Aalia Ebrahim Hot Pics, HD Bikini Wallpapers, Boyfriend, Movies, Pooja Bedi Daughter PhotoshootsStar kids are taking over the movie industry. Expectations bog them down, some are able to perform and some fail. Many of the actors and actresses have let their Pooja Bedi daughter Aalia Ebrahim biography. We will be taking a look at Aalia Ebrahim personal life. She has grown up to be a gorgeous woman now and maybe that’s one of the reasons why Aalia Ebrahim Twitter handle has a lot of followers. The instagram account of this star kid has a lot of Aalia Ebrahim hot pics. There are a lot of interesting facts about Aalia Ebrahim and we will discuss it. The Pooja Bedi daughter name is also common of that of Alia Bhatt who is also very pretty. Aalia Ebrahim actress profile is going to be the topic of discussion in the net section. The hot Aalia Ebrahim images show a grown up girl with a beautiful persona. Her parents got divorced in 2003 and maybe some influences of that separation can be seen in her.

Aalia Ebrahim Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of Aalia Ebrahim will be quite an interesting one. Aalia Ebrahim family background is that she comes from a very wealthy family. Aalia Ebrahim parents belong to the film industry. Aalia Ebrahim has a lot of resemblance to her father, Guetta Ebrahim Furniturewalla. Aalia Ebrahim mother is Pooja Bedi who has appeared in many films. Aalia Ebrahim age is 18. Aalia Ebrahim height is 5 feet 5 inches.

Aalia Ebrahim date of birth is around 1995. Aalia Ebrahim wiki also mentions that she is going to enter the film industry. Aalia Ebrahim education qualifications are still in the process, meaning she is still studying. Aalia Ebrahim brother name is Omar. Aalia Ebrahim has many photographs with her brother. The siblings Aalia Ebrahim and Omar have been raised in a very progressive environment. Aalia Ebrahim bio data is going to be crucial as she might be the next star of Bollywood.

Aalia Ebrahim Photo-shoots, Bollywood Debut

Aalia Ebrahim Bollywood debut is yet to happen. Aalia Ebrahim has a perfect figure size and this will help her land many roles. Aalia Ebrahim has a perfect body type for modeling. Many photographs have been broadcast of Aalia Ebrahim in a bikini, and that makes us believe that she will be excellent subject for photo-shoots.

Aalia Ebrahim photograph in a skirt is absolutely ravishing. More revealing photographs of Aalia Ebrahim are uploaded on Instagram. Though it is quite early for Aalia Ebrahim to be in any new movie, her namesake had also started around the same age.

It is needless to say that very soon Aalia Ebrahim will be doing her next sexy photo-shoot and this time it will be official. Aalia Ebrahim net worth is very less as of now. She has just come under the public eye. However we do expect great things from the daughter of Pooja Bedi. Fans will soon start waiting for Aalia Ebrahim movies.

Aalia Ebrahim Love Life, Relationships

Aalia Ebrahim relationships are under wraps as of now. It will take some more time to find out Aalia Ebrahim boyfriend name. According to the sources, Aalia Ebrahim has been dating a guy but the identity has been a secret so far. Aalia Ebrahim love affairs will slowly unfold when she starts to socialize more and more. Aalia Ebrahim love life is going to be very well protected till then.

It is too soon to be thinking about Aalia Ebrahim marriage. We are sure that the 18 year old Aalia Ebrahim is not thinking about her wedding. The boyfriend of Aalia Ebrahim must be very lucky to have such a sexy hotshot to call his own.

Aalia Ebrahim Latest Buzz

Aalia Ebrahim latest news is that she has received a lot of flak for constantly posting revealing photos of herself on the social media. Aalia Ebrahim controversy was when she publicly said something about being more than her womanly assets which is all she has been flaunting lately. It was kind of hypocritical.

Aalia Ebrahim hairstyle is very ordinary except for that it is colored. Aalia Ebrahim beauty secrets are that she has got her mother’s genes. Aalia Ebrahim latest tweets has been very controversial and been getting a lot of attention. What many do not know is that the girl has two tattoos as well, one on both shoulders which is a pair of wings and the other of her left under arm.