Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Wedding Pics, Engaged, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Hairstyle, WallpapersEnglish singer Zayn Malik biography is a descriptive chronology of events of the early and current life events of the singer. Zayn Malik singer profile is filled with hit songs and accomplishments that very few can even dream of bagging. He is one of the members of Zayn Malik one direction band and is often actively involved in writing songs. Zayn Malik new songs are bound to be hits because his sense of the rhythm is well-received by many and his thoughts behind each song is praised by all. He was a contestant in The X Factor which still is a British television show that when he shot to fame and Zayn Malik album songs idea took root in his mind and a few producers liked it and decided to back him in the industry. The following article is a detailed description of the very famous singer and songwriter who is not only young and dashing but has a great voice too.

Singer Zayn Malik Age and Family Details

Looking at his success at such a young age, one can’t help but wonder what hi early years must have been like. Zayn Malik personal life is going to be a very insightful read with lots of interesting details. He is part of a big family where he had 3 more sisters to compete with. Zayn Malik real name which was Zain Javad Malik was changed when he started tasting success by delivering Zayn Malik hit singles.

Trisha and Yaser Malik are Zayn Malik parents and the singer with amazing vocals is just 22, yes that’s singer Zayn Malik age. 1.70m is the much coveted Zayn Malik height and 12th January, 1993 is the Zayn Malik date of birth. He grew up in Britain in cities like Bradford and East Bowling, UK and Doniya, Safiyaa and Walihya – the Zayn Malik siblings were also there to accompany him in his early years.

Zayn Malik education was done in Lower Fields Primary School and Tong High School. He had hardships coping at school because of his mixed race and looks. Zayn Malik nationality is of British and Pakistani descent. Biography of Zayn Malik is replete with all kinds of interesting and head turning Zayn Malik facts that you never knew before!

Singer Zayn Malik Wiki, First Song

Like all child stars who shot to fame, Zayn too had a taste of success then built a commendable fan following and ran into a series of controversies. Zayn Malik family background had created a lot of curiosity when he had just emerged as a singer and was new. The internet was soon flooded with Zayn Malik shirtless pics and girls drooled over him. This was followed by Zayn Malik love affairs. He has been dating Perrie Edwards and is said to have been cheating on her too.

Singer Zayn Malik bio data has been much talked about after the Zayn Malik first song “I won’t mind” after he separated from the band. One direction has brought out many songs in which Zayn Malik last first kiss was one significant one. Zayn Malik first girlfriend name was Perrie Edwards to whom he later got engaged. Fans were sure there will be a Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards wedding but what they got was a Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards breakup. At the age of 17 Zayn Malik first auditions X factor song was telecast all over the world.

It is needless to say that after everything that he has achieved Zayn Malik net worth will be in hundreds of millions. While he is always on the news, the reasons behind it vary from time to time. Sometimes it is the Zayn Malik hairstyle which is in vogue or the Zayn Malik girlfriend cheating fiasco and at others. British singer Zayn Malik wife was going to be Perrie but thing went down south!

Singer Zayn Malik Movies, TV Shows

The singer became famous at a very young age. With the help of sheer talent, he was able to climb the ladder of success and Zayn Malik first job landed when he was just 18. And that was singing. Zayn Malik first time on X factor did not last long but he made a quick comeback and went all the way. A new bend in his life waits as he has met the director of “Bend it like Beckham” and soon plans to get into Zayn Malik movies biz because before joining the band he had trained to become an actor.

He is also known Zayn Malik as songwriter. Not much is known about singer Zayn Malik personal details. Because of his association now with Gurinder Chaddha, speculation rises about Zayn Malik in India for shooting. There was also news of Zayn Malik in Pakistani Idol.

Singer Zayn Malik Love Life, Girlfriend

The singer left the band and that was in the news a lot also the web is flooded with Zayn Malik and Harry Sstyles pictures and also Zayn Malik and Demi Lovato love story. The buzz cut is the Zayn Malik hairstyle name which is also hot news as it is part of his cleansing process. All these stuff are always going to up in the British singer Zayn Malik biography.

While demi was dating one of the styles brother the Zayn Malik and demi Lovato song was air and that made quite a furore in the public. This was also followed by Zayn Malik and Demi Lovato concert. The much talked about Zayn Malik and baby lux love story was also the front runner in news channel for quite some time. The Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez Wattpad have many stories about the songs they did together.

Singer Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards Love Story

The news about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards engaged spread like wildfire but it did not bear fruit although fan were expecting otherwise when Zayn Malik dating Perrie Edwards. The thought of Zayn Malik married has become a farfetched dream after the Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards relationship. This episode is an important part of Zayn Malik life history and the Zayn Malik new song might also be based on it. Zayn Malik new song which is called “I won’t mind” is the Zayn Malik new single that everyone has been talking so much about! There are a lot of rumours of seeing Zayn Malik in Bollywood now that he met Gurinder Chadda.

Zayn Malik wife name will be known when he decides to marry. There has been a call off Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards wedding and the Zayn Malik wedding date never materialized. The wife of singer Zayn Malik will surely be a lucky girl as the boy seriously has a long way ahead of him to taste greater successes. Indian actor Tiger Shroff looks somewhat similar to him.