Alana Blanchard Soul Surfer Actress, Surfer Girl, Surfing Pipeline, BfAlana Blanchard is an American professional surfer and also undertakes Alana Blanchard modelling assignments occasionally. While writing American surfer Alana Blanchard biography, we must talk about her surfing career along with bikini model career. However, Alana Blanchard model profile is not quite elaborative as it is not her mainstream profession. Of all the American surfers’ names that have ever been famous, Alana’s name is counted amongst top American female surfers of all times. Although Alana Blanchard wiki mainly talks about Alana Blanchard records, this American bikini model Alana Blanchard biography will consist of several other aspects of her life. She is one of the fewest women to have ever made a successful career in surfing but Alana Blanchard surfing pipeline championship has gone beyond fandom. This can be easily found out on Alana Blanchard Instagram profile.

Alana Blanchard Family, Age, Personal Details

This young and vibrant woman was born in 1990 and Alana Blanchard date of birth is 5th March. This makes Alana Blanchard age to be 24 years, but her works have been impressive enough for that number. Like any other one of us, Alana Blanchard family has an ordinary background as Alana Blanchard birthplace is Hawaii. This also implies that Alana Blanchard nationality is American.

Apart from Alana Blanchard surfer girl, there are other things like Alana Blanchard photo shoots that makes her pretty popular in the industry. As a part-time professional bikini model, Alana Blanchard height is one of her assets as 5 ft 8 inches. Also, Alana Blanchard weight is 54 kg, and biography of American surfer Alana Blanchard will also talk about Alana Blanchard personal life in the later section of this biography. As of now, she has added her name to the list of top American bikini model names despite the fact that she is a part time model. Even though she has made an exciting career, Alana Blanchard education is unknown information.

Surfer Girl Alana Blanchard Career, Wiki

She started her career in the year 2005 where she stood the champion at T&C Women’s Pipeline Championship. This is why Alana Blanchard biography is filled with so many championship winner titles as she started at a very young age. Once she was doing surfing, various media and Hollywood personalities caught her talent. She was a camera face and so, amongst all the female surfers’ photos, hers are the most stunning. After that Alana Blanchard bikini photo shoots were on the cover of major magazines and Alana Blanchard surfer girl bio-data added yet another feather in the hat. Her fans, mainly men, are always eager for Alana Blanchard next bikini photo shoot as she looks hot and stunning in all of them.

Alana Blanchard TV Shows

Once this happened, there was a huge line for Alana Blanchard TV shows to be produced. And apart from some Alana Blanchard ads, she also played herself in a few Alana Blanchard TV series. Of all Alana Blanchard TV commercials, she attained loads of attention via Alana Blanchard Sony phone commercial. Currently, she is the host of the show called Surfer Girl on A. Network. Alana Blanchard world ranking has also played a huge role in the success of her TV shows, so much so that her fans are always looking for Alana Blanchard new show.

Alana Blanchard Movies

Amongst all the best American female surfers, Alana has found her way to be one of the bests. It was proved when Alana Blanchard soul surfer actress biography was portrayed in a film called “Soul Surfers” and it was then that Alana Blanchard Lorraine Nicholson news broke out as later was playing Alana in the film. A brief sight of Alana Blanchard’s brother in soul surfer was also seen, however, Alana Blanchard’s brother’s name was changed in the film. Then again, Alana Blanchard controversy took place as the two women were rumoured to be in a cold war.

Bikini Model Alana Blanchard Photo Shoots

As regards her modelling career, Alana Blanchard secret agent have done pretty well job as she has some great assignments in her hand. Great credits go to Alana Blanchard diet and of course, Alana Blanchard workout that she has such stunning body. This is evident in Alana Blanchard bikini wallpapers that you can also download from the web. For more, Alana Blanchard website can be visited and more Alana Blanchard hot sexy images can be found there. In some of her pics, she tends to resemble Stephanie Rice, and sometimes she is also compared to Emily Didonato.

When her modelling career and surfing career bind together, Alana Blanchard net worth comes out to be in millions. To see her talent, look out for Alana Blanchard surfing videos on YouTube.

Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard

Even though we do not have much of Alana Blanchard bikini model personal details, there’s a very important relationship in her life that we can talk about. Alana Blanchard and Bethany Hamilton surfing have been two best friends for a long time now, but it all changed drastically when the news about famous female surfer shark attack came out. Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark in front of Alana Blanchard and it changed their lives forever.

Alana Blanchard Love Life

Sadly enough, Alana Blanchard love affairs have always been in the news. This is why Alana Blanchard love life is no more a personal affair and talks about boyfriend of Alana Blanchard are heard every now and then. Although Alana Blanchard first love is her surfing career only, but her fans are always intrigued by Alana Blanchard boyfriend name. A while ago, there was news about Alana Blanchard dating Jack Freestone, who happens to be a surfer himself. This is why Alana Blanchard and jack freestone relationship is seen as a picture perfect one. It was when Alana Blanchard with her boyfriend was spotted on various occasions that Alana Blanchard boyfriend jack freestone also became more like a public figure.

However, there was then a hard time and there were gossips about Alana Blanchard split with jack freestone when there were some discreet feuds about Alana Blanchard boyfriend. As of now, there are no signs of Alana Blanchard marriage, but we can assure that when Alana Blanchard wedding date is out, we’d be the first to know. It would be interesting to see who Alana Blanchard husband will be and what future has in store for them.