Cat Clarke Writer Images, Family, Wedding, Husband Pics, Torn Book Author PicturesCat Clarke is an International bestselling author of the book “Entangled”. She is not much of a famous non-fiction female writer, but this book of her created ripples of success for her. Of all Cat Clarke best-selling books, “entangled” was the most appreciated one and so, in this “Entangled” author Cat Clarke biography; we will try to have a peek in the life and works of this wonderful author. However, she is continuing to focus on her work and this has given the author of “Entangled” a much needed edge over others. While Cat Clarke family background is a bit complex and will be discussed in the next segment of this biography of author Cat Clarke, it is important to understand that she is not like usual authors. She has a different style of writing that hardly matches with any other author and that is her unique selling point. Read on to know more about her:

Cat Clarke Age, Education, Wiki

While Cat Clarke Twitter account is filled with fans and their fandom stories, she used to be this nerdy little girl in high school back in Scotland. While Cat Clarke parents gave birth to her in Zambia, Cat Clarke nationality by birth is Zambian. However, she moved to Scotland soon after and has called it home ever since. Writer Cat Clarke wiki explores about her in detail. Cat Clarke date of birth is 19th November, 1983 and Cat Clarke height should be around 5 feet 5 inches.

As far as Cat Clarke education is concerned, she went to study in Edinburgh in London and learned about history. Even though she did not write much at that time, she was always an avid reader. The author Cat Clarke age is 32 years as of now. To know more about Cat Clarke author profile, read on the next segment of this biography.

Cat Clarke Professional Writing Career

While she was always into writing, Cat Clarke first book did not came out much until after her college years. After returning back to Scotland after finishing college, Cat started wondering what exactly she wanted to do for a living. Amidst this pondering, Cat Clarke blog started and she started writing as a hobby. However, she soon realized her flare for penning things down and became a professional writer.

For the first few years, Cat Clarke writing style mostly related to children’s books including Cat Clarke the lost and the found book, and similar works. She then worked on a few more children’s books like “A Kiss in the Dark” by Cat Clarke, and then thought of taking this to the next level. It was then that the idea of Cat Clarke novels stuck her and she started working on her first novel.

Cat Clarke Best-selling Books

While Cat Clarke books list is pretty long, only three out of them have been serious best-selling novels, namely, “Torn“ by Cat Clarke, “Entangled” and “Undone”. With these books in her kitty, she quickly became one of the best-selling non-fiction female authors. Her other novels include “Falling” and “A Kiss in the Dark.” “Undone” novel by Cat Clarke was the one that focused on the life and struggles of a woman who is in love with her gay friend.

Soon after “Entangled” book author name became recognized, the novelist Cat Clarke bio data had a pretty amazing feather in her hat as now she was known as the bestseller of an international novel. This obviously improved Cat Clarke net worth and made her pick the writing career as the mainstream. She gives partial credit to the poet Lang Leav as well as she is highly inspired by his writings.

Cat Clarke Love Life, Marriage

The gossips about author Cat Clarke love affairs have been very few as Cat Clarke relationships are not much looked into. Given the fact that she is a writer, she keeps it low profile. However, people also made gossips on author Cat Clarke boyfriend and they also connect her love life with her books.

Also, it is important to realise that Cat Clarke dating life is a personal matter and unlike Hollywood celebs, writers like to keep it down. However, her fans would like to know when author Cat Clarke married life begins and when Cat Clarke wedding takes place. Also, the husband of “Entangled” author Cat Clarke would be a lucky man as she is highly talented.

Cat Clarke Writing Style, New Books

Her works and her writing style is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is why her real fans expect Cat Clarke next novel every now and then. However, the chances of Cat Clarke new book are looking thin as of now as she is believed to be struck in a writer’s block. Well that is only as per Cat Clarke latest news and no confirmation on the same is present.

As far as Cat Clarke upcoming books are concerned, we are sure that they all will be just as good as her previous ones and soon her novels will turn into Cat Clarke movies. Also, we are keeping our fingers crossed for Cat Clarke “Entangled” sequel, if and when that happens.