Rajat Kapoor Wife Photos, Meenal Agarwal Images, Daughter, FamilyRajat Kapoor is an Indian film actor, writer and director. His ambition from young age was to become a filmmaker. The film actor Rajat Kapoor biography astonishes everyone for his dedication in work. He tasted success lately but surely. Rajat Kapoor actor profile is an acceptance to what comes in his life. The fans are impressed by his acting skills and Rajat Kapoor top 5 movies are on varied topics. The fans are surely interested in knowing Rajat Kapoor personal life in detail. One can look for Rajat Kapoor upcoming movies on the web. Rajat Kapoor hit movies include “Dil Chahta Hai”, “Bheja Fry”, “Ankhon Dekhi”, “Tere Sangg”, “Raat Gayi Baat Gayi” and “Drishyam”.<!-more–>

Rajat Kapoor Age, Family, Wiki

Born in a family of Bollywood lovers, Rajat Kapoor date of birth is February 11, 1961. This depicts actor Rajat Kapoor age is 54 years. From childhood Rajat was interested in movies and wanted to pursue filmmaking course but he decided to learn acting first. Rajat Kapoor education was completed in acting from Film and Television Institute of India. The actor Rajat Kapoor wiki tells about his career and personal life.

Talking about Rajat Kapoor height, he is 6 feet tall and looks damn handsome in Formal attire. One must have noticed him in the Movie Corporate. Rajat Kapoor parents had blind faith in their son. Rajat is Indian by Birth and Punjabi at heart. Rajat Kapoor family background is supportive and loving. The biography of actor Rajat Kapoor explores his goals towards life.

Actor Rajat Kapoor Films, Career

Rajat Kapoor wanted to become a film maker but he decided to learn acting first. So this was his first step to enter into the world of acting and drama. Rajat Kapoor first movie was “Khayal Gatha” in Parallel Cinema. Then he started writing short films. He has also done some extraordinary films that have been targeted to certain set of audiences. Rajat Kapoor in “Bheja Fry” movie was a critically acclaimed role.

One can see the duos Rajat Kapoor and Vinay Pathak in movies that has unique subject. One of Rajat Kapoor best movies Corporate was with Bipasha Basu. There is a bit of confusion between Rajat Kapoor and Rajit Kapoor among viewers. This has been resulted into actor Rajat Kapoor controversy. Rajat must get inspired from popular film makers such as Parmeet Sethi and Sonam Kapoor’s sister Rhea Kapoor have made their mark in Bollywood.

The actor Rajat Kapoor bio data gives makes him stand out from other actors. Rajat Kapoor next film is set to release in August 2015. Rajat Kapoor in “Drishyam” movie is playing a role of husband of actress Tabu. The crazy fans that are looking for a nice weekend can watch Rajat Kapoor super hit movies that are refreshing. One can guess Rajat Kapoor net worth that may be increased up to millions. Rajat Kapoor also won the “Filmfare award for Best Story” for film “Ankhon Dekhi” in the year 2015.

Rajat Kapor Neha Dhupia Gossips

Many people talk about Rajat Kapoor Neha Dhupia relationship. They both have done intimate scene together. Before marriage Rajat Kapoor dating history was too long. But he has been loyal to his wife after marriage. According to sources, Rajat Kapoor and Manisha Koirala are working together for a short film.

The diehard fans of Rajat Kapoor keep in touch with his blog. The interesting surprises of Rajat Kapoor life history teach one the aura of life. Rajat is not as same as seen in movies. In fact his real life has no resemblance with the image shown in movies. Rajat Kapoor intimate scenes with Neha Dhupia must have caused some problems with his marriage. Rajat Kapoor and Neha Dhupia movie “Raat Gayi Baat Gayi” was a story of a man which loves to party and tries to remember what he did in last hangover.

Actor Rajat Kapoor Marriage, Wife

Rajat Kapoor is a popular actor in Bollywood. He has done versatile roles and impressed audiences with his stylish looks. Rajat Kapoor fell in love with Meenal Agarwal. Rajat Kapoor love affair with Meenal began when they met at promotional event of an elite brand. The actor Rajat Kapoor love life was kept private by him. The actor Rajat Kapoor married to Meenal Agarwal who is a photographer and production designer.

Rajat Kapoor wife name is popular in B-town. Rajat Kapoor’s auspicious wedding date is the best day in his life. He says women are more powerful than man. He never misses to praise his wife in front of media. Rajat Kapoor with his wife is spotted in many Bollywood parties. The real life Rajat Kapoor Meenal Agarwal love story is somehow similar to movies like “Mixed Doubles” and “Ankhon Dekhi”. Rajat Kapoor wife Meenal Agarwal is bold and beautiful.

Actor Rajat Kapoor Daughter, Son

Rajat Kapoor wife profile impresses everyone. The wife of film actor Rajat Kapoor is the mother of two, Vivan Kapoor and Rabia Kapoor. Rajat Kapoor children are responsible kids and understand their parent’s busy schedules. They take pride in the fact that their father is an actor and affectionate person. Rajat Kapoor daughter and son name is reinstated. Rajat Kapoor Meenal Agarwal age difference is negligible. To catch up with Rajat Kapoor latest news keeps coming back to this blog.

Behind every successful man there is a woman, so as film actor Rajat Kapoor wife holding his hand in every twists and turns of life. Some media houses spread the news of Rajat Kapoor Meenal Agarwal divorce. But that’s untrue. One can look for Rajat Kapoor wife photos over the internet. So the actor Rajat Kapoor personal details end up here. In the nest section we will talk about his career.