Ritesh Agarwal OYO Rooms CEO Pics, Oravel Founder Photos, Net Worth, WeddingRitesh Agarwal is a young Indian entrepreneur and founder of OYO Rooms, an organization that offers budget rooms for the travelers, young couples, and family members who was on a trip and looking for rooms. This young and talented CEO of OYO Rooms has been awarded several recognition’s and is well renowned as Ritesh Agarwal success story features a guy with a brilliant mind. In his biography, we will try to touch upon the various aspects of his life including his personal life and his ladder to being the Top 50 entrepreneurs of the year 2013. However, it is a little tricky to write the biography of Ritesh Agarwal as he has achieved so much at such a young age.

Ritesh Agarwal Age, Family, Wiki

Born in Cuttack, Orissa, Ritesh Agarwal date of birth is 16th November, 1993 which makes OYO rooms founder age to be only 21 years. Surprising, isn’t it? Speaking of Ritesh Agarwal family background, he comes from a business family and so, business is in his veins. He is better known as Ritesh Agarwal Oravel founder as the first organisation he created was called Oravel which later he converted to OYO Rooms. Born and brought up in Cuttack, Ritesh Agarwal nationality is Indian.

Since forever, Ritesh Agarwal parents have insisted upon the good quality of Ritesh Agarwal education but his aptitude is much better than the regular textbooks require. As Ritesh Agarwal wiki would confirm, Ritesh Agarwal net worth today is in millions already as he is associated with over 350 hotels India-wide. Through this, we can assume that OYO rooms founder name is very famous all over India. To know more about his professional success, read on the next segment.

Professional Career of Ritesh Agarwal

In this OYO rooms CEO Ritesh Agarwal biography by Youth Developers, we promised that we would talk about all the aspects of his life. Well, this part is about his professional success. At the young age of 13, this boy took Ritesh Agarwal first project whereby he travelled across various parts of the country and analysed how the hotel system works here.

It would be right to say that Oravel founder Ritesh Agarwal bio data started right then as he understood much more at that age than most entrepreneurs would understand even in their 30s. Also, he calls this experience as Ritesh Agarwal first job as it gave him one hell of an experience.

OYO Rooms CEO Ritesh Agarwal Success Story

As OYO rooms founder wiki would confirm, he started his first venture in the year 2012 with the name Oravel Stays which contained a line of bed and breakfast stays. However, with the figures of Ritesh Agarwal annual turnover from that business, he realised that he needed more to Indian hotels than just a bed and breakfast concept.

In yet another Ritesh Agarwal interview, he confirmed that he wanted to create something for the budget traveller in India, and so, the concept of OYO rooms in India stuck him one day. With the initial plan launched with OYO rooms in Delhi and subsequently with OYO rooms in Bangalore, this young entrepreneur took the hotel industry by storm.

In the year 2013, Ritesh Agarwal Thiel fellowship was applied for and he received a grant worth $1,00,000 and became the first ever Asian to have received a Thiel Fellowship. This was when the association of Ritesh Agarwal and Peter Thiel bought him and his business that much needed limelight. Eventually, Ritesh Agarwal new start-up turned into a huge countrywide fame and success. Due to this, famous entrepreneurs like Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook and Bipin Preet Singh from Mobikwik have also praised his talent.

As of now, all eyes are on Ritesh Agarwal next project and as per Ritesh Agarwal latest news, Ritesh might be onto taking his business abroad. Several big names in the industry are looking for Ritesh Agarwal contact details so that they can contact him for business propositions.

However, Ritesh Agarwal mail id would be easy to find through his official website. Well, this was all about Ritesh Agarwal personal details and his professional achievements, let’s discuss about his love life and the future prospects. Continue reading:

Entrepreneur Ritesh Agarwal Personal Life

Being a young and handsome entrepreneur that he is, there are obvious rumours about Ritesh Agarwal love affairs but never has it been officially revealed that who is Ritesh Agarwal dating. However, there is always much Ritesh Agarwal controversy about his girlfriend and how badly the media wants to know about Ritesh Agarwal love life. Well, it is believed that Ritesh Agarwal relationships are very personal to him and not anytime soon are we going to hear about Ritesh Agarwal girlfriend.

In fact, the media has already started talking about Ritesh Agarwal marriage and some writers even went as far as talking about prospective Ritesh Agarwal wedding date. Well, he is only 21 now and probably too busy in his career. So, there is no point talking about Ritesh Agarwal wife anytime soon. But we hope that the wife of OYO rooms founder Ritesh Agarwal would be an aspiring entrepreneur just like the way he is.