Kenny Sebastian Family, Girlfriend Pics, Birthday, Wedding, Wife Images, YouTube Channel, VideosThe scene of stand-up comedy has seen a major rise and popularity in the country over the past couple of years. There are a number of young comedians in the country who not only seem to be gaining a lot of recognition, but are also changing the way comedy is accepted in India. The stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian biography will talk about a normal guy got attracted towards the profession and decided to do it full time. Kenny Sebastian comedy shows are hilarious. The guy has a knack for sending his audiences into splits. Kenny Sebastian YouTube Channel had become an instant hit, and today it has millions of views. We will look into Kenny Sebastian comedian profile to decode the process in which content for comedy is made. He is one of the most famous Indian male stand-up comedians.

Kenny Sebastian Family, Age, Wiki

The biography of comedian Kenny Sebastian is going to show how he got conditioned into doing standup. Kenny Sebastian family background is a middle class family with a Defence background. This practically means he had to move a lot around the country. Kenny Sebastian age is 26. Kenny Sebastian height is 5 feet 5 inches approx. Kenny Sebastian date of birth is 31 December, 1990.

The comedian Kenny Sebastian wiki also mentions that he is observational skills were honed during his early years as they were moving a lot and meeting people from different backgrounds. Kenny Sebastian education happened from Chitrakal Parishath. He studied painting. Kenny Sebastian images were from the days when he had longer hair.

Kenny Sebastian nationality is Indian. Kenny Sebastian full name is Kenneth Sebastian which has been shortened for a stage name. Kenny Sebastian pics show a very well groomed guy in semi formals looking all smart and savvy. Although he did used to have long hair and an eccentric look but then he cleaned up at one point of time.

Kenny Sebastian Early Career, Comedy Films

The comedian Kenny Sebastian started making films when he was 15. He started doing that with the helped of his friend’s camera. At age 23 Kenny Sebastian had already directed 12 short films as well as 2 feature films. At present Kenny Sebastian earns his living by doing comedy tours. He has traveled the world during his performances. The facts that Kenny Sebastian personal life has been so interesting and diverse helps him create fresh content for his comedy.

Kenny Sebastian first comedy show was way back when he was just 19. He had participated in an IIT Delhi comedy competition and he had actually made it to the top 10. That’s when he knew this was it. Kenny Sebastian YouTube comedy videos are viral on the online space and have a lot of hits. Some of the videos of Kenny Sebastian are hashtagged as “Insidesout” which was a series he did in India.

Kenny Sebastian Comedy Shows, TV Series

Kenny Sebastian new comedy show is not a mainstream show but are a collation of videos of his live performances. Kenny Sebastian has been in the circuit for a long time now and his last comic standing has been one of the best.
Kenny Sebastian does a lot of live performances. Kenny Sebastian tour dates are available on the home page of his official website Kenny Sebastian has had the privilege to collaborate with a lot of online stars and Kanan Gill of ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ was one of them.

The comedian Kenny Sebastian one liners’ are used as tweets and Facebook updates by his fans. The comedian Kenny Sebastian manager is Only Much Louder. He is one of the most famous male comedians of India who came out very early onto YouTube. Kenny Sebastian has also written and directed a season of ‘The Living Room’ for the popular channel Comedy Central.

The comedian Kenny Sebastian bio data mentions that he has also launched a blues album called ‘Balance’. Kenny Sebastian net worth will increase with time as he still has a lot of time to do a lot of wonderful things. Kenny Sebastian Twitter has a ton of followers and he is very active on the platform. Recently he has advised people on not buying pirated movies and that affects the ranking and success of the film.

Kenny Sebastian Love Life, Marriage

Kenny Sebastian has done a lot of comedy whose subject was love affairs. Although in general the comedian Kenny Sebastian would never talk about his love life but sometimes he lets it slips in the course of his performances. In one of the shows Kenny Sebastian had said that he had been dating a girl for 3 years and things were starting to get serious.

Kenny Sebastian uses his experiences from the relationship he has with people to generate comedy content. The comedian Kenny Sebastian is not married yet. Kenny Sebastian wedding date has not been decided yet as he is much too young to be thinking about it. Kenny Sebastian wife name has not been decided yet whoever she might be will be very blessed to have a funny husband.

Kenny Sebastian Latest Buzz

Kenny Sebastian latest news says that he will be on tour very soon. Kenny Sebastian had directed one of the TV shows of Comedy Central. His personal favorites are ‘Whose Line is it anyway?’ and ‘Seinfield’. Kenny Sebastian has also got editing credits in movies. Kenny Sebastian next comedy performance will be in Bangalore and Kolkata.

The date and time of the shows are displayed on his official website. Kenny Sebastian website also has a blog where he puts up a lot of hilarious content. Kenny Sebastian upcoming comedy shows are still in the pipeline and have not been officially announced yet. Apart from this he has his own production studio called “SuperHuman Studioz”.