Roman Reigns Family, Kids, Superman Punch Wallpapers, GirlfriendRoman Reigns is a professional wrestler and is currently working with the world’s biggest wrestling company, WWE. He is best known for his strength and ring skills. This is one reason why Roman Reigns fight record is such a massive success as Roman Reigns fighting style is impressive as well as technically good. As Roman Reigns theme song plays in the arena, all his fans go crazy and in this WWE wrestler Roman Reigns biography, we will discuss about his professional success in the middle section. However, very little is known about Roman Reigns family background as the wrestling fans only want to see these stars wrestle. But this biography of American wrestler Roman Reigns by Youth Developers will cover all the various aspects of his life. Also, as Roman Reigns wiki would confirm, there are many aspects to Roman Reigns personal life and his professional career, which we will cover.

Roman Reigns Age, Real Name, Family Details

Roman Reigns real name is Leati Joseph Anoai and in the wrestler Leati Joseph Anoai biography, his personal details and other statistics will be discussed in this section. Born in the year 1985, Roman Reigns date of birth is May 25th and so, wrestler Roman Reigns age is 30 years as of now. Being an athlete, Roman Reigns height is one of his best assets as he stands 1.91 meters tall while his weight is 120 Kilograms.

Also, his profession requires him to have Roman Reigns abs which makes him look hotter in the ring. It is believed that Roman Reigns WWE ranking jumped up a few spots due to his stunning body. Well, some of the credit can also be given to Roman Reigns tattoos. As regards Roman Reigns parents, nothing much is known about his mother but his father and Roman Reigns brother are professional wrestlers. To extend to his family, there is nothing known about Roman Reigns sister.

Speaking of his family, by extension, Roman Reigns and The Rock relationship is of cousin brothers. Yes, we are talking about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. When the news about Roman Reigns brother Rock came out, several other facts came out like Roman Reigns is also a cousin to Umaga, Rikishi and a few more wrestlers. During a particular period of time, Roman Reigns brother Dean Ambrose was also a misconception, but Dean and Roman are just good friends.

Also, there was believed to be some relationship between Roman Reigns and Bohemia but turns out, none has confirmed us on this. Born and brought up in Florida, Roman Reigns nationality is American and so, Roman Reigns education was also persuaded in the typical American manner. He has a management degree.

Professional Wrestling Career of Roman Reigns

Many people speak about Roman Reigns best match but his struggle is mostly unseen. Right from Roman Reigns first match till date, he continues to woo his fans and this is one reason why WWE Roman Reigns merchandise is an all sold out including Roman Reigns t shirts and Roman Reigns Mask, every time.

Roman started his WWE career in the year 2010 and since then, Roman Reigns signature moves have been winning over his fans. In all Roman Reigns best fights, his ring skills are applauded when he ends the match with Roman Reigns superman punch. Initially in the year 2010, Reigns performed as a solo and what took away his fans hearts was Roman Reigns first spear as he did it almost like Edge.

Soon after Roman Reigns raw debut, he began to gather publicity and sooner than that, Roman Reigns controversy began to flee. He was always in the news, either due to Roman Reigns new look or due to Roman Reigns injury. This became a serious issue with Roman Reigns surgery and when he couldn’t wrestle for several months. In fact, he can even draw the crowd with Roman Reigns new tattoo. But the WWE management thought that Roman Reigns in Smack down suited more than he did in RAW as his match with Roman Reigns vs John Cena in a main event in Smack down got the most viewers.

A few months later, Roman Reigns in royal rumble also performed amazingly and he found a permanent place in Smack down. This was one of the main highlights of wrestler Roman Reigns bio data and his glorious career in wrestling continues to bloom.

Roman Reigns Movies, Matches

Also, he played as a professional footballer for a short period of time but that was during his college days. Now his interests lie in Hollywood and everybody is waiting for Roman Reigns movie role to be disclosed soon. As per Roman Reigns latest news, he would probably be signing Roman Reigns new movie anytime soon and his fans would get to see Roman Reigns movies which would be a completely different side of his. Well, at least Roman Reigns net worth would shoot up like anything if he decided to come into Hollywood as Roman Reigns income would come from 2 of the most money making industries in the world.

Well, this was all about Roman Reigns upcoming movies but as far as Roman Reigns upcoming matches are concerned, some great opportunities lie in front of his career. A Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar match is expected at the upcoming Wrestlemania and this match is believed to be as awesome as Roman Reigns vs Big Show was. To know more about his love life, read on:

Roman Reigns Marriage, Wife, Daughter

Roman Reigns Wife Photos, Name, Age, Nationality, Daughter PicsThe rumours about Roman Reigns love affairs are a part of his job and the talks about Roman Reigns and Paige dating could be mere business. This is how Roman Reigns love life is portrayed to his fans onscreen, as a rooster. However, some people believed that Roman Reigns and Paige relationship was real and that when Roman Reigns and Paige breakup took place, their fans were heartbroken.

However, soon before we could correctly guess about Roman Reigns girlfriend name, he caught everybody by surprise and wrestler Roman Reigns married his long-time girlfriend, Galina Becker. While talks were being made about Roman Reigns girlfriend ethnicity and her background, Roman Reigns wedding date was announced in the year 2014 and soon everybody saw Roman Reigns with his wife in various award functions.

A weird part about Roman Reigns Galina Becker love story is that the couple has a daughter together even before they married and Roman Reigns daughter name is Joelle Anoa’i. Roman Reigns wife Galina Becker is an American model and wife of wrestler Roman Reigns was voted amongst the hottest wives and girlfriends of 2014.

To speak of their relationship, Roman Reigns Galina Becker age difference is only 2 years and the couple makes it a delight to watch them this as even better when she was known as WWE wrestler Roman Reigns fiancé as there was still some mystery left in the relationship. However, the media loves the couple anyway as there are always gossips about Roman Reigns Galina Becker divorce and Roman Reigns wife pregnant.