Lucy Southworth Husband Photos, Wedding, Baby Pics, Height, Google Founder Wife PicturesLarry Page, the computer wizard and entrepreneur co-founded Google and has contributed to the major advancements in the dilation of Google’s portfolio across the globe and has also introduced notions and algorithms, garnering him several honours and accolades. We all are well accustomed with Larry Page and his profile but not many of us know about Larry Page wife Lucy Southworth. The wife of world’s one of the most influential leaders is herself a highly educated and venerated personality. Lucy Southworth, wife of Larry Page is a graduate from Pennsylvania and has a prominent researcher. She has been anointed for her research papers and is still pursuing post-graduation from the much pronounced and esteemed Stanford University. Larry Page wife Lucy Southworth biography is an insight on her early life and family background, edifying our knowledge about her career, net worth and personal life.

Lucy Southworth Age, Family, Wiki

Lucy Southworth was born in the United States of America and is a scientist and researcher by profession. Her full name is Lucinda Southworth and she hails from an opulent and highly educated family background. Google CEO wife Lucinda Southworth was born on 24th of May in the year 1979 and her age is 36 years currently. She is blissfully blessed with long blond hair, blue eyes and a mesmerizing personality. The depth of her knowledge is well expressed from her captivating eyes and intellectual smile.

Larry Page wife Lucinda Southworth was born to Van Roy Southworth and Cathy McLain Southworth. Lucinda’s father, Van Roy Southworth holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University and has retired from World Bank after working on different assignments in Croatia, Republic of Georgia and Tanzania. Her mother, Cathy McLain Southworth is an education psychologist. Lucinda Southworth mother has set up an NGO named “McLain associations for children. The NGO operated in the Republic of Georgia.

She has also established the “Stepping Stones International Organizations” in the US. The organisation works from the welfare of handicapped and disabled children. It also provides aid to their families. Lucinda Southworth sister, Carrie Southworth is a popular American actress and model. She is widely known for her role in the 2nd season of TV show “General Hospital: Night Shift 2008” where she played the role of Dr. Claire Simpson. Lucinda is deeply motivated by her father and she enjoys her work as a researcher and scientist.

Lucy Southworth Education

Lucinda Southworth is a highly educated and a graduate from the esteemed university of Pennsylvania. She has acquired her doctorate in the field of Biomedical Informatics from the elite Stanford University. Her research was based on comparative analysis of data expression in Eukaryotic Organisms. Lucinda Southworth education was well accomplished with a prestigious Master’s Degree from the Oxford University.

She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Biomedical Informatics. Lucy Southworth has not started any business or organisation of her own and hence Lucinda Southworth net worth is not a concern. However, she is pursuing her education and is working as a researcher with the motive to put forth something new and advanced like her husband, Larry.

Lucy Southworth Career

Lucinda Southworth is a proud graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and is still pursuing her post-graduation from the Stanford University. She has not commenced with her career in actual sense and is currently working in the field of bioinformatics as a researcher. Apart from her education, she also works for the welfare of the society following her mother’s dreams. She has been a part of the medical work in South Africa to serve the world in a better way.

Lucinda Southworth Love Story, Marriage, Husband

Lucinda Southworth carries a glamorous and enchanting persona with her beautiful smile and amiable nature. She personifies grace and elegance in her own way and sets an ambience of panache. No wonder, Google founder Larry Page had fallen head over heels for this intelligent and beautiful lady. Google founder Lucinda Southworth love story and marriage is a perfectly knitted story epitomizing true love and affinity.

Lucinda and Larry dated each other right since the year 2006. They dated for about one and a half years and then decided to exchange the nuptial vows. Larry and Page were seen together in many different places and the couple was quite buzzed about by the media. However, although there were highlights about Larry and Lucinda vacationing, there was no controversy involved.

Lucinda and Larry exchanged the pious vows of togetherness in the year 2007 and the wedding was nothing but the perfectly planned dream wedding. Google CEO wife Lucinda Southworth wanted to have their in Necker island. This Caribbean hideaway is owned by the Virgin group billionaire, Richard Branson. Larry Page and Lucinda Southworth wedding was an extravagant affair and over six hundred were a part of this occasion. Larry had also reserved hotels for their guests. Many eminent personalities like Donald trump, Mayor of San Francisco and graced the wedding with their august presence.

Larry page and Lucinda Southworth Kids

Larry and Lucinda were seen together in many places after wedding. Lucinda has been a part of many parties and occasions with her husband Larry Page. She was also at the dinner with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter post-Oscar party. Page and Lucinda has also been blessed with a baby boy in November in the year 2009.

There were rumours about Larry Page wife Lucinda Southworth second child in the year 2011. However, these old made headlines bearing no confirmation. Lucinda is filled with all the pumping energy and positive vibes extending her unwavering support to the Google CEO to make it large in his professional and personal life.