Author John Green Wiki, Books, Movies, Wife PicsJohn Green is a popular American author, video blogger and a dynamic person who has inspired many young minds all across the globe. He is also the creator of many online educational videos that has made learning an easy and fun programme. He has written many wonderful novels and readers are in awe of him for his exemplary notions reflected in the writings. John Green author profile is graced by many prestigious awards and recognition’s for John Green best-selling books and novels. John Green author of the fault in our stars have been bestowed with all the success and fame that the movie owes to him for the brilliant story-line. With a view to let the readers know about John Green books list here is a short and brief John Green writer biography that shall talk about his personal and professional niches. It shall unfurl various significant details related to his life that has made him among the top 100 influential people of the world and one of the most celebrated novelists.

Author John Green Age and Education Details

John Green has engraved his name as a popular novelist and is best known for his notable works which include “Looking for Alaska”, “Paper Town”, and “The Fault in our Stars”, etc. John Green full name is John Michael green and he was born in Indianapolis in US. John Green date of birth is August 24th, 1977. John Green age is 37 years. He was born in Indiana to Sydney and Mike Green. During his childhood he traversed across many places and finally settled in Orlando in Florida. This traveling has also fostered the notions for John Green first book “Looking for Alaska”.

John Green education and graduation degree was acquired from Kenyon College in the year 2000. He has secured a double major in Religious Studies and English. John Green has had an unperturbed life amidst books and studies and has been a voracious reader all throughout. The only disappointment in his teens was the bullying boys who messed up his life then. John Green family background was a simple and ethical family and they have helped Green to overcome misery of such childhood agonies.

John Green sister has been his best companion and has helped him cope-up with the misery of being bullied on John Green first day of school and all through his miserable days of teen. John Green wished to become an Episcopal priest but he had spent his early life in a children’s hospital who were engulfed by life-risk diseases. This motivated him to pen his most celebrated and talked about novel “The Fault in our Stars”.

American Author John Green Wiki

John Green had garnered several life experiences from right from his innocent days of childhood. After completing his education he had shifted to Chicago where he worked as a production editor for Booklist which was a book review journal. During this time he has critiques several nooks and also got ideas about the way in which novels are inked.

John Green author wiki has been invigorated with such experiences of his life and further writings. He had astounded the world right with John Green debut novel “Looking for Alaska” that even laureled with Printz Awards in the year 2006.

With years passing by John Green best books list include his most notable and commendable writings like An Abundance of Katherines, Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances, Paper Towns and some more. John Green best books in order are also mentioned in John Green author website and a gist of each is also available. Readers have been speechless and greatly moved after reading his exquisite works and John Green author Facebook page has been flooded with their tweets and messages.

Apart from John Green love story books, fiction novels. John Green quotes on life are also an inspiration and readers keep waiting for John Green upcoming books. He is an incredibly versatile writer and his work has always left jaw-dropping impression on every reader.

John Green writings have enthralled the readers so much so that is has even inspired eminent filmmakers to adapt movies based on the stories. The film adaptation of his latest novel “Fault in our Stars” have performed stupendously in Box Office and the movie has created a thunder with regards to box office success and records. E.L James is another author who book has inspired movie adaptation.

Author John Green Novels and Writings

The notable and versatile John Greens has embossed his name among the most influential people across the globe not just for his writings alone but also for being a video blogger. He launched “VBlogBrothers” channel that he runs along with his brother Hank Green and have intercepted this educational channel on online teaching of various subjects. American author John Green biography so far has spoken about his early life inspirations and motivation that have helped him pen his first novel. Now it shall talk about more books by John Green and film adaptations.

His first novel “Looking for Alaska” was a romance inspired from his own life experience. The book witnessed humongous appreciation and response from the readers and he has even been anointed with many awards. His 3rd book Paper Towns was a best-seller book for children and it ranked number 5 on the august The New York Times best-seller list.

John Green Adult Fiction Books

John Green adult fiction book “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” have also garnered him 2 annual ALA awards and the Odyssey Award which has made John Green popular adult fiction authors all across the globe. The fault in our stars author John Green marked an outstanding panache with this novel which became a landmark success. The novel was made into a film that hit the theatres on June 6th, 2014. This was one of John Green first movie inspired from his novels.

Most of his novels have received grand response and is regarded as a treat to language and notions for the brilliant way in which the story is inked. John Green movies list has just began and people are already anticipating more of John Green novels into movies and are anxiously waiting for John Green next film. John Green is a venerated writer who has dilated his work beyond mere life niches and has enthralled people with the cream and icing of his ideas and language.

Author John Green Marriage, Wife Sarah Urist

The biography of John green has talked about his professional achievements and various commendable novels and writings. It shall now talk about John Green personal life and reveal adult fiction author John Green personal details. He lives in Indiana with his wife. After reading his novels people are keen about his personal love tale. Though nothing has been spoken about John Green first love or about John Green love affairs but it is known that he has traversed a long way in his happy married life.

He got married on May 21st, 2006. John Green wife name is Sarah Urist Green. This suffices for people who wondered is John Green married and were curious about John Green girlfriend. She has worked as the creator of contemporary art in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

John Green wife art is also well-appreciated in her nation. In videos of “VBlogchannel” she is referred as “The Yeti”. She had a video chat with President Obama in which she asked him if she could name their first child Eleanor or Alice. Soon after that John Green wife pregnant news got confirmed and John Green with his wife has two children now.

Author John Green Kids

John Green son name is Henry and John Green daughter Alice are the bundles of joy in the couple’s life. John has faced certain ups and down in his life but during all this time John Green wife Sarah Urist have been there with an unfailing support and love that has helped him overcome the bitterness. John Green wife and son are the best part of the author’s life and he owes his success and fame to them.

John Green marriage photos and John Green wife pics are posted on some sites though not in many popular ones. John is a big fan of Liverpool F.C. and has publicly spoken about English football many a times. John Green love life and professional life is well balances owing to the peace and harmony at his home. His wife is his true lucky charm.

Author John Green Landmark Success

John Green has authored several books but his notable and best-selling works have risen to prodigious success and fame. His rapid rise to success and fame has received a new face with John Green new novel The Fault in our Stars. “The Fault in our Stars” author name John Green is now known to all movie fans who have been moved by the story and got eager about “The Fault in our Stars” author biography.

The movie unfurled an amazing story that moved every viewer. This John Green new movie has stirred the thought in many viewers about who is the author of “The Fault in our Stars” movie and motivated them to get his other novels and writings.

An interview about John Green by Shailene Woodley who is the actress in the hit flick The Fault in our Stars has unveiled many fascinating facts about the making of the movie and her deep liking for the novel. John Green “The Fault in our Stars” quotes have also become a major attraction and highly inspirational.

This has invigorated and ascended John Green author net worth and he is regarded as one of most popular authors in the world. People are curious about John Green next book signing and John Green movie auditions that shall possibly be based on his best-selling novels. His writings appear truly genuine, heart-melting and immensely captivating.