Actress Radhika Madan as Ishani, Navel Images, BoyfriendRadhika Madan is an Indian Television actress and currently plays the role of Ishani Parekh in the daily soap, ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’ Interestingly, Meri Aashiqui Tumse hi actress Radhika Madan biography has a lot to speak about her early life and the time before she was an actress. Her show got so popular that searches for Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi actress name began in no time, grabbing her much needed attention. Given her smashing looks, Radhika Madan height is one of her assets and she uses her 5’7’’ height really well on screen. As regards Radhika Madan parents, no discussion ever came out public, and since there is no Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi actress wiki as of now, it continues to be a mystery. However, Radhika Madan family background must be something inclined towards art as she seems to have it naturally.

Radhika Madan Age, Family, Wiki

Although one can find lots of “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” actress photos but there is very limited information when it comes to TV actress Radhika Madan personal details. Born and brought up in Delhi, India, Radhika Madan date of birth is unknown but Radhika Madan age is estimated at about 26 years.

Since, Radhika Madan birthplace is Delhi, Radhika Madan education has been completed in Delhi itself as Radhika Madan school was situated in the city, and the actress was trained in Dance. Before becoming a part of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi star cast, she was a dance teacher in a reputed Dance Academy in Delhi.

Radhika Madan Acting Career

Before she entered the small screen, Radhika Madan dance was one of her most loved hobbies and she pursued it as a teacher in a dance academy. However, Radhika Madan biography will talk about how she got into the acting world.

Even though Radhika Madan actress profile does not have more than one show right now, but that one Radhika Madan TV serial has made her pretty famous amongst her fans. Her fans and media hopes that there will be many more Radhika Madan TV shows in the coming future. And when that happens, hopefully we’ll also have Radhika Madan wiki page so that we can get to know her better.

She caught the attention of Ekta Kapoor and with an instance; Ekta knew that Radhika had the look and talent to be a TV show actress. This is how Radhika Madan first TV show happened and there were several Radhika Madan interviews that gave an insight into her personal life. As mysterious as Radhika Madan personal life is, so is the news about Radhika Madan next TV serial.

Since the beginning of the show, Radhika Madan Ravjeet Singh chemistry on screen is something that viewers have always appreciated. The couple of Radhika Madan and Ravjeet Singh were supposed to be a couple on screens as well; however, this was soon broken by Radhika Madan romance with Shakti Arora in the show.

Radhika Madan New TV Shows, Bollywood Debut

Ever since her performance in the show, fans are awaiting for Radhika Madan upcoming TV serials and if things turn out well for her, we would soon find Radhika Madan Bollywood debut to be working out on the box-office. Well, as of now, it seems that Radhika Madan first film will not be out for a while. Till then, we should wait and watch for some Radhika Madan new TV show, as and when that happens.

Radhika Madan Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi performance was one of the best performances by a new comer, and she was much appreciated for it just the way Drashti Dhami and Mrunal Thakur were appreciated in their debut performances.

Radhika Madan Shakti Arora Chemistry

Radhika Madan and Shakti Arora Dance, Pics, MarriageAlthough Radhika Madan as Ishani biography mainly focuses on her acting career, the talks about Radhika Madan love affairs have always made it to the TV. Just like her personal details, Radhika Madan love life is as mysterious. Often we get to hear about Radhika Madan boyfriend but no confirmations were ever received.

The biography of TV actress Radhika Madan speaks of the suspicious Radhika Madan Shakti Arora relationship which was developed due to their lovely on screen chemistry. In her performance, Radhika Madan in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi mesmerised not only Ekta Kapoor but also her fans, and looks like even Shakti. This rumour grew even bigger with Radhika Madan and Shakti Arora dance performance at an award ceremony. This was when Radhika Madan Shakti Arora love story took a high road and Radhika Madan Shakti Arora marriage on screen displayed how good the couple looks together.

Radhika Madan Relationships

As of now, the talks about boyfriend of Radhika Madan have been put to rest and the discussion that is taking its toll is Radhika Madan wedding date. While some people wonder that is Radhika Madan married, and if yes, who is Radhika Madan husband. Others are still stuck on the mystery of Radhika Madan boyfriend name. Until something about Radhika Madan dating facts are revealed, looks like we’ll have to rely on Radhika Madan controversy so as to confirm about Radhika Madan relationships, and of course, Radhika Madan breakups.

Radhika Madan Recent Photos

As beautiful as Ishani Parekh real name is, her fan girls wonder that what Radhika Madan beauty secrets are. It was when she first appeared on the screen that people were not only looking for Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi heroine name, but also for Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi heroine photos that blew everyone’s minds.

Also, Radhika Madan hot pics would also display the sexy Radhika Madan body measurements which are one reason why Ekta Kapoor selected her for the show. Also, there was a lot of buzz about Radhika Madan navel after she performed in a sexy lehnga at an award ceremony.