Farhan Akhtar Wife Photos, Name, Age, Wiki, Pregnant, KidsAdhuna Bhabani Akhtar is a famous hairstylist and a TV show host. Married in the Akhtar clan, she is the wife of famous actor Farhan Akhtar. While writing Farhan Akhtar wife Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar biography, one must remember that she is not only married in a royal family, but she has her own identity which is enough. Often Farhan Akhtar fans are intrigued by questions like what is Farhan Akhtar wife name and where can we find Farhan Akhtar wife photos; however, Adhuna Akhtar is quite a celebrity on her own. When we start to talk about Farhan Akhtar wife profile, it is essential to know that she is not only a hairstylist, a TV show host, but also an elegant lady that has kept up the name of legendary Akhtar family.

Adhuna Akhtar Family Background

Born as Adhuna Bhabani, Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar family background shows a Bengali father and an English mother. She was born in United Kingdom to Mr. Ashish Bhabani, and so Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar date of birth comes to be March 30, 1967. Surprisingly, Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar parents belong to two very different backgrounds, but she has turned into a classy woman herself. The beauty of this grown woman cannot be described in words except for the fact that Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar height is one thing that most women envy her of.

Adhuna Akhtar Wiki, Profession

Later she entered into the profession of a hairstylist and also co-hosts a show on TLC called B-Blunt. Before her identity was revealed, people including media were curious to know about Farhan Akhtar wife profession as they wanted to know if she, too, was an actor. However, Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar wiki shall confirm that she was successful even before she got married to Farhan.

She gained much attention as Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar hairstylist and Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar salon styles various well known Bollywood celebrities. Even though she is a public figure, not a lot has been known about Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar personal life; hence, her fans get to see only more of her professional side. To know more about her career, look up for Farhan Akhtar wife wiki on the web and everything should be available.

Farhan Akhtar Adhuna Akhtar Love Story

Married to Farhan Akhtar, their fans are often inquisitive about Farhan Akhtar wife age (47 years) as she is 7 years older than him. Well, age is just a number when two people love each other. This love can be seen in Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar pics together on the web.

Before they got married, Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar love life was quite discussed in the media. This makes millions of their fans to wonder that Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar love story is no less than a fairytale. This is well proven when Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar Farhan Akhtar first meeting ever took place and they fell in love followed by a three year courtship and later, marriage.

Farhan Akhtar Adhuna Akhtar Wedding

This love tale became all the more interesting when the two tied the knot in 2000 and the lavish Farhan Akhtar Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar wedding pictures can be easily found on the web. The career of wife of Farhan Akhtar is quite visible and so is their love. There were several rumours about Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar pregnant; however, these were never confirmed. Later, the couple had two children, lovely daughters.

Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar daughter’s names are Shakya and Akira. A lot of times people look for Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar daughter name just out of mere curiosity. As famous as is Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar husband name, equally famous are her kids. When it was found out that Farhan Akhtar wife pregnant, everybody in the family and in the media was excited over the top. Pictures of Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar Akira Akhtar were all over the internet.

Adhuna Akhtar Husband, Daughters

Adhuna Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar have always portrayed a beautiful and amicable marriage with their two lovely daughters. Even though Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar husband Farhan age difference is 7 years, the chemistry between the two is undeniable. As a result, Farhan Akhtar wife is equally loved in the B-wood as Farhan is.

With a staunch identity of her own and a supporting hubby, Adhuna is one of the luckiest star wives in our tinsel town. The couple is uniquely talented and Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar husband wiki shall be able to discuss more about varied talents of Farhan Akhtar.

In an interview, Farhan told that regardless of his wife, the kids are the bosses in the house. Adhuna and Farhan have two charming daughters. Shakya is Farhan Akhtar elder daughter and Akira is Farhan’s younger daughter. The kids are brought up with all the love, affection and discipline by their parents and are growing up to be wonderful ladies in future.

Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar Divorce

The matured and much admired couple Farhan and Adhuna shocked the nation with their sudden announcement of divorce. However, the couple kept this separation a very hushed affair and did not even file a case or legal notice against each other. The decision was mutual and the couple got separated on 21st of January in the year 2016.

Farhan wished to pay a one-time alimony to avoid the monthly maintenance which could lead to worsening of situations later. The couple has done it in the most dignified way keeping their children away from the wrath of media bites and nasty glares. Salute to their maturity!

Adhuna Akhtar Future Prospects

As much as her hairstyling is loved, so loved are Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar TV shows that provide great deal of knowledge about recent trends. Often people look for b-blunt TV show host name and Adhuna Akhtar co-hosts the show. It would be incomplete to end b-blunt TV show host Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar biography without having mentioned her TV career.

Producer of several TV shows, Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar TV serials are loved deeply. However, apart from B-Blunt, her fans will have to wait for Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar new TV shows, and from what the history shows, the wait is soon to be over. It will be well eyed upon as to Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar upcoming TV serials, but surely, it is worth the wait. Wanting more of her, her fans would love to see Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar in movies, most likely with Farhan Akhtar.