Ellen DeGeneres Long Hair, Quotes, House, Wife, Marriage, Hot Toys, Puppy, Lesbian Comedian PhotosThere are numerous people in this world who have fought their way to the top against all odds. The American lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres biography will be such a story. Being a gay (lesbian) in a male dominated society and an industry that is highly prejudiced hasn’t made her journey any easier. But eventually she has won everyone over though her sheer amiability ad comedy. Some of her personal details will be shocking as you may read on. She is one of the most influential people of Hollywood and has also broken records in Twitter for being the most celebrated and re-tweeted star. She is a multi-talented lady who is friends with stars like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp and Rachel Mc Adams. This is a story that is definitely worth reading.

Ellen DeGeneres Age, Family, Education

The family background of the comedienne is that of an ordinary family of four. The biography of comedian Ellen DeGeneres tells that she is of a mix of French, Irish, English German descent but her nationality is American. The parents of Ellen DeGeneres raised her as a Christian scientist until the age of 13. Her current age is 58. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches approximately.

The date of birth of Ellen DeGeneres is 26th January, 1958. The comedienne Ellen DeGeneres wiki also mentions that her middle name is Lee. She completed most of her education from the Grace Kind High School in Metairie, Louisina. Post the separation of their parents, she moved to Atlanta with her mother and step-father and graduated from the Atlanta High School in May 1976.

She attended the University of New Orleans and majored in Communication Studies. Her sexuality has been under the public scrutiny for a long time but not anymore. She has confirmed she is homosexual. She has only one sibling. She has a brother named Vance who is a musician and producer. Her birthplace is Metairie.

Ellen DeGeneres Wiki, Early Career

Her first job was as a clerk at J C Penney. She also worked as a waitress at T.G.I Friday’s. After this she also took a number of odd jobs like a house painter, hostess and even a bartender. She started performing at stand-up comedy shows at small clubs and coffee houses. By 1981 she was the emcee at Clyde’s Comedy Club, New Orleans. Her one-liners outline her early experiences at those odd jobs that she took up growing up.

In comedy, she says that her main influences have been Woody Allen and Steve Martin. A major milestone in her career happened in 1982 when Showtime named her the funniest person in America. She delivers comedy with an ease that says funny s her second skin. In the late 1980s and the early 1990s she got noticed for her funny bone and stage presence and hence got many movie offers.

Ellen DeGeneres Movies, TV Series

She did a few films like ‘Conehead’ and remained a lasting member of the television. She got a regular role in the sitcom ‘Open House’. Through the few roles she got, Ellen DeGeneres was able to prove her mettle and soon she was seen in ‘These Friends of Mine’ which was later renamed to be called ‘Ellen’. One of the highest rated episodes of the show is ‘The Puppy Episode’ as it showed her coming out of the closet about her sexual orientation to the so-called therapist Oprah Winfrey. This marked the height of her career.

But this coming out hampered her relation with “The Walt Disney Company” as they couldn’t decide whether she (he) being openly lesbian (gay) was good for business or not and hence cancelled her show. She returned to stand-up comedy again and slowly established herself as a talk show host. This is how ‘The Ellen Show’ was born. It showed her with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rita Rudner, and Sharon Osborne. It is one of the top rated shows.

Ellen DeGeneres Awards, Fame, Books

She has also won 25 Emmy awards for the first three seasons. With the support of her sponsors she gives away a lot of prizes to her studio audience and also indulges in a lot of charity work as well. Her TV show is still one of the most watched shows in television. Apart from being a comedian, she has also been seen as a dancer in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ where she danced with Twitch.

She has also hosted international events like the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. One of the one-liners that solicited Ellen DeGeneres a standing ovation was ‘What would bug the Taliban more that seeing a gay woman in a suit surrounded by Jews?’ She has also written 5 books on myriad subjects like lifestyle, cooking and comedy. ‘Seriously I’m Kidding’ was released in 2011 and her latest is ‘Home – the art of effortless design’. In 2012 she has also released a book on vegan cooking.

Ellen DeGeneres Love Life, Marriage, Wife

Ellen DeGeneres Wife Photos, Wedding Pictures, Portia de Rossi Hot Images, Girlfriend, KidsEllen DeGeneres has had numerous love affairs since the time she announced that she was lesbian (gay). In 1997 she was seen dating Anne Heche. But the couple split in 2000. After that she had a relationship with Alexandra Hedison from 2001 to 2004. But in 2004 the real love story started between Ellen and Portia de Rossi. Although Ellen had a few struggles in her professional post the announcement of her sexual orientation.

Everything eventually smoothed out when she met her then girlfriend and now wife, Portia de Rossi. Their marriage was made public as Ellen showed pictures of the same in her show. They do not have children but do have 4 dogs. Their wedding date is 16th August, 2008. Ellen DeGeneres wife also legally changed her name after marriage to become Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth, Upcoming Comedy Shows

The latest news about Ellen can be found on the official website of her show. Some interesting facts about her are that she is also involved in humanitarianism work and is also a strong supporter of animal rights. Ellen DeGeneres net worth $200 million and her salary per year is $65 million.

She lives with her wife cum partner at their Beverly Hills house. Her fans always wait for her new comedy show and upcoming stand-up comedy events. Ellen DeGeneres comedy show tickets are available online on her official website. It is also expected that she will going to see in next Hollywood movie soon.