India A Portrait Author Patrick French Biography, BooksPatrick French is an eminent and venerated British historian and writer who has written some amazing novels and won several accolades and prestigious accords. This British writer has traversed to many places across the globe and has reflected the beauty that he has witnessed in his novels. Writer Patrick French biography gives a brief detail on his career, books, inclination towards literature and personal life. Biography of French Patrick shall also familiarize you with his works from early life and the awards and honors he has garnered. He has also been a member of the Parliament and been a part of executive committee. Author Patrick French profile has thus been dilated beyond books to governmental departments and he has emerged as a popular personality.

Patrick French Age, Family Background

Patrick French is a British writer and was born in UK. Patrick French date of birth is March 5th, 1966. Patrick French age is nearly 48 years. Patrick French parents had recognized his penchant for literature and had encouraged him to pursue his dream of being a writer. Patrick French family background represents staunch ethics and principles and hence the writer has inculcated moral values right in his formative years.

He had a flair for writing and always inked whatever tapped his mind. Patrick French education was accomplished from the University of Edinburgh where he secures education on American literature and English. He is the author of many best-selling books and has earned prodigious name as an illustrious writer.

Author Patrick French Wiki

Patrick French loves travelling around the world and this has been inked in his books. Author Patrick French Blog shares more information given by him on his interests and writings. Patrick French books have received immense appreciation. Patrick French Wiki gives you a ride on his books and works that have earned him honors and august recognition’s. Patrick French first book is “Young husband: The Last Great Imperial Adventurer” which was published in the year 1994.

“Patrick French India: A Portrait” is among the Patrick French famous books which also include The World is What It Is, Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of A Lost Land and many more. Patrick French Naipaul had stormed as blazing news that won him National Book Critics Circle award. The book was based on an authorized biography on the V.S. Naipaul who had been anointed as Noble Laureate.

Writer Patrick French Books and Career

Patrick French was passionate for writing and had hence studies literature in his college. His books have won him elite prizes and recognition’s. The Last Great Imperial Adventurer in the year 1994 had won him Somerset Maugham Award and W.H. Heinemann prize. Patrick French Liberty and Death was published in the year 1997 and earned him brickbats and accords in equal parts. Patrick French London Sunday Times award had recognized him as one of the most talented and youngest authors in the world.

French third book Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of A Lost Land was published in the year 2003 that had even accelerated his career to arrange a meeting with Dalai Lama. Patrick French The World Is What It Is was published in the year 2008. His books are a narrative of economic and social revolutions that have transformed India and given birth to new notions.

Patrick French Latest News

Patrick French has grown with the passage of time and his life experiences have given him ideas and thoughts of writing engrossing and beautiful novels. Apart from being, “India: A Portrait” author Patrick French was also the founding member of India-UK Round Table. Patrick French net worth has now touched golden heights and Patrick French last novel India: A Portrait has raised anticipation among his adorers and readers who are anxiously waiting for Patrick French upcoming novels.

Patrick has written a few novels but they have all emerged as French Patrick successful novels and have enabled people to view the social and economic niches of people’s life from a different angle. Patrick French books 2014 have not been heard of any yet but people are expecting another treat from the author. The author lives in the mind and soul of his readers who have been spellbound by his works and writing.

Patrick French Marriage

Patrick French has been immersed in literature and poetries in his life and hence his personal life has also been embellished by his aesthetic and artistic outlooks. Patrick French Marriage has not been much highlighted but Patrick French second wife name is known. Is Patrick French married second time? a baffling question found its answer when Patrick French wife name Meru Gokhale was aired in news. This is his second marriage and Patrick French wedding pics are seen on some sites and pages.

Patrick French wife profile is also popular as she is the Editorial Director at the Random House in India. She is also the daughter of publisher and author Namita Gokhale. Patrick French kids and Patrick French family pics have been tried to capture by media but not much information has been garnered about them. This British author has inspired many young and talented authors like Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta and many others to give their stories an incredible touch and lucid and captivating language that shall glue every reader and make the books a page turner.