Dwayne Bravo CSK Dance, Wife Photos, Wedding, Daughter Pics, Catches, HouseDwayne Bravo is a West Indian cricketer who is best known for his aggressive bowling and middle order batting. In the West Indian cricketer Dwayne Bravo biography, we shall discuss about various aspects of his life including Dwayne Bravo cricketer profile and several other Dwayne Bravo bowling records that have rendered him great success and popularity. The biography of fast bowler Dwayne Bravo will also focus some light on his personal life and his lesser known career in the entertainment industry. Read on to know more about him. There is no reason that Dwayne Bravo stays away from media, and thus, Dwayne Bravo latest news have always surrounded him.

Dwayne Bravo Age, Family, Personal Details

While Dwayne Bravo personal life is much of a mystery, there are some things we know for sure. To begin with Dwayne Bravo family background, he comes from a typical West Indian family and Dwayne Bravo date of birth is 7th October, 1983 which makes cricketer Dwayne Bravo age to be 31 years. Since he was born and brought up in West Indies, Dwayne Bravo nationality is of the same country and Dwayne Bravo education was also completed from the same roots only.

The fan following can be easily traced through Dwayne Bravo twitter profile but his fans can never get enough of him. The secret behind his fitness is a great maintenance of Dwayne Bravo height and weight which is a must for every sportsperson. Apart from this, Dwayne Bravo hairstyle has also attracted several eyes.

Another well known personality is Dwayne Bravo’s brother and Dwayne Bravo brother name is Darren Bravo. He is also a celebrated cricketer and Dwayne Bravo wiki will easily confirm that Dwayne Bravo and Darren bravo relation is an example for all the siblings in the sports industry. Well, in this West Indian batsman Dwayne Bravo biography, this is it as far as cricketer Dwayne Bravo personal details are concerned. But for more, keep reading.

Dwayne Bravo Cricket Career

A sensational Dwayne Bravo first class debut was in the year 2004 when he first played a test match. With his amazing bowling style, Dwayne Bravo wickets records are uncountable but he managed to get a great deal of attention with Dwayne Bravo world cup wickets that are unforgettable to his fans. His ecstasy went over the top and he is often seen as Dwayne Bravo dance after catch in several international matches. This is one reason why Dwayne Bravo catches are one of the most memorable moments on the field.

Dwayne Bravo IPL Career

Dwayne Bravo is one amongst several players that have been constantly active in the IPL. Not to everyone’s surprise, Dwayne Bravo IPL stats have been pretty impressive including Dwayne Bravo IPL wickets counting to 19 wickets, which made him the highest wicket taker of Chennai Super Kings. Well, this answers another question that Dwayne Bravo plays for which IPL team.

It has been in news that Dwayne Bravo IPL contract has been renewed for another two years and the reason behind it may be Dwayne Bravo IPL records that made him so popular in the 20-20 cricket. Another thing that is pretty famous is Dwayne Bravo dance in IPL and the fan-following of it. Not to mention, Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle dance was a show stealer.

Dwayne Bravo Songs, Dance, Movies

Dwayne Bravo has also been famous amongst Indian Tamilians and there were times when Dwayne Bravo singing Tamil song could be seen. Also, Dwayne Bravo Lungi dance was also a great highlight for the south Indians. However, nobody thought that Dwayne Bravo Indian movies could also happen but Dwayne Bravo Tamil movies did happen and gained him widespread popularity. As of now, his fans are waiting for Dwayne Bravo new movie and expecting to see Dwayne Bravo son in Tamil works.

Apart from this, Dwayne Bravo charity work is also one of the good things known about him. He has also been a media’s favourite due to the controversial Dwayne Bravo match fees that he charges and the hefty amount it is.

Recently, Dwayne Bravo controversy has yet again been in the news regarding Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard fight and the way press has discussed it. With his extensive contacts and acquaintances, it is believed that Dwayne is a good friend with James Faulkner. All of this has contributed and made Dwayne Bravo net worth in billions, if not more.

Dwayne Bravo Marriage, Wife, Children

Surprisingly enough, there have been no news regarding Dwayne Bravo love affairs which has made it hard to know anything about Dwayne Bravo girlfriend. It is concluded that Dwayne Bravo relationships are very personal to him and so, Dwayne Bravo love life has never been out.

Even though nothing about Dwayne Bravo and his wife is officially known, it was rumoured that Dwayne Bravo dating life is somewhere causing any problems in Dwayne Bravo married life. To the extent of this is all we know and not even Dwayne Bravo wife name was ever revealed, let alone Dwayne Bravo wedding pics. As of now, it is believed that cricketer Dwayne Bravo wife is very conservative and so, has never made an appearance publicly.

As far as Dwayne Bravo children are concerned, he has two kids- a boy and a girl. He says that he is closer to Dwayne Bravo daughter and that she is his life. Although, there were news about Dwayne Bravo wife pregnant again but it was nothing but media hype.