Anya Wu Wiki, Wallpapers, Movies, WeddingAnya Wu is a Taiwanese American model and actress. This beautiful young lady has acted in many Taiwanese and Hollywood films, and even movies based in Hong Kong and China. Anya Wu has also acted in some TV serials and because of her fluency in English and Chinese, is and her great looks, she is set to take over the Hollywood industry as well as the Chinese movie industry. Her name is set to be among the America’s next top model names like Kate Upton, Emily Didonato, etc. Here we can catch a glimpse of fashion model Anya Wu’s biography and her amazing career path. Today, Anya Wu is in fact an inspiration for young female models because of her dignified persona. Fans hope that soon there will be an Anya Wu website though so that they can know more about this famous actress and model and find out how she lives her life.

Anya Wu Age, Personal Details

Anya Wu is a popular model and actress, and hence she even has a page Anya Wu wiki. If we look for her details, we will find that Anya Wu’s date of birth is 17th February 1977. Actress and model Anya Wu’s nationality is American. Anya Wu’s birthplace is Taiwan, but she grew up in the United States of America. If we look for Anya Wu’s family background we will find that her mother died of cancer when she was 11 years old, and then she lived with her father in United States as she had moved there at the age of 6 with Anya Wu’s parents. It is in the United States of America that Anya Wu’s education and childhood was spent. Now, model Anya Wu’s age is 37. She is a petite model as Anya Wu’s height is 163cms. But with her slender body, and gorgeous looks, Taiwanese American model Anya Wu soon came into the international limelight.

Anya Wu Modeling Career

Anya Wu’s fame started when she was discovered by a record company in Taiwan. When she was preparing to start her singing career, she became the first female DJ in the clubs of Taiwan and thus shot to fame. On looking at Anya Wu’s biography, one finds out many interesting things about her. Anya Wu’s modelling career started when she was spotted in this club. There was more to happen after Anya Wu’s first modelling assignment. There were more Anya Wu modelling contracts with more companies for products and cars and magazines.

Model Anya Wu Photo Shoots

Anya Wu new photo shoot were done with famous magazines. This is the story of how she joined the parade of trending young female models. As a result of her great looks, cute face and beautiful body, she went on to become one of the top Taiwanese American female models. Celebrity gossip says that she was charismatic right from the Anya Wu first photo shoot. Because of her charm, there happened a lot of subsequent Anya Wu photo shoots for magazine covers all over the internet. We find out about the grace and dignity of this model as there are a lot of Anya Wu hot images on the internet available. But surprisingly there are no Anya Wu bikini wallpapers.

Anya Wu’s model profile is quite different from other models and this is what set her apart in the industry. But there are a lot of Anya Wu HD wallpapers, as she is such an admired celebrity. The biography of model Anya Wu is full of her modelling assignments and shoots not only in Asia but also in the United States. Anya Wu is the likely to be one of America’s next top models.

Actress Anya Wu Filmography

Then came the second stage in her career when Anya Wu’s first movie came out, called Born To Be King – the final instalment of the Young & Dangerous Series, where she appeared as the character Jordan Chan’s wife, called Nanako. Anya Wu made this character famous by her acting skills. It is after this movie which was made by a Hong Kong production house that Anya Wu relocated to Hong Kong, because of the fame Anya Wu got.

According to actress Anya Wu’s biography, she has since done a lot of movies. In the Anya Wu movie list are included her movies, “Naked Killer”, “Sharp Gun”s, “Cop on a Mission”, “Runaway”, etc.; as she became one of Hong Kong’s and Taiwan’s top model and actress. In Naked Weapon, Anya Wu and Daniel Wu appeared together in the sequel to Naked Killer. In 2008, Anya Wu’s Hollywood debut Kung Fu Killer came out. These are only some of Anya Wu’s hit movies. Ever since then, Anya Wu’s net worth has increased even more. More Anya Wu Hollywood movies have come out since then.

Model Anya Wu Upcoming Movies

Anya Wu is also tapping the Chinese movie industry, and Anya Wu’s upcoming movies are Chinese productions. In 2014 itself, Anya Wu appeared in a Chinese Hong-Kong production named “But Always”, where she co-starred with actor Nicholas Tse. The Anya Wu new movie name is not out yet, but it is expected to be as successful as all her other movies. Fans are waiting desperately for Anya Wu’s next movie. Out of Anya Wu’s filmography, this is only a glimpse of what all she has done in her career. Actress Anya Wu’s bio data is thus impressive and is only growing with her every successful movie.

Anya Wu Marriage, Husband Profile

Anya Wu Husband Name, Husband Pics, Zhong Kong, SonWe know that Anya Wu’s personal life is a well-kept secret. That is why many of her fans wonder, is Anya Wu engaged. There is a lot of curiosity among her fans to know if there is an Anya Wu boyfriend. Everyone wants to know about Anya Wu’s love affairs and if she is seeing someone right now. Well let’s see what is happening in Anya Wu’s love life. When asked is Anya Wu married, we say yes. Anya Wu’s wedding date is 2012, so Anya Wu only recently got married. Anya Wu’s husband name is Zhong Kong, an entrepreneur. There is some information available on Anya Wu’s husband’s wiki.

Anya Wu’s husband Zhong Kong is an interesting person who is known as a direct male-line descendant of Confucius. The husband of Anya Wu was born in 1963 and so many wonder how these people fell in love. This is especially because Anya Wu Zhong Kong’s age difference is a little high at 14. But it is no doubt that their love is unharmed, as Anya Wu pregnant in 2012 and then Anya Wu with her husband Zhong Kong had a son in February 2013. Anya Wu’s son’s name is Aditya Kong. Many wonder what the Anya Wu Zhong Kong love story is and how they met and fell in love. But Anya Wu keeps her personal life very private and so fans can only guess. There are not even many Anya Wu’s son’s pictures available as Anya Wu keeps her life set apart and is very protective of her son. There are no more Anya Wu children apart from Aditya Kong.

Anya Wu’s marriage also seems to be a strong one. It seems from pictures and gossip circles that there is a lot of happiness among her and Anya Wu’s husband and family. Fans hope that the Anya Wu wedding photos will be revealed soon so that they could catch a glimpse of the fantastic wedding ceremony and what this gorgeous couple looks like along with a photographs of their little son, Aditya Kong.

Model Anya Wu Controversy

Now American actress Anya Wu’s personal details are kept private very well. However, we do know of one Anya Wu controversy when in 2002. Anya Wu’s actress profile took a hit when she was sentenced to a rehab. This happened when she was caught using illicit drugs in Hong Kong and was sentenced to time in a rehabilitation centre. But her profile recovered soon and she got the Anya Wu next modelling assignment soon. She still remains the top Taiwanese American model and actress and is among the most popular Taiwanese female models.