Vir Das Comedian Wiki, Height, Movies, Beard, Comedy ShowsVir Das is an Indian comedian and actor and Vir Das comedy shows have been pretty famous on the television. While he is also known as an actor, Vir Das movies list has films that showcase him in the supporting roles. Over the years, Vir Das comedian profile has extended to various fields and Vir Das funny one liners are the ones that earned him much fame. However, in this Indian comedian Vir Das biography, we’ll be discussing about Vir Das family background and some stuff about him that even Vir Das wiki cannot tell. While most Vir Das stand-up comedy shows have received much acclaim in the industry, Vir Das funny videos can be watched on YouTube that are yet another display of his art.

Comedian Vir Das Wiki, Age, Family

Born in the hill station Dehradun, the comedian Vir Das date of birth is 31st May 1979 and so, actor Vir Das age is 35 years. The biography of Indian comedian Vir Das also talks about Vir Das parents who happen to be from an ordinary family.

Apart from his social gimmicks, Vir Das height is something that he makes fun of on the stage, and a lot of Vir Das funny quotes involve humour about his physique. To know more about comedian Vir Das bio-data, read on the next segment that talks about his career. Also, Vir Das blog can keep you posted about his personal life as well.

Actor Vir Das Bollywood Movies

Until Vir Das Comedy Company was established, Vir Das stand up comedy shows were the only sources to locate his excellent hand at comedy. He did brief roles in several films and he got noticed when Vir Das Bollywood debut film was released in which he played a supporting role to Akshay Kumar. The role of Vir Das in “Namastey London” might be short as it was Vir Das first movie, but he indeed got noticed by other directors in the industry.

Now the stand-up comedian Vir Das biography takes a toll from his comic career to his acting career and the performance of Vir Das in “Love Aaj Kal” was another breakthrough when he performed side-by-side to Saif Ali Khan. Then, he appeared as Vir Das in Delhi Belly and he was now seen as more of an actor.

Comedian Vir Das Comedy Shows

As far as Vir Das first comedy shows are concerned, people viewed Vir Das as comedian for a very long time. He also did several live shows and Vir Das History of India schedule was critically looked at as it was meant for everyone. From now on, Vir Das live performances got vividly famous and the dates for Vir Das History of India next show were always eagerly awaited.

He then started Vir Das history of India shows in Mumbai and also in Delhi. Given his fan following, Vir Das show Delhi tickets were sold out within minutes of being available. The same is the case with Vir Das show Mumbai tickets and ever since then, Vir Das new show is deeply anticipated. He is also believed to have briefly worked with Aziz Ansari, another comedian in the industry.

Actor Vir Das Live Concerts

As of now, we look forward to Vir Das live concerts and feeling lucky if we could get Vir Das concerts tickets before they are sold out. He has also been seen singing at several concerts and Vir Das songs have also attracted some fans. There is no news on Vir Das next film or the dates of his concerts. Given his fan following, Vir Das net worth is much bigger than just numbers.

Apart from this, he has also worked as a presenter and the anchoring of Vir Das and Ayushmann Khurrana was deeply appreciated. The works of Vir Das and Kavi Shastri have also been notable. While Vir Das upcoming comedy shows are soon to launch, Vir Das upcoming movies are hard to predict about. For more Vir Das latest news or Vir Das comedian personal details, visit his official website or you could also follow him on Vir Das twitter profile.

Vir Das Love Life, Marriage, Wife

Vir Das Wife Shivani Mathur, Wedding Pics, Wife PhotosBeing a celebrity and single, Vir Das love affairs were often heard of and one could easily find a Vir Das controversy but it was all put to rest when Vir Das love life came up-front. The information about the girlfriend of Vir Das was revealed and Vir Das girlfriend name is Shivani Mathur.

However, Vir Das married Shivani in the year 2014 after 5 years of Vir Das Shivani Mathur relationship and Vir Das Shivani Mathur love story was finally completed. To look out for Vir Das wife pics or to have a glimpse of Vir Das wedding photos, simply look on the web. After their marriage, Vir Das with his wife has often been spotted.

When Vir Das wife name was released, there were also some lame rumours about Vir Das wife pregnant and Vir Das children were already anticipated. With Vir Das marriage, there were also talks about Vir Das Shivani Mathur age difference but it all does not matter after all they love one another.