Stephanie Rice Swimming Wallpapers, Wedding Pics, DietThe Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice biography reveals the success story of a woman who has won three gold medals at Commonwealth games, Melbourne Australia. She is a passionate swimmer and has turned all her hard work into success. Stephanie Rice swimmer profile has broken record of Olympic winners Brooke Hanson and Lara Caroll. Stephanie Rice swimming Australia is the most popular in the field of sports. Every sportsperson abilities are polished by its coach. Stephanie rice swimming coach mentor was Michael Bohl congratulated her for remarkable career in pool. If anybody thought of starting their career in sports can get lot of inspiration from biography of Olympic gold medallist swimmer Stephanie Rice. Stephanie Rice gold medals are proof of her success in the history of sports Olympics. She also has keen interest in basketball and keeps on following the scores of Alan Aderson.

Stephanie Rice Age, Personal Details

Stephanie Rice gold medallist personal details explore the sporting career as well as her family background. She was born on 17 June 1988. This reveals Stephanie Rice age is 26 years. Stephanie Rice height and weight is 5 foot and 9 inches long and 67 Kilograms respectively. Stephanie Rice wiki states all her achievements and personal details.

Stephanie Rice family background explains that she dated Eamon Sullivan. Stephanie Rice records include 3 gold medals in 2008 summer Olympics. The fans look for Stephanie Rice hot pics on the internet. Stephanie Rice net worth has made reputation of Australian sports community. Stephanie Rice website reveals her contributions done in the past and also her current status.

Stephanie Rice Love life, Boyfriends

Stephanie Rice personal life explores her love life and family sport behind her success. Stephanie rice first medal was 200 metres individual medley. Apart from so many achievements, some people do not know when Stephanie Rice first went to the Olympics. Stephanie love affairs began with her association with Eamon Sullivan.

Stephanie Rice love life was as smooth as her sports career. Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan relationship lasted for three years later on they quit because of staying far but they are good friends. To stay tuned with her latest updated follow Stephanie Rice Instagram pictures.

Being a sportsperson Stephanie Rice diet was adequate and strictly followed by her in order to gain complete balanced diet. Many magazines printed the gossips of Stephanie Rice dating Eamon Sullivan. Stephanie Rice boyfriend name or boyfriend of Stephanie Rice profile is Australian swimmer. Stephanie Rice Olympic medals won her fame.

Stephanie Rice Wiki

Stephanie rice is very playful and she has charming personality that shows her witty nature. Stephanie Rice finger tattoo has some stars that reveal her shining career in sports. Stephanie Rice swimming photos shows her tattoo and maintained body of a sport star. Stephanie Rice new tattoo information can be seen on her official website.

Stephanie Rice biography not only reveals her sporting career but showcases many ups and downs in love life. Stephanie Rice retirement video has gone viral on internet and can be found on YouTube. Her fans shocked and couldn’t believe the fact. Stephanie Rice twitter and Facebook pages flooded with gossips of her retirement declaration. And it is often questioned has Stephanie Rice retired from swimming? Stephanie Rice nationality is Australian. Stephanie Rice swimmer wallpapers showing her skin off, has amazed the common man.

Stephanie Rice Love Affairs

Stephanie Rice Eamon Sullivan love story came to an end because of their staying apart. The news of Stephanie rice Eamon Sullivan breakup covered the gossip part of media. The time when Stephanie Rice split with Eamon Sullivan, has not broke her, they stayed in touch as friends. Stephanie Rice Michael Phelps dating gossips has flung the Hollywood. She denies the fact completely.

Stephanie rice affair with Michael Phelps was just a gossip, they met just like two sportsperson meeting and greeting each other. If there was no link up then no question of Stephanie Rica Michael Phelps break up rises. At Olympics she met with basket ball player Kobe Bryant. Some people gossip that Stephanie Rice lover Kobe Bryant is together, but she said they are just friends. So Stephanie Rice dating Kobe Bryant news was untrue.

After break up with Sullivan, a new boy in Stephanie Rice life was a rugby player. Stephanie Rice rugby boyfriend Quade Cooper didn’t fulfil her desires and the split apart. Her fans are eager to know Is Stephanie Rice married? The people are looking for Stephanie Rice marriage gown, but her fans have to wait till she decides whom to marry. When asked about how Stephanie Rice husband should be, she replied intelligently, the person would be just him.

Stephanie Rice Relationships, Marriage

As we all know Stephanie Rice greatest achievement was three gold medals in a row, breaking several records. Stephanie Rice workout routine and balanced diet has led her to achieve and stay determined towards goals. The relationship of Stephanie Rice Grant Hackett became the latest buzz in the news. They are made for each other. Stephanie Rice controversy lies in her relationships with many men.

Stephanie Rice Rob Mills love rumors was denied by the latter, by saying that he never dates with the people whom he works with. The gossips of Stephanie Rice Rob Mills romance were just to create cheap publicity. While hosting a celebrity show, Stephanie Rice and Dane Bouris came closer and were seen together couple of times.

Another relationship change was Stephanie Rice relationship with Nick D’arcy. The news of Stephanie Rice dating Nick D’arcy flung in the media. The next was Stephanie Rice and Sam Burgess tongue wagging incident on twitter. Later Stephanie Rice and Lebron James caught kissing. Stephanie Rice also took part in reality show and won Celebrity apprentice award. Stephanie Rice and Layla Subritzky were the contestants and friends on the show.