Sara Schaefer Comedian Wiki, Standup Comedy, Scott Moran, PhotosComedy is something which girls enjoy and boys are ready to carry out. But have you ever heard of a successful comedian being a girl? Well there are dozens of examples, but the first and foremost person that triggers our mind is Sara Schaefer. American stand-up comedian Sara Schaefer biography will surely illustrate that apart from being pretty, females can perform striking comedy anytime and anywhere. American female stand-up comedians are on the rise in today’s world so imperative it is to know more about these women and one such is Sara Schaefer who is known to almost each and every American. Sara Schaefer comedian profile thus is worth noticing. Therefore the below article of biography of stand-up comedian Sara Schaefer is a must read.

Comedian Sara Schaefer Wiki, Age

Sara Schaefer comedy shows are not only popular in America but have made worldwide fame. Comedian Sara Schaefer age is precisely 36 since Sara Schaefer date of birth is 10th July 1978. People wonder about Sara Schaefer height but actually, on air she looks really fine and this proves that she is neither short nor long, just appropriate in her shoes.

Sara Schaefer stand-up comedy is what people seem to enjoy rather than her appearance. Apart from being a critically admired stand up comedian she is also a wonderful writer and a strict producer. Currently residing in New York she co-hosted “Nikki and Sara Live” which aired on MTV.

Sara Schaefer Family, Siblings

Sara is the daughter of Billie and William Linwood “Bill” Schaefer and this can give us the information that Sara Schaefer full name is in fact very big. Sara Schaefer family is from Midlothian, Virginia where she grew up. Her mother is however a social activist and a renowned social worker of a time. Sara’s mother started a charity called Pennies for Heaven, Inc.

Sara was raised along with her three siblings namely Ross Schaefer, Cristy Schaefer and Jay Schaefer. She and her siblings were given all those values of Baptists i.e. they were actually raised as Baptist. This definitely gives rise to questions about Sara Schaefer nationality but it was discussed before.

Sara Schaefer Professional Life

Winner of Emmy awards, this U.S female stand-up comedian definitely has sworn to beat all the legends and is on her way to make people laugh and bring smile on even those who are facing huge crisis in their lives. She becomes visible on shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which was Sara Schaefer first comedy show, Best Ever Week, E! And Fuse.

Sara Schaefer as writer has written for popular blogs and magazines. Sara Schaefer books may be soon in markets considering her writing skills displayed in Who Wants to be A Millionaire. Sara Schaefer as producer is producing Nikki and Sara Live.

Sara Schaefer Comedy Shows, Awards

In 2006, AOL started an online music/comedy show wherein Sara Schaefer host the show and carved herself a niche in people’s hearts. After the success Sara was featured in many videos with legendary and upcoming legends of the music and film industry. Hence she is definitely one of the trending female stand-up comedians.

While in 2010 Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser and they two began their podcast named You Had To Be There. This Sara Schaefer podcast eventually grew to become a TV show at MTV. In 2011 she won two daytime Emmy’s nominations for Who Want to Be a Millionaire as a writer.

Sara Schaefer nominations include two daytime Emmy’s. Sara Schaefer awards include two Emmy’s and one Webby which is quite a good start. She won two Emmy’s for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as the Head Blogger (and this is the reason why people follow Sara Schaefer blog’s consistently). Sara Schaefer is Obsessed with you show won her ECNY award for the Best Host in 2004. Sara Schaefer was listed in comedy central’s Comics to Watch in 2010 and soon she made her stand up comedy debut on Jon Oliver’s NY stand up show. Thus Sara Schaefer funny images have hoarded the internet these days.

Sara Schaefer Love Affairs, Boyfriend

This American stand-up comedian may be handling a lot of crowd on stage but in real life she might be too scared to handle a person throughout life and may be this is the reason any disclosure of Sara Schaefer relationships were never in news. Also Sara Schaefer breakups never were flashed on the television. Therefore Sara Schaefer love life and her boyfriend names are still unknown to the media and her fans.

Thus Sara Schaefer hot pics aren’t what people search. Instead they look for Sara Schaefer comedy videos and Sara Schaefer tour dates. She said before one of her Tour’s that for the past 10 years she has been working behind a desk and now is definitely the time she slide the desk and come in front with her immense talent. Still we have the question Is Sara Schaefer married?

Rumours about Sara Schaefer marriage is not officially known but soon she will reveal this. Moreover in Sara Schaefer boyfriend, people are really paying attention to. Consequently there shouldn’t be a question of Sara Schaefer husband. Internet is loaded with Sara Schaefer best comedy videos which pleases her and also with Sara Schaefer wedding photos which upsets her.

Sara Schaefer TV Shows

There isn’t a Sara Schaefer TV shows where audience isn’t laughing and Sara is actually struggling to make people smile for once. Sara Schaefer new comedy show Lies have been the talk of the town. When we listen on the surface, LIES just resonances to be another TV show but the Host takes it to a new level with her comedy and expertise. Sara expects all her guests to be a liar i.e. everything they say should be a lie and no truth must be spoken. And in this perplexity, mostly the ugly truth is revealed. From Sara Schaefer comedy tours we can deduce that she is obsessed with making people laugh.

She is definitely working on “Nikki and Sara Live” but also plans to enter the fashion world and is developing a route-finder for the same. Sara’s Web series, Day Job recently has been released and Sara Schaefer net worth inclined. Fans are coming up to her for Sara Schaefer movies. Not only has this but Sara Schaefer next book excited the audience and her fans. So we mustn’t be surprise if she releases a book or a movie in the successive years. Furthermore Sara Schaefer new book is expected in the upcoming years.

Sara Schaefer Comedy Tours

Join Sara Schaefer next comedy tour and get blissful in every other way possible via comedy. This years’ show will commence on 05th Feb 2015-Durango, CO. Sara Schaefer at William and Mary, Williamsburg on 14th February 2015 for which the time is scheduled to be 8:00pm. Sara Schaefer comedy tour tickets are available online and rest information will be present on her website. Consequently, a simple suggestion, if you are sad or need some relaxation just visit Sara Schaefer live performances and you will forget everything.