned in the 63rd Miss Universe contest and also emerges as world’s top ranking models. Apart from these rumor mills are being rolled by many gossipmongers about Artnesa Krasniqi husband and Artnesa Krasniqi wedding date. The young and ambitious model has still not settled her mind about her dating. Hence news about Artnesa Krasniqi boyfriend name and Artnesa Krasniqi dating is only a mystery. For now the much anticipating 63rd Miss Universe shall soon unfurl the results and hence fingers are kept crossed at its announcement.