Gauhar Khan Boyfriend Sahil Peerzada BiographyThese days, Bigg Boss Season 7 is on fire and Model Gauhar Khan used all types of strategies and tactics to win this reality show on Colors Entertainment Channel. Due to her sexy image and flirting tactics, she came into the limelight and her popularity and craze is increasing in people. Now everyone wants to know each and everything related to Gauhar Khan like her background, controversy, relationship status and about her ex-boyfriend. When we talked about Gauhar Khan relationship status and boyfriend list then one name strikes in everyone’s mind that is Sahil Peerzada. He is Gauhar Khan’s ex-boyfriend. To know about Sahil Peerzada biography, continue reading this article.

Sahil Peerzada belongs to a rich background. His father is a businessman and his mother is a housewife. Sahil Peerzada real name is Sajid Peerzada and he basically belongs to the Sopore area of Baramulla district. Sahil Peerzada age is 32 years as he was born in the year 1981. He has done his schooling from Oberoi International School in Dubai. After schooling, he takes too much interest in his father’s business so that he completed his graduation in Bachelor of Business Administration. After graduation, he completed his MBA from Scottish College in Dubai. Sahil Peerzada date of birth is 18th of May and he celebrated his last birthday with Siddharth Mallya in New York. Lateef, Feroze and Majid are his three elder brothers.

Sahil Peerzada started his career in the field of modelling. After completing his post graduation, he went to Mumbai to start his career as a model. But he failed to make his career in modelling. Gauhar Khan boyfriend Sahil married Zeba, who was also a model. Sahil Peerzada wife Zeba lived in a flat in Versova. Sahil Peerzada also married Shama Dedlani, who converted her religion for him. But due to some personal problems and his wayward nature, they got divorced with each other and lived separately. After divorce, Sahil and Gauhar Khan came close to each other and Gauhar Khan is dating with Sahil Peerzada at various places in Dubai and Mumbai. They also got engaged at that time.

Sahil Peerzada started his father’s business which is a Mumbai based Kashmiri business. They mainly export ready-made silk carpets and Kashmiri handicrafts. They used to operate his business from Mumbai and Srinagar. Gauhar Khan ex boyfriend Sahil Peerzada is especially known for his huge property in Mumbai. His 4 BHK flat is located near Superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s house. His total income is worth over Rs. 3000 Crores and he used to visit Page 3 parties in Mumbai with his best friend Siddharth Mallya.

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