Martin Guptill HD Wallpapers, 237 Runs Highlights, Family, Girlfriend Photos, Longest SixCricketers have long been the apple of every one’s eye and with huge fan following and longer screen space who will not follow them. Today the topic of discussion is New Zealand cricketer Martin Guptill biography. The cricketer Martin Guptill has shot many centuries which finally has led to Martin Guptill records. Hence today we will explore Martin Guptill personal life. Martin Guptill Twitter has a huge number of followers. So without further ado let’s get into the details. Martin Guptill batsman profile is very strong and Martin Guptill playing style is very simple, he is a right handed batsman who generally opens and he is a right arm off-break bowler. Martin Guptill net worth is on the rise because he has been performing brilliantly.

Martin Guptill Age, Family, Wiki

Martin Guptill family background is that of a family from New Zealand. Martin Guptill parents are quite proud of their son’s success. The cricketer Martin Guptill age is 29 as the batsman Martin Guptill date of birth is 30 September, 1986. Martin Guptill height is 6 feet 2 inches. Martin Guptill HD wallpapers show a well built man with a very fit body as mentioned by cricketer Martin Guptill wiki.

Martin Guptill education happened in Avondale College and it was from there that he first played cricket in his school’s XI team. Martin Guptill nationality is New Zealand. Martin Guptill religion is Christian. Martin Guptill test match debut happened on 18 March, 2009 against India. The biography of cricketer Martin Guptill is going to get more interesting when you read his cricketing statistics.

Cricketer Martin Guptill ODI Debut

Martin Guptill first class record seems to be quite good. He has won many ‘Man of the Match’ awards. Martin Guptill first wicket was on 14 December, 2009 against Pakistan and the wicket was a ‘caught and bowled’. Martin Guptill first test century was against Bangladesh in 2010. Martin Guptill ODI debut happened in 10 January, 2009 against West Indies. Martin Guptill ODI centuries are quite well known as he holds a few records in it.

Cricketer Martin Guptill Records

Martin Guptill double century in world cup is internationally famous. He scored 237 off 163 balls. Martin Guptill 237 highlights bolted him into further stardom. Martin Guptill recent scores are still good. Martin Guptill fastest fifty was in 28 December, 2015 and it was accomplished only in 17 balls.

Martin Guptill IPL auction price was not there because he does not play the IPL. He is one of the unsold players. Martin Guptill batting average is 41.16 in ODI and 28.52 in test matches. The batsman Martin Guptill bio data has been explained above. Martin Guptill world cup record is about the double century he scored against West Indies.

Although Martin Guptill and Phil Hughes were adversaries at best during action, however the former had a great respect because when Phil died, Martin tweeted that he was sad about the demise. Much like Dale Steyn, Martin could reach great heights too. Martin Guptill 93 runs vs Sri Lanka was a great match that was entertaining till the very end.

Martin Guptill had suffered a serious injury from an accident quite early in his life. He had lost 3 toes in a forklift accident and hence later got nicknamed as ‘Two Toes’. Martin Guptill 237 runs vs West Indies is what made him famous as a great player. Martin Guptill fastest century was supposed to score against Sri Lanka with 93 off 30 ball but couldn’t as he lost his wicket.

Cricketer Martin Guptill Marriage, Wife

Martin Guptill Wife Pics, Laura McGoldrick Hot Images, Wedding, ChildrenMartin Guptill wife name is Laura McGoldrick. His wife’s is one of the names in the top New Zealand cricketers’ wives. Martin Guptill love affairs were a simple one. The cricketer Martin Guptill’s love life is graced with the presence of TV star Laura McGoldrick.

She had been Martin Guptill’s girlfriend for a long time before tying the knot. Martin Guptill had been dating the TV presenter for 2 years since 2011. Laura McGoldrick first met him at an interview that she was doing back in 2011 for ‘The Cricket Show’. And since then Laura McGoldrick and martin Guptill entered into a relationship.

He is one of the married cricketers of New Zealand. The wife of New Zealand batsman, Martin Guptill is very pretty and talented and has a very stable relationship. Martin Guptill and Laura McGoldrick age difference is not much and Martin Guptill’s wife is not yet pregnant as they have been married since a year only and they are taking their own sweet time enjoying this new phase of their lives. However Martin Guptill does plan to have children one day.

He is one of the most well regarded New Zealand married cricketers. Martin Guptill wife profession is that of a TV presenter. She is a high profile celebrity like her husband. Laura has been tagged as one of the best things that has happened to Martin and that has earned her a position in the Black Caps’ wives and girlfriends club. The cricketer Martin Guptill got married in 2014 after popping the question in 2013.

Martin Guptill wedding date is 13 September, 2014. Martin Guptill and Laura McGoldrick love story is quite simple. They met at an interview and soon hit it off. Martin Guptill is often seen with his wife in magazine covers and the two looked splendid in Martin Guptill wedding photos.

Cricketer Martin Guptill Latest Buzz

Martin Guptill latest news is that initially Laura had not liked Martin Guptill hairstyle but now she is absolutely head over heels for the man. Apart from this he is not in the IPL which is very shocking. Martin Guptill tattoos are really interesting. Martin Guptill is quite the philanthropist giving heavy donations for charity work, and they should too with all that money. The cricketer Martin Guptill controversies is that he has not been taken in any of the IPL team as of yet.