Rasika Shekar Hot Images, Flute Singer Songs, Family, Wedding, Husband Pics, HD WallpapersRasika Shekar is a Dubai-born, US raised flautist and vocalist. In this singer Rasika Shekar biography by Biopic Medley, we shall discuss various aspects of her life including her personal as well as professional lives. While Rasika Shekar flautist profile will be discussed in the later segment of this biography of Indian singer Rasika Shekar, it is important to note that even though she was not born or raised in India, her family belongs to India. She is an Indian by birth but Rasika Shekar nationality is a little unclear. Whenever more information about her will be released, this will be one of the most interesting facts about Rasika Shekar to get to know. However, currently she is working and living in India and is one of the most successful Indian female flautists. One can also see that Rasika Shekar Twitter handle is filled with followers and fans. To know more about her, continue reading:

Rasika Shekar Family,Age,Wiki

To start with Rasika Shekar family background, her entire family has been into music. In fact, her grandmother was a successful violinist on the All India Radio. The singer Rasika Shekar wiki explores each and everything about her. As of now, Rasika Shekar age is 28 and her date of birth is 5th November, 1987. Of all the features in her, Rasika Shekar height is surely one of the most attractive ones.

After moving to the US, Rasika Shekar parents appointed a flute trainer for her and equal regard was given to Rasika Shekar education as she went on to get a degree in Chemical Engineering. Recently, Rasika Shekar movie songs have been released and she is being adored for her art. To know more about Rasika Shekar first song and her works in the Bollywood industry, read on the next segment of this biography.

Singer Rasika Shekar Bollywood Songs

It has not been a long time since Rasika Shekar Bollywood songs have been released. In fact, it was only in the year 2015 that Rasika Shekar “Katti Batti” movie song was out and loved by all. While many beginners start with their personal albums, Rasika Shekar albums have not come out yet.

In the film “Katti Batti”, Rasika Shekar and Kangana Ranaut became close friends as Rasika sang songs for Kangana in the film. It was also during this film that Rasika Shekar and Shankar Mahadevan had worked together for the first time and the list of Rasika Shekar hit songs had just begun.

Rasika Shekar MTV Coke Studio Songs, Concerts

After her success in this film, Rasika Shekar MTV coke studio songs were out and loved even more by her fans. The soul-touching and soothing flute solo by her is just a delight to listen to. This is why her fans went crazy and started demanding for Rasika Shekar live concerts so that they could relive this aroma in person. In fact, more than Rasika Shekar songs her flute solos are appreciated.

As it turned out, Rasika Shekar MTV unplugged songs were yet another breakthrough in her career and if you haven’t heard them yet or haven’t been to any of Rasika Shekar live performances, it is high time that you purchase the DVD now. Undoubtedly, she is one of the first female flute players in India and is really good at what she does. She has also worked with Indian singer Papon and has agreed to the fact that she has learned a lot from his art.

In fact, she admitted that she flew back to India to pursue her career in music as India is the land where music is celebrated in many forms and ways. She has also been trained under the guidance of many Sufi Singers in India. As far as Rasika Shekar live shows are concerned, it is really difficult to get Rasika Shekar concert tickets in time as they get sold out within minutes of being released. Amidst this, the appearance of Rasika Shekar in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” gave her fans a good time watching television.

Rasika Shekar Love Life, Marriage

The talks about singer Rasika Shekar love affairs have been few but there have been alleged affairs. However, it is nothing to be surprised of as most celebrities in Bollywood have to undergo this phase at one time or another. But to talk about singer Rasika Shekar boyfriend in all seriousness, the lady has never made it public and it is not even sure that whether or not Rasika Shekar is dating someone.

But as it turns out, Rasika Shekar controversy could not avoid her for too long as there were some rumours about Rasika Shekar and Ali Pervez being involved in a romantic relationship. This was the first time that the talks about Rasika Shekar relationships in her personal life were spoken about. Well, we will have to wait for her to talk about Rasika Shekar love life to believe in anything as it is a very private affair and most of the details given by the media are just to grab attention.

As far as Rasika Shekar husband name is concerned, well, Rasika Shekar wedding has not yet taken place and so, the question remains moot. Also, her fans would be really excited to hear about the singer Rasika Shekar marriage plans, whenever that happens.

Singer Rasika Shekar Upcoming Songs

As of now, Rasika Shekar new movie songs are being looked forward to and so, Rasika Shekar next Bollywood song better be good so that she doesn’t disappoint her fans. In fact, it would be so much better if another Rasika Shekar new album comes out so that her fans can have more sheer music from her end that is non-commercial. Also, no dates for Rasika Shekar upcoming musical concerts have been out yet and her fans will only have to stick to Rasika Shekar music through their music players only for a while. For more Rasika Shekar latest news, follow her on Facebook and Twitter.