The Better Man Author Anita Nair Novels, Husband Pics, FamilyAmong the top bestselling authors of fictional and poetic writing is the famous Anita Nair who has the earned the fame to being India’s well known author of many novels. In a very short span of time, this wonderfully acclaimed lady has achieved the feet of penning down more than ten novels, from a time when she had no idea that her work would end up being published. She is also the proud recipient of many prized awards. She is best known for putting down her imagination in simple words for the readers. To know more about this talented Indian author, keep reading the biography of Anita Nair. Two of her novels, namely, ‘The Better Man’ and ‘Ladies coupe’ have now been successfully translated into 21 different languages.

Author Anita Nair Age, Education

Anita Nair’s birthday falls on January 26, 1966. She was born in a small town located in the state of Kerala which goes by the name of Shornur. As of now, age of Anita Nair is 49 years. Anita Nair received her education in Chennai where she gained a BA degree in English language and literature. She is now a successful writer by profession. Her Alma matter puts her in NSS College, Ottapalam of Kerala and Virginia centre for Creative arts from USA.

Author Anita Nair Best-selling Book

Anita Nair wrote her first book while she was working as a creative director in an advertising agency in Bangalore. Anita Nair’s first book was a collection of short stories titled Satyr of the Subways. She later sold her book to “Har-Anand” press. It was her debut novel that won her a fellowship from the Virginia Centre of the Creative arts. Her column, The Literary Citizen, features on a national newspaper, The New Indian Express, on every fourth Sunday. Also, another column, The Female Gaze, features in a magazine by the name of ‘Man’s World’.

Her official website also features few highly interesting and must read humour and travelogues. She also reviews books which can be found on her official website. Anita Nair’s book list consists of some highly praised and successful titles including ‘The better man’, ‘Ladies coupe’, ‘The puffin book of myths and legends’, ‘Mistress’, ‘Cut like wound’, ‘Lessons in forgetting’, ‘Magical Indian myths’. Anita Nair’s latest book is “Idris: Keeper of the Light” which she wrote recently in the year 2014.

As of now, there is no official update about Anita Nair’s upcoming books. ‘Living next door to Alise’ and ‘Adventures of Nonu, The Skating Squirrel’ are two of Anita Nair’s children’s writings. Anita Nair’s poetry work includes Malabar mind which she composed in the year 1997. To know more about this author, keep reading Anita Nair wiki.

Author Anita Nair Awards

Anita Nair has performed exemplary work on the writing front since her very first piece of work, for which she has been awarded invariably with many prestigious awards. She has received the Kerala Sahitya Akademi award. Among her many achievements is the feet of being named a finalist for the 2007 PEN / beyond Margins award in the U.S.A. She has also been nominated as a finalist for Liberaturpreis 2007 in Germany.

She was also listed on the Orange prize long list in the UK. She won the FLO FICCI Women achievers award in 2008 for Literature. Her recent novel “Idris: Keeper of the light” was also shortlisted for The Hindu Literary Prize in the year 2014.

Anita Nair Personal Life, Marriage, Husband

She is a resident in the city of Bangalore where she lives with her family. Anita Nair’s husband is employed in the field of advertising. She is a parent to one son. She has some interesting stuff to say about her writing career and daily life. In spite of the advancement of technology, Anita Nair claims to use a simple pen and paper pad for jotting down her work which she later keys in to her computer system making it the second draft of her work.

She prefers to work from her study room which gives her the entire view of her home and the gardens. The method of writing that she adopts for her work is not to wait for the thoughts to come to her. Instead she prefers to play the plot in her mind which gives her a clarity about what she wishes to write. This eases the flow of words for her works. She admits to carrying a notepad with her everywhere she goes such that she can instantly jot down any thought or observation that strikes her. This helps her in her works.

She claims to get her inspiration from every tiny thing that happens around her, be it a simple thought, event, word or picture. According to her, as her writing progresses, her thoughts evolve in the form of ideas, which ultimately form the work that we read in her award winning novels. The work of Anita Nair reflects the many roles played by women in their lives.