Swetha Mohan Hot Images, Mother, Songs, Wiki, Navel ShowShwetha Mohan is an Indian playback singer. She has sung in 33 movies. Shwetha is a daughter of famous Indian classical singer Sujata Mohan. She is blessed with the equally beautiful voice like her mother. One can grasp from Indian singer Shwetha Mohan biography about her personal life and career. The classical voice can be heard in Shwetha Mohan songs list. Though Bollywood has adopted western style of singing and Priyanka Chopra took singing to overseas. There is no comparison of young female Bollywood singers with the singers of west. There are more surprises hidden in Shwetha Mohan singer profile. Many renowned singers have praised Shwetha Mohan super-hit songs that are melodious, therefore, everyone desperately waits for Shwetha Mohan new songs.

Shwetha Mohan Age, Family, Wiki

Born and raised in Hindu Family, Shwetha Mohan date of birth is November 19, 1985. This depicts singer Shwetha Mohan age is 31 years. Shwetha Mohan height is 5 feet and 4 inches long. Discussing about Shwetha Mohan family background, she belongs to family of musicians. Shwetha Mohan parents have always appreciated her passion of singing. The fans are more interested to dig into Shwetha Mohan personal life they can go through following lines.

The biography of singer Shwetha Mohan tells about his contribution in music industry. There is hardly any detail of Shwetha Mohan siblings. One can look for Shwetha Mohan family photos on famous blogs of Kerala. People look for pretty Shwetha Mohan hot images on the internet. She is amongst the trending female Bollywood singers who have stunning voice. Shwetha Mohan wiki tells about her career and love life which will be read in the following lines.

Singer Shwetha Mohan Hit Songs

Shwetha has sung many songs in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. She is a national award winner singer. Swetha Mohan national award song was most appreciated by the people. Talking about Shwetha Mohan first Bollywood song was of movie “Chor Chor”. One can go for Shwetha Mohan live concerts as she has soul connecting voice like Bollywood singer Kailash Kher.

The mother and daughter duo is rarely heard in music Industry and Shwetha Mohan and Sujatha songs are example of it. The lyrics of Shwetha Mohan album songs are on everyone’s tongue. She has sung with many singers. Shwetha Mohan and Karthik songs are much appreciated. The south is talking about Shwetha Mohan music mojo which delighted everyone’s heart. The popular duet of Shwetha Mohan and Mahathi and became hit song of the year.

The soothing music composition in Shwetha Mohan movie songs has drawn a melodious image of her in everyone’s mind. One can look for Shwetha Mohan movies list in her wiki. Shwetha is a hardworking singer she never falls into controversy. There is hardly any Shwetha Mohan controversy. The youngsters are passionate about music. They take hobby to professional level just to become Indian young female singers.

Malayalam Singer Swetha Mohan Navel Show

The gorgeous looking girl participated in navel show and Swetha Mohan hot navel pics amazed everyone. The talented Malayalam singer Swetha Mohan navel show expressed the beauty of the singer in a right way. The people are crazy for Shwetha Mohan live performances which she gave in colleges as well. It is not easy to get Shwetha Mohan live concerts tickets as the concerts goes houseful. There is online selling of Shwetha Mohan concert tickets that too for a short span of time. The smarter people books in advance Shwetha Mohan next live concert tickets. One can keep pace with Shwetha Mohan upcoming concerts dates from her official website.

Singer Shwetha Mohan Bollywood Songs

Shwetha has sung many Hindi movie songs. The list of Shwetha Mohan upcoming songs can be witnessed in upcoming Bollywood flicks. She has worked with Oscar winner A R Rahman and Shwetha Mohan next Bollywood song might be of his composition. She is amongst the young female singers India who took singing to next level. The famous youth TV channel MTV arranged the best song of Shwetha in their studio.

Shwetha Mohan MTV unplugged songs got much audience. One can download Shwetha Mohan MTV coke studio songs from the internet. The music lovers will be delighted to read playback singer Shwetha Mohan biography in brief. The people who demanded Indian young female singer’s photos can probe on Google. The very popular Shwetha Mohan best songs are of various genres. The most anticipated Shwetha Mohan latest songs have gone viral on internet.

One could be inspired by reading singer Shwetha Mohan personal details in her biography. The hardships of life can be seen in Shwetha Mohan singer biodata. It took her lots of patience to enter into the list of famous Indian young female singers. She is an owner of heart overwhelming voice. Shwetha Mohan top 10 songs are played in every parties and events. She is a national award winner. Shwetha Mohan awards made her family proud.

Singer Shwetha Mohan Love Life

Shwetha’s love for classical music grabbed her attention towards classical instruments. Shwetha Mohan love affairs with music began when she was 9 year old. The romances of Shwetha Mohan love life can be witnessed in the beautiful pictures of her. The media is talking about Shwetha Mohan boyfriend which has no existence. The news of Shwetha Mohan dating with famous south star was untrue.

The music binds the soul. Shwetha Mohan relationships are gossiped among the people in the society that she is a clean girl. Shwetha wanted to marry a guy who is fond of music. Shwetha Mohan married to a guy who is fond of classical music.

Singer Shwetha Mohan Marriage, Husband, Baby

Shwetha Mohan Husband Name, Profile, Wedding Photos, Pregnant, ChildrenShwetha Mohan husband name is Ashwin. He is an Engineer by profession. Shwetha Mohan husband Ashwin Shashi is a man of intellect. The simplicity of Shwetha Mohan Ashwin Shashi love story can be felt in singing style of Shwetha. The minimal Shwetha Mohan Ashwin Shashi age difference is un-notable.

One can hunt for Shwetha Mohan wedding photos on the internet. The husband of singer Shwetha Mohan seems truly happy on the wedding day. Shwetha Mohan with her husband was spotted at various parties and events. The auspicious Shwetha Mohan marriage was bestowed by many celebrities.

After marriage Shwetha Mohan pregnant news flung in the media. Fans gossiped about Shwetha Mohan baby. Will it be a singer or an engineer? It seems like Shwetha Mohan husband wanted to establish himself as an entrepreneur. It was often discussed that she gave birth to a daughter and people demanded for Shwetha Mohan daughter name. But it is not confirmed till date. There was a time when sort of misunderstanding happened between Shwetha and her husband. So chances of Shwetha Mohan divorce were present. But situation vanished as the couple loved each other a lot.