Jennie Runk Bikini Photo-shoots, Wedding, Husband Pics, Hot Images, HD Wallpapers, Family, HeightBeing stick thin as a means of looking perfect has been a matter of severe argument as well as concern in the modeling world. It has been noted also that anorexic models face many health problems because the stigma of the industry needs them to starve and survive on meager portions of incomplete diets. These restrictions on healthy food intake to maintain a particular body size have always put a negative spectrum on the fashion week. The American plus size model Jennie Runk Biography will throw light on how the industry is slowly changing and accepting models of all body size. She has been modeling for big brands for their plus-size apparels and also has not shied away from showing off her cellulite during bikini photo-shoots. We will take a look at her personal life to know how she came to be one of the most successful plus size models in America. She has a huge number of followers in twitter which spreads hope for the millions of overweight people that feel insecure about their body.

Jennie Runk Age, Family, Wiki

Jennie Runk is one of the most famous plus size American models. She was born in Georgia but later moved to Chesterfield, Missouri. The size 14 model became a Girl Scout at age 5 and a Girl Scout leader during her high school years. The model profile also mentions that as a teenager she was part of her high school drama program. Her family background is that of a humble start.

Jennie Runk parents rescued and fostered dogs and she also worked for cat adoption center. Her current age is 26. The height of is 1.78 meter. The date of birth of the model is 13th June, 1989. Jennie Runk Wiki also mentions that she has blue eyes. She completed her education when she graduated from the Parkway West High school in 2007 and also studied Fine Arts during her Bachelor’s degree from Stephen’s College. The model’s nationality is American.

Jennie Runk Modeling Career, Ads

Jennie Runk was first discovered by Mary Clarke of The Mother model agency in 2003 at PetSmart of Chesterfield. She was only 13 then and was given the option to either lose weight or gain weight in order to pursue modeling. She did the unfathomable and gained an extra 10lbs to become size 10 from size 8.

She has done numerous runway fashion shows for Elena Miro. More than ramp walk she has appeared in print media and TV commercials. She has appeared in advertisements of H&M’s Summer 2013 Beachwear Campaign. Although she has not been seen in movies however she has appeared in the ‘Good Morning America’ show.

Jennie Runk Magazine Photo-shoots

Hollywood films rarely happen to plus size models of America however it does not hurt to hope that one day they just might. She signed a modeling contract with the New York agency Wilhelmina Models in 2004 but later moved on to Ford Models for representation. She has appeared in many fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan and has also posed nude for the Shape issue of Glamour and Body Language issue of Vogue. She has also worked with the curvy fashionista Anansa Sims.

Jennie Runk is similar to the likes of Denise Bidot who also carries herself with the same confidence and also has started a movement for the issue of size equality in the industry. Jennie Runk carries herself with the same ease and better than most other mainstream models. She gets the best of both worlds and thrives in the process. Her nude photo-shoot with a few other models was a huge step and it has reaped confidence in many women while questioning if not breaking taboos.

Jennie Runk Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

Jennie Runk did not have a lot of time for love affairs. Once she took up the huge responsibility to spread the gospel of confidence among plus-size girls the prospect of dating went out the window. Her romantic relationships were replaced by feministic views in an industry that has a lot of dogma involved.

She lives with a one-eyed cat named Jasmine instead of a boyfriend. She rarely talks about her love life as most of the time she is busy answering questions about her weight and her take on plus-size. She is not thinking about a marriage right now as she is at the peak of her career. However she would want to have a wedding someday once she has found a man to be her husband.

Jennie Runk Beauty Secrets

The latest news about Jennie Runk is that she has been applauded for her appearance in eh H&M beachwear campaign. Even the company has received many accolades for giving her the chance without any prejudice. Her hairstyle in the campaign is a messy braid that looks amazing on her. Considering the huge success of the campaign it is evident that she will be retained to model for the new collections. Many girls around the world have copied her new haircut.

She is one swimsuit model that will definitely be seen in the upcoming ads. Due to the success of the previous ad campaign her diet plan as well as workout routine has been asked time and again. She has made it clear that she never starves herself and eats healthy and sometimes indulges herself too. She has also said that people mostly misconstrue plus-size as fat which generally equals to ugly.

Jennie Runk New Photo-shoots

Fans are waiting for Jennie Runk new photo-shoots to be revealed. As of now she is firm with Ford Models and does feel the need of the next modeling contract. She does a lot of interviews to talk about self-worth and confidence two things that all teenagers struggle with. Her net worth has still more scope to increase as she lands up with more assignment. One interesting fact about her is that she lives in New York City and her mother had suffered from anorexia during the early year.